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24.13% LOVE THAT YOU NEVER KNOW / Chapter 7: Chapter - 7

Chapter - 7 - LOVE THAT YOU NEVER KNOW - Chapter 7 by Hellan white full book limited free

Chapter 7: Chapter - 7

I dumped my face into the pillow thinking about quitting college least for a week.

I took my phone to check what's happening on the University Board page since many people took pictures of us kissing on the Basketball court. As I was scrolling, there were so many feeds posted on the board page about us.

On the University Board Page, I came across an A video clip named( Hot-headed Calix kissed a fresher in Basketball court)


- They're a couple?

- Calix got himself a girlfriend?

- Hey! I know this girl. A clip of her was shared in a group. She said she's gay! Now I'm confused.

- I can't believe Calix was into a nerd.

- How can he be in a relationship with her!

- Yes! He's an asshole!

- I wonder how that girl tolerates him.

- Even though he makes the team win, he's still a loser.

- He's doing this to get attention towards him.

Will Calix read all these comments? What will he feel when he reads this? I wonder what had happened to him in his freshman year that made everyone had hatred towards him. Even though I'm mad at him for kissing me in front of everyone but after reading the comments I feel pity for him.

Someone knocked on my door. I threw my phone on the bed and walked to the door to open it. It was my brother, Sven. He looked tensed. He showed his phone playing a video of Calix and me kissing and asked, "What does this mean? Are you kidding? Really? Calix?"

I don't know what happened back then but I don't like the idea of people accusing someone because of their past.

"Does that bother you?"

Did I say that out? I'm an idiot! How can you say that to your brother!

"It is! Because you are my sister. And I don't like my sister dating some f*cking asshole!!"

"Sister?", I smirked. "I thought you forgot that I'm your sister!... Ohh! so hereafter I have to kiss someone to remind you that I'm your sister!"


What did you just say? Arghhhh!!!

"Do you know what's happening in our home? Do you know how's mom and dad after you shut us down for that f*cking b*tch? She cheated on you, not on us! but we're the ones facing the consequences. I don't know why you're being like this."

He remained silent.

I think I scolded him badly.

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to talk like this to you. I don't know when will I get time to speak with you again so I just bolted out my worries." I started to sob and hugged him.

While being in his embrace, "I need you, Sven! Not just me! Dad, Mom, Sarah everyone needs you!" he hugged me back.

He broke the embrace and tried to leave. I grabbed his hand, "And to your question... It's a 'no'. He's not my boyfriend! He just came to defend me for what happened earlier."


"See for yourself just like how you did this."

He then left without a word.

Sven was in love but his girlfriend cheated him with another guy. I don't know the exact cause. After his breakup, he ghosted on all of us. I think he's hurt so deep. Mom shows a bright smile and warm hugs towards us but I can still see that she was worried about him.

I closed the door and went to sleep.

I woke up early and got ready for college and came downstairs for making breakfast since mom went to meet her friend yesterday. I made Toasted Bread with a peanut butter spread. I miss mom's breakfast but I'm still happy that she isn't here to nag about updates about me and Senior. Sometimes I think is she's my mom or a nosy friend?

"You're up?", Sven asked.

After I started to forget Wil. I stopped dreaming about him too. So I woke up early. But I can't say this to Sven.

"Goth morning class to attendth", said while I'm eating.

"Where's dad?", he asked.

"He already left to office leaving a note saying,' Take Sarah to school.' since I've class. Will you please take her... please..." With a pleasing smile.


Without any delay, "Fine. I'm leaving." and I escaped from home.

In college, the class was going well with a morning lecture. I saw Wil, he was taking notes. He wore a blue shirt and a tight dark Jean. I shrugged myself and continue listening to the lecture. I turned to look at Ace, he's looking into his phone. The class was silent but something wasn't right. Because my friends didn't talk to me since I came into the class.

I messaged Clara, "What's the deal?"

She replied, "Are you his girlfriend?"

Now I do know what's happening here.

I messaged her back asking, "And did you believe that? lol."

She replied, "The Whole college did!"

"He came up with that to help me. There's nothing between us. You know already that I like Wil. Then how will I go after someone just like that!"

"So it's a lie?"

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"Fine. But keep this between us. Don't let others know about this. I have an idea."

"I hope it's not bad."

"Believe me. It's going to be the best."

The class ended.

Luna, Audrey, Zoe and Lia encircled me flinging many questions. I don't know what to answer first.

