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Chapter 6: episode 6

(The opening shows Kanisha writing in a notebook on a bed)

(Mariah is drawing on a canvas, while sitting down)

(Clay is playing cards with Arima in a dimly lit room)

(Chisu is picking flowers in the flowers)

(Toro in the kitchen stirring a spoon in a bowl and drinks it)

(The camera shows the sky and behind the cloud is the title 'Lovers in a different dimension')

(Tiffany and Kiki talking, while walking)

(Jake is at a museum showing a painting with Sato)

(Jeff playing a guitar on stage and Al watching backstage)

(Mariah turns into a devil)

(Kanisha turns into an angel)

(Tituo and Kisu in a dark room with red eyes in the background)

(Mariah and Kanisha flying through the sky, while smiling)

(A spaceship passed by Mariah and Kanisha)

(The friends standing, while it is snowing)

(The friends at karaoke)

(Mariah and Kanisha are running outside, while it was snowing)

(The opening ends with everybody at the mansion taking a picture)

(The episode opens with Mariah and Kanisha)

Kanisha: Maybe we don't need our memories.

Mariah: After all, we have moments like this

(A lightbulb appears above Kanisha's head)

Kanisha: I got it

Mariah (confused): Got what?

Kanisha: A way to fully unlock our love in mind and heart

Mariah: How the normal way and magic isn't working, well the normal way isn't working fast of enough

Kanisha: That's why we are trying a new way (gets on her knees)

Mariah: Why are you on your knees?

Kanisha (takes Mariah's hand): It's better if we sit down together.

Mariah: Okay (sits down)

Kanisha: Let's think why we love each other, then maybe the key of our hearts will appear

Mariah: Duh, why didn't we think about that before?

Kanisha: Because sometimes we aren't the best at thinking.

Mariah: Makes sense

(Kiki and Clay have listening devices)

Kiki (whispers): Where did you get these from?

(Clay points to Tituo)

Tituo (whispers): YOu can thank me later

Kiki (looks at Tituo suspiciously): What was the trade?

Clay (whispers): Sharing some juicy details and give him some of my blood later, you know the usual.

Kiki (whispers): Nothing about this will be normal

Clay (whispers): Their confessing.

Kanisha: The main reason I love you is because you are honest, no matter what the situation is, I love the passion for art, and the way you smile.

Mariah: I feel the same, I love you because your passion for writing, along with your kindness, courage, and the fact that we have been friends for a long time you mean that much more to me.

Kanisha: I agree, even at this moment my heart can't stop beating, while I'm confessing my love to you.

Mariah: My heart is beating as well

(A glowing key appears between Mariah and Kanisha)

Kiki and Clay: An actual key appeared

Jake: What's going on?

Jeff: Seems like a confession

Mariah: I felt we were being watched.

Kanisha: You did always have a six sense for this.

Kiki: It's not what it seems

Clay: It was, we were spying on you.

Kiki: Clay!

Clay: We got caught, no need to lie.

Kanisha (looks at Clay): That sounds weird coming out of you

Clay: You think so, well i'm going

Kanisha: To where?

Clay: I have a date with a vampire.

Kanisha: To listen to our conversation, you made a deal.

Clay: You are way too clever for your own good.

Kanisha: I'll take that as yes.

Kiki: So, unlock the key

Tiffany: Yeah, we want our lovey dovey friends back, not our in the closet lovers, no offense.

Kanisha: None taken.

Mariah: But, we still feel offended. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Kanisha: Very offended.

Jeff (laughs): The key

(Kanisha and Mariah hold a glowing key)

(The key grows bigger)

(The key hits Mariah and Kanisha making their eyes glow)

(The screen shows flashes)

(Kanisha and Mariah kissing)

(Kanisha feeding Mariah a strawberry during breakfast)

(Kanisha and Mariah reading novels)

(Kanisha and Mariah watching a movie together and eating popcorn)

(The flashes end)

(The camera shows Kanisha and Mariah looking at each other)

Kanisha (smiling): Mariah

Mariah (smiling): Kanisha

(Mariah sweeps Kanisha off her feet and kisses her)

(Tiffany, Kiki, Jeff, Jake, and Clay smiles)

Kanisha and Mariah: We are back.

Tiffany (smiles) (jumps): Yeah!

(Kiki looked at Tiffany surprised)

Clay: Well, I will be (walks by the door) leaving (waves) bye lovebirds (leaves out of the door)

(Kanisha and Mariah wave goodbye to Clay)

Jeff (looking at Kanisha and Mariah): How do you feel?

Kanisha: Perfect

Mariah: Yeah, my heart and mind are at rest.

Kanisha: My heart and mind are at rest as well.

Tiffany: So, what's next?

Kanisha (looks at Mariah): Want to watch a BL movie?

Mariah (looks at Kanisha): You don't have to ask twice

Kiki (looking shocked): Why right now?

Kanisha: Because we felt guilty about watching our favorite couples getting intimate, while we couldn't even kiss each other because of our mixed up feelings.

Jeff: Seriously, how come?

Kiki: Forget that, let's watch it with you two, I want to see what this bl is.

(Kanisha and Mariah laughed)

Kiki: What's so funny?

Tiffany: Oh! You are in for a rude awakening

Kiki: I'm afraid to ask, but

Jeff: Why do you know?

Kiki: Yeah, that.

Kanisha: You'll see my dear friend, but don't worry you'll love it or you'll find it disguisting, it's your taste.

Mariah: So, we won't laugh if you don't get it we promise, right Kanisha?

Kanisha: We promise

Tiffany: I can't promise that, we're blood related.

Kiki: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm scared.

(The episode ends with Kanisha, Mariah, and Tiffany drag Kiki upstairs)

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