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30% Loving The Demon CEO Alexander Grande / Chapter 51: Recording

Recording - Loving The Demon CEO Alexander Grande - Chapter 51 by bbrightvcs full book limited free

Chapter 51: Recording

"Let's drop by at Daniel's place first before we go home," Alexander instructed Grey.

He needed to discuss certain things with him about Jacob. Alexander wanted to get rid of the person immediately. He didn't want to give Jacob any chance to make his move on Sabrina.

"Alex! What's up? Missed me?" Daniel greeted as soon as Alexander and Grey entered his house.

"I'm here to discuss things with you," Alexander said as he made himself comfortable on the sofa.

"Okay, let me get some drinks first," Daniel said then he ran to his wine cellar to grab a bottle of wine. He brought up some white wine and 3 wine glasses for all of them.

"Here," Daniel handed Alexander and Grey the wine glasses filled with wine, "So what are we going to talk about?" he asked Alexander while he sat down, crossing his legs.

"It's about Jacob Lockwood. I want you to make him breach your contract," Alexander said in a straightforward manner.

Daniel suddenly choked on his wine. He coughed out all the wine from his mouth, "Do you have no chills you devil man? You know the consequences of breaching a contract from the Crooks right?" he wiped his mouth and turned to look at Alexander, "You're basically pushing the man to a point of no return Alex! Have you no mercy?" Daniel questioned his cousin.

If Alex was the 'Demon CEO' of his country, well the Crooks are the 'Demon Family' of LA. Anyone who tries to mess with them will for sure be blacklisted in the western market which was the biggest profiting place for any business man due to the high currency exchange.

And not only that, the Crooks were also known for having very high contract breach compensation. They don't chase for money, they chase after the whole company. Imagine breaching a contract with them then instantly losing your entire company?

Literally a deal with the devil!

"I'm well aware Daniel. Why do you think I let him sign with you?" Alexander raised his brows on Daniel.

"But don't you think it's too far? You're basically going to strip the man with everything he had!"

"First off, I'm just going to take away the power he had and secondly, he deserves it," Alexander swirled the wine glass on his hands then took a sip from it.

"Are you really that jealous of him?"

"I'm not jealous of him, he's nowhere near me," Alexander said in a confident tone.

"Okay fine, I trust you. Just remember our deal, don't you dare turn back!" Daniel pointed at Alexander.

"I won't, don't worry," he answered.

"Oh right! Have you decided already this weekend? I'm hoping that it's a yes," Daniel asked Alexander.

"I'm busy, I don't think I can come," Alexander answered.

"Do you still despise them that much Alexander?"

"You know completely why Daniel."

The time Alexander's mom died, he asked his father and grandparents to make his stepmother pay for what she had done.

She killed his mom! She deserved to be in jail!

But nobody paid attention to him. Nobody has taken any action. His mother's death was recorded as an accident and not as murder.

In order to protect their family from any scandals, the Crook family decided to keep their mouths shut. They didn't do anything or take any legal action about the incident. It was kept a secret to the world.

Alexander hated his family very much.

They decided to keep a murderer inside their home and left his mother's death unjustified.

He hated them deep within his soul. He will never have the heart to forgive them like how they didn't have the heart for his poor mother.

They didn't even give her a proper burial!

"But it has been 20 years already Alex," Daniel said.

"Which makes me hate them more," Alexander answered, "20 years have passed and that murderer is still kept there," he added.

"What do you plan then? Hate them until you die?"

"I plan to destroy them."

"But it's too late now Alexander. It's been 20 years now. Your mom's case isn't valid anymore. You can't send her to jail," Daniel reminded.

"Who said I'm planning to send her to jail? That place is too basic," Alexander said with hatred in his voice.

"You're too sinister, Mr. Grande. I'll be sure not to offend you," Daniel rubbed his shoulder, acting like he was scared.

"Don't worry, I won't be that harsh to you," Alexander said, "I'll take my leave now, keep me updated on Jacob," Alexander placed the wine glass down and stood up to leave.

"You guys take care," Daniel said as he bid Alexander and Grey goodbye.

Entering the car, Grey can't help it but feel pity for Alexander. He knew his story, his pain.

"Look at you Mr. Grande, solving Ms. Sabrina's problems when you haven't even dealt with yours. You must really love her Mr. Grande," Grey spoke.

"I want to protect her Grey," Alexander answered, "I want to keep her safe from anybody who wants to hurt her," he added.