Clara helped me by clarifying, "Just think about this. Sam is now Senior's girl. We can make use of this. Since Sam is his girlfriend and we're her friends Senior can't tease us and give work to each of us anymore."

I'm amazed by her idea. Smiles*

"Can I borrow my girlfriend for a lunch?"

It was a familiar voice. I lifted my head to look who it is.

Senior Calix was standing beside us. He was expecting an answer to his question.

"I'll eat with my friends," I said by avoiding his gaze.

Clara signalled me, "Just go."

Soon everyone joined her.

In Cafetaria,

"I'll get Smashed potatoes with omurice. You be here." made me sit holding over to his black leather jacket.

I thought, 'How did he know what I'll eat. Strange. And why am I holding on to this?' I dropped the leather jacket on the chair beside me.

He came after buying the lunch. I started to dig in since it's my favourite menu.

"You don't have to do this.", I said while I was eating my lunch.

He came to say something, but my phone rang.

I answered, "Hey!"

"Where are you?", the other voice.

"In Cafetaria."

"I'm coming!"

"But I'm...", he hung up on me.

"Who's that?", Senior asked with curiosity.

I said, "Sven.My brother. He said he's coming here."

I thought he would say something but he didn't instead he nodded and continues eating.

After some time, my brother came and sat with us. My brother and Senior shared some fierce starring for a moment. I felt weird.

My brother asked me, "So... How long will this show go on?"

Senior said, "Does that bother you?"

I smiled to myself since he said the same line as me.

"Yes! how long?", my brother got mad.

He teased him, "Maybe... for a month."

What? For a month? I'm dead.

My brother got tensed. Sven looked at Calix as if he was his rival. I don't like this atmosphere. I started to eat fast to get rid of this place and these guys too.

Fortunately, I finished, I stood up and said, "it's time for my class. See you guys later. " and ran away from them.

In class,

I was thinking about what happened in Cafetaria. The environment that I shared with them was so creepy. Ewww! Thank god he's not my real boyfriend otherwise I'll have to deal with these two every day.

The college got over and I bid goodbye to my friends and I'm walking alone. Wil didn't come after me. I don't know why but I wished for Wil to appear suddenly from somewhere like he did for these days. A car honked behind me. I turned to take a look it was a red almirah. I saw Blair driving it. She stopped the car, got down and walked towards me and hugged me saying, "I guess we're even now."

I understood what she meant by that. I'm not the one who lied since I didn't have one. I'm not mad at her anymore but I felt jealous. Anyways She's still my friend.

I smiled at her and said, "yeah."

"So we're back to friends?"

We were friends before? I didn't know that she thought of me as a friend after she distanced herself from me. But I still see her as my friend from my childhood.

I nodded and said, "Yes. Friends."

I saw someone standing beside her car. When I looked closely, It was Wil. He waved at me. They're together. Okay. It's normal. They're dating so giving a ride is a common thing. But... why the hell it's hurting me.

She asked, "Wanna lift?"

"Huh... I-It's okay. I'm..."

"Hey!", Calix shouted waving at me from where he sat on his bike.

I turned to Blair and said, "My ride is here." I bid goodbye to Blair and waved bye to Wil and walked to Senior.

I asked Senior, "Will you take me home?"

He smiled and nodded hurriedly.

He put the helmet on my head and after I hopped on the bike, he started its engine.

While riding I asked, "You said it's for a month? What happens after that?"

He said, "It's up to you."

I'm confused, "I don't understand!"

He remained silent. I don't want to bother him so I kept silent. We came home. I got down from his bike waiting for him to remove the helmet from my head. After he removed, I turned to go inside the house but he grabbed my hand.

"Sam! Maybe announcing in front of everyone that I'm your boyfriend is a lie but... My love for you is true. And you do know that I like you right. I don't know for how long this show will lead on as your brother said. But I'm sure I'll wait for your answer."

I don't know what to say. But I can understand him. Because I too loved a person who didn't take a chance to look at me. He's like me. It felt like I'm seeing myself in front of me. Longing for someone we don't get.

I leaned on and gave a peck on his cheek and I smiled. And I don't know why I did that!

Suddenly, he pulled me towards him and kissed my lips. This time I didn't try to break it instead I let it with the flow.

He broke from the kiss and said, "Eventually, you'll fall in love with me,"

I smiled, "Sometimes I wish to be like you. To be like this confident and brave to the one we like."

He smiled at me and left.

What are you up to Sam? He's not Wil. He's Senior Calix. He's not the one who you like.

Even though he's handsome and have good looks you're not supposed to like him!!!

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