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49.41% Loving The Demon CEO Alexander Grande / Chapter 84: Moving on

Moving on - Loving The Demon CEO Alexander Grande - Chapter 84 by bbrightvcs full book limited free

Chapter 84: Moving on

After the police seized Ysabel, everyone was gathered inside the living room.

"I'm sorry for not telling all of you ahead of time. I know we caused quite a scare," Alexander apologized.

"I'm sorry if we worried you, Mom, Dad, Grandpa," Sabrina said, "You too, Kenzie and Grey," she apologized.

Amanda leaned forward and hugged her daughter, "I really hate it that I was out earlier," she whined, "But what's important is that you're safe," she said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Javier also leaned forward to hug his wife and daughter, "Don't do that again, you almost gave me a heart attack," he said.

Sabrina hugged her parents back lovingly, "I promise I won't scare you guys like that again," she said.

Suddenly, Grandpa George stood up from his seat and walked to Julian, "Julian," he said, "Can we talk for a moment?" he asked.

Everybody looked at the both of them.

"Uh…" Julian hesitated. For the first time in his life, this was the very first time his Dad asked him to talk with him. He used to be invisible to his own father.

"Please?" Grandpa George said.

Sensing Julian's tensed reaction, Javier patted his back and nodded at him.

Hesitant, Julian stood up from his seat. Grandpa George started to walk and Julian followed him.

Both of them headed to the balcony on the second floor. They stood beside each other, facing the beautiful view of the night sky while enjoying the cool breeze.

"What do you want to tell me Dad?" Julian asked, breaking the silence between them.

Looking far, Grandpa George spoke, "For so long, not once did I ever apologize to you Julian," he said, "I know that I'm probably too late to say this now, but I'm sorry Julian, for everything," he apologized.


"Half of your life I let Ysabel mistreat you. I'm your Dad, but I treated you like a stranger. If there was someone to blame with all of this, it's me," George said, "All of this started that night I got drunk. I knew that I would hurt Ysabel by taking you in, but I still did. I shouldn't have let you live with us," he regretfully said.

"I could've taken you somewhere and supported you silently, but I chose to have you inside my house just to be mistreated by my wife. I was so afraid of losing Ysabel that's why I let her do whatever she wanted. I turned a blind eye with all your sufferings just to hold onto her. I didn't notice that by letting you stay with us, I molded a vicious monster unknowingly."

"I had many options before to prevent things like this from happening, but I was a coward. All of this wouldn't have happened if I took care of things immediately, but instead I became the spectator of my own doings and did nothing and ended up hurting people that I care about," George said.

Julian sighed, "Would you believe it if I said that I didn't hate you Dad?" he said.

George suddenly turned his head and looked at Julian with a hint of shock in his eyes.

"I got angry yes, but I never hated you, I actually wanted to thank you," Julian said, "If it isn't for you, I wouldn't be where I am today. I know it's weird that I'm thanking you instead of cursing at you, but it's how I feel," he smiled.

"But what happened today I can't say that I'm sorry, because I'm not. I have tolerated Ma'am Ysabel for many years because I felt sorry for her for what my Mom did, but what she did to Olivia and my child 21 years ago was already beyond me. The bloody image of them still haunts me in my sleep like it was only yesterday," Julian said, "You can hate me for putting your wife in jail but, I will never apologize for it. I know how much you love her Dad, but I cannot let this go."

Grandpa George smiled. He suddenly opened his arms wide to Julian, "Come here," he said.

Although Julian was hesitant, he stepped forward and received his father's warm hug.

"I know the word sorry isn't enough to heal the wounds Ysabel and I have caused you. I won't ask for your forgiveness but I just want to tell you that I'm proud of you Julian," George spoke emotionally, "I am beyond lucky to have a son like you are even though I don't fit to be called your father," his voice cracked as tears started to fall from his eyes.

How could he neglect his own son? And despite all of the things he had done to him, Julian never hated him and it hurt George even more. He suffered too much, but his son still chose to be understanding even though it was already painful for him. He realized how big of a coward he was.

He will never be deserving of Julian.

Placed in a very awkward position, Julian lifted his arms and wrapped them around his Dad's waist, "You are my one and only Dad in this world and I will never trade it for anything. Sure, we had a very messed up family and past, but we can always start afresh," he gently patted his Dad on the back, "Let's forget about the past and just move on, what do you say?" he asked.

George smiled at the thought of it, "I would love that," he said.

Julian smiled.

For the first time in his life, he heard his dad call him his 'son' and that he was proud of him.

It comforted every pain Julian had in his heart.

He finally felt peaceful now with nothing heavy on his chest.

As he said, forget the past and move on.

Julian can finally let go of the past that he has been holding onto for so many years now. The pain, the sufferings, everything, he was now ready to take the step forward to a fresh start.

And he had to thank Alexander for it.

If it weren't for him, things would've turned out differently for him.

He was blinded by anger and hatred for Ysabel that he almost killed Sabrina who was innocent and didn't know anything.

If Alexander hadn't talked him out of his evil plan, he would have regretted it all his life.

"I know you never experienced the warmth of a family before, but things are different now. Sabrina, Uncle Javier, Auntie Amanda… " Alexander paused, "…and me," he said, which made Julian lift his head and look at him.

"We all care about you Director Julian. So please don't do something that you will regret your whole life. Just think about your family now, you can't abandon them just to hurt Grandma Ysabel. Is she more important than they are?" Alexander asked him, "Just to hurt Grandma Ysabel, you are willing to abandon the people who love you. Will it be worth it? Killing Sabrina will only make you worse than Grandma Ysabel. Do you want that?"

"Revenge is always satisfying, I know, but this isn't the way to it, Director Julian. Doing it this way won't comfort your pain," Alexander said.

And with that, Julian's eyes were opened.

He almost lost himself because of his strong desire to destroy Ysabel.

Last thing he wanted was to be someone like Ysabel. Thankfully, Alexander came at the right time to wake him up.

Sabrina is sure lucky to have someone like him on her side.

Julian will forever be grateful for Alexander.

Although he might not know it, he saved Julian.

His words saved his life.

And he's forever indebted to him.

bbrightvcs bbrightvcs

So are we moving on to the wedding now? Hmmm.... What do you guys say? Hahaha

Anyways, I want to thank you guys for sending the book lots of gifts <3 The gift function just opened and y'all bombed it! I swear, I love you guys so much!

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Don't forget to vote <3 Love lots and stay safe loves!

Follow me on instagram @wn_bbrightvcs to stay updated!

[Like ice melts into the rain, sometimes love turns into pain.]

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