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Chapter 32: Heartbeat Lullaby - Lovestruck Detective Can't Cultivate - Chapter 32 by Tenshadesofwinter full book limited free

Chapter 32: Chapter 32: Heartbeat Lullaby

"Trace you are alright!"

Eimi flung the door open as soon as she saw Trace standing on the door. Is he shorter than the last time I saw him? A thought crossed Eimi's mind but she ignored it. Master had told her that Trace was better and she didn't need to pay any further visits.

And today she was waiting in anticipation. Just the sight of Trace's smile washed away all her worries. And since it was early in the morning, it meant Trace had come to visit her first.

Just one look at her face and Trace knew that she had not been sleeping well. A feeling of bitterness erupted in his heart. It's my fault, Trace thought. He wasn't expecting this but as soon as he walked inside Eimi closed onto him.

The loving scent filled Trace nostrils, he only felt warmth as Eimi hugged him tightly. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders and body pressing against his. Should I hug her back? Trace couldn't help but wonder, but his hands remained straight.

Time flowed unknown to Eimi who was lost in her merry thoughts. The sound of heartbeats gave her a sense of calmness and warmth. She was lost in the feeling when two arms wrapped around her waist. An unknown feeling passed through her body and her face flushed red.

Eimi opened her eyes but couldn't see straight. An audible breath involuntary left her mouth. She wanted to push away Trace but felt no will to shake her body. A thought crossed her might, Trace was also a Level 2 Sorcerer. Struggling out of his grasp would not be easy.

The position was far too compromising in terms of her guard. Eimi realized that she had made a mistake coming this close. She thought of the time when Trace was staring at her lips. What if he were to push me down.

"Let me go," Eimi spoke in heavy breaths.

"..?" Trace.

"Trace, you brat!" Eimi raised her voice.

Trace immediately let go his hands around Eimi. He felt so wronged when Eimi still didn't move. Her arms were still around him.

"Miss Swirls, I am not holding you anymore," Trace spoke, embarrassed.

Eimi jumped back and turned around like a defeated maiden. Her hands were covering her face as she fell down on her knees. If the days were colder, perhaps smoke could be seen rising from top of her head.

"Miss Swirls, are you alright?" Trace asked again.

Eimi had not been replying for a while now so he put his hand on her shoulder. A shudder went down Eimi's body and she turned back with moist eyes. She felt like she had lost something to Trace that day. A thought of the pink haired girls also flashed in her mind.

"Take responsibility for it," Eimi spoke slowly.

"Yes?" Trace asked.

Eimi gabbed Trace's hand and pulled. She wasn't expecting it to be so easy but he was readily pulled and crashed onto her. Both of them was laying on the floor now. Gladly, the door was closed and the house silent.

One of Eimi's hand was around Trace's waist while the other was touching his chest. Her head was buried alongside her hand in Trace's embrace. She listened to the comforting heartbeat as she wrapper one of her legs around Trace's.

A hint of red was still on Eimi's face but now along with it existed a smile. Your are mine now and I am yours, she couldn't help but remember a cheesy line from a book she read in the distant past. Back then its meaning was vague, but now she believed she was beginning to understand it.

Trace speechlessly let this happen to him. His body ached a little but he did not struggle. Even if he wanted to struggle, he wouldn't be able to get out of this situation. But a smile emerged on her face when he noticed that Eimi was sleeping.

For the last eight days, Trace had been sleeping so he couldn't accompany Eimi. He thought of the past. Master had told him that Eimi came to visit him. That was very shocking, he made up his mind to become a strong person. And not let this mistake be repeated in the future.

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Trace was not aware of how much time passed. They were sleeping on a rug with no blanket but it was sufficiently warm. He looked at Eimi sleeping like a baby and made sure to not move.

No voices could be heard except Eimi's light breathing and calm heartbeat. But suddenly sounds of footsteps was heard. Trace immediately spread out his senses before drawing them back as soon as he recognized who the person was.

It was Eimi's mother, Geena Swirls. Trace looked at Eimi who showed no signs of moving. What should I do, this is bad. If she sees me then I won't be allowed to be near Miss Swirls, Trace thought.

For a moment, Trace thought of running away. But Eimi's posture made it very difficult to slip out of her arm and especially from the leg that was around his. The sounds of footsteps were nearing. The deed was sealed.

Trace decided to think of answers that he could give to Eimi's mother. I should tell the truth and it will be fine. Will it be fine if its my fault? Lots of questions arose in his mind. But then he thought of Eimi telling him to take responsibility.

As soon as the door was opened Trace closed his eyes. His heart stared beating out of sync to that of Eimi's. A low voice was heard from the door.

"Eimi, sleep in your room."

Trace's heart jumped, he was expecting Eimi's mother to come close and be angry at him. Instead, the steps walked in the distance. But this did not calm down Trace's heart. He thought of the kidnappers and instantly the image was Eimi's mother in his mind was replaced to that of a burly man.

Don't move, don't move, she can't see me yet. Trace breathing increased. Contrary to his beliefs, the sound of footsteps coming close was heard again. This time however, it did not stop. Not until the feet stopped only a meter away from him.

Tenshadesofwinter Tenshadesofwinter

[Why are romantic scenes so short?]

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