Grey just smiled in silence, he was happy for Alexander.

He finally found the person he wanted to dedicate himself to. The person he wanted to protect with all his might. The person who he loved with all his heart.

It was a delightful sight.

Arriving home, Grey immediately went straight to his bedroom.

He removed his shoes and his tie. He walked towards his desk and brought out the recording pen Alexander had given him earlier.

"What do you have Mr. Pen," Grey said.

Grey sat down and pressed the play button. A couple of seconds passed before he heard someone speak.

"Who instructed you to do this Kevin?" Alexander's voice spoke.

"Nobody instructed me, I did everything on my own," Kevin's voice answered.

"Okay, let me rephrase my question then…" Alexander said, "Who pushed you to do this?" he asked.

"It was Director Walker," Kevin said.

"Tell me what he told you," said Alexander.

"He told me that Sabrina was the one who revealed Kelly's secret affair with one of the producers. He told me that he saw Sabrina meet with the wife of the producer several times. That time I have no idea who Sabrina was. I had to search for her on the net," Kevin answered.

"And then?"

"Director Walker told me that she was the one who suggested beating Kelly up," Kevin added, "I felt hatred for Sabrina. I didn't understand why she would do that. Why did she have to suggest that kind of thing to the wife?"

"And then I understood things when Sabrina became the female lead. She wanted to get rid of Kelly because she was her rival with the female role."

"Then one day the announcement was made that she'd be the new female lead for our movie. They said that she was personally picked by Director Walker."

"At first I didn't understand why Director Walker would pick her when he clearly knew what Sabrina had done to Kelly. I came to his house personally to confront him about the issue and he told me that Sabrina had threatened his life for this role."

"My hatred for her grew more. First she suggested beating Kelly up and now she was threatening the Director. She was despicable! Someone had to stop her."

"And you decided to be that someone?" Alexander asked.

"At first I just wanted to kick her out of the production, but when Kelly decided to take her own life, I decided that I want her dead," Kevin said, "Director Walker came to me several times to tell me that he was continuously being threatened by Sabrina. I felt really disgusted by her so I planned the whole incident yesterday," he added. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Were you aware that Director Walker is Sabrina's Uncle?" Alexander asked.

"What? He was her uncle?!" Kevin spoke in surprise.

"Looks like you have been fooled," Alexander's chuckle was heard.

"But… but I don't understand," Kevin asked, his voice sounded lost, "If he was her Uncle…"

"Think about the loopholes Mr. Hush. You really think that all he said was true?" Alexander asked, "Didn't you ever question his motives? Why did he come to you to say that he was being threatened instead of telling it to the authorities? If he was being threatened, shouldn't he go to the police instead? And mind you, Sabrina is a woman. You think a man like him, a big shot in the film industry, would be threatened by a small-time celebrity like her?" Alexander questioned.

"He told me that he was afraid to tell the police because Sabrina will kill him," Kevin answered.

Suddenly, Alexander's loud laugh was heard, "Really? You believed that piece of sh*t?" he mocked Kevin, "Any person would think that what he said was pure bullsh*t!"

Then the recording went silent for a couple of seconds before Grey heard Alexander speak once again.

"Let me clear things for you Mr. Kevin Hush to make you feel guilty for everything. First of all, Sabrina is innocent in everything. You were manipulated by her Uncle who wants her dead. I don't know why he wants to kill her, but you were used as a scapegoat. He used your love for Kelly to make you do the things you did. I hope you realize everything now," Alexander said, "I hope you think about how you nearly murdered an innocent person," he added.

Grey stopped the recording after Alexander had said that.

"Both of them have a messed up family. One had an Uncle who was a scheming, liar, despicable person. He even made up stories to make Kevin kill her. The other one had a stepmother who killed his biological mother. Look how destined they are?" Grey spoke to himself.

Sabrina's Uncle was for sure a crazy man. Who in the right mind would make up such disgusting stories about his own niece?

Grey didn't understand why Director Walker would do that. He seemed like a good man.

Who would've thought that he was this scary? Manipulating someone to kill his niece, he's insane!

The rich world sure was very messy.

bbrightvcs bbrightvcs

You guys know that things are about to get messy right? Okay good.

Slowly but surely, Director Walker's true character will be revealed. This is just the first wave. Yeah he's disgusting as hell, I know. I also hate him hahaha.

Well anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this update! Don't forget to vote!

Love lotssss :-*

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