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37.25% Loving The Tribrid / Chapter 19: "What the fuck! What the actual fuck!"

"What the fuck! What the actual fuck!" - Loving The Tribrid - Chapter 19 by Comfort_Wilson full book limited free

Chapter 19: "What the fuck! What the actual fuck!"

Timere was muted because he was fighting a spiritual battle___ Evans's dragon spirit was attacking his chimera... But the owner seemed oblivious.

The dragon was relentless and was hurling fire at his chimera. Because he was yet to complete his shift, Timere couldn't control his chimera. The two spirit animals were locked in a fierce battle, Timere's chimera was on defense as it was using its fire breath to reflect Evans dragon's fire. The dragon abruptly stopped his fire breathing and leaped at the persistent chimera. The dragon took a snake-like form and wrapped itself around the tribrid beast, strangling it.

Timere's chimera stopped breathing, thereby hindering the dragon's strangling scheme, then the chimera drove its sword sharp lion teeth into the dragon's flesh but it didn't penetrate because of the dragon's steel-strong scale. The chimera was in the air on all four, flashing his lion teeth at the dragon, its horns curled up on his mace, its brown fur coat shorn like honey, on its feet were hoofs instead of claws, it had no tail and was staring at the dragon with its bottle-green eyes like a lion scrutinizing an enemy even though it was caged.

The dragon saw the failed attack of the chimera and got infuriated, it swung its head with opened jaws towards the chimera. The tribrid beast didn't try to dodge the attack but when the dragon was close enough it wrangled and it broke free from the dragon's grip and turned its back against the reptile, its tail then popped up from its formally smooth buttocks and the tail shifted into a snake and spat venom directly on the dragon's face.

Physically, Evans's face scrunched for a few seconds before it became normal again. The dragon retreated as its face burnt from the venom. Then when it recovered the dragon began to split its personalities, displaying all its forms which were three.

The first part was a black dragon with no wings but had fins from its spine to its tail with a large crescent curved tail, two long slightly curled horns, and four tentacles on each side of its jaw. It was floating in the air, moving in a circular motion.

The second was a winged version of the first while the third was like a land reptile with four hind legs, a wing, a long neck, a longhorn, no tentacles but had spicks at the end of its jaw and a longer tail.

They all surrounded the tribrid animal and on their signal, they began to breathe fire at it. Timere clenched his jaws as he felt the agony of his chimera, black veins began to move from his neck to his face. He wished he had completed his shifting because that would have given his ultimate power over his chimera and he could have saved his chimera spiritually. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!-what-the-actual-fuck!%22_56877185222372439">!-what-the-actual-fuck!%22_56877185222372439</a> for visiting.

He was also upset with Evans for not hiding his spirit animal but his anger did not last because he knew Evans was spiritually blind. He closed his eyes briefly then opened it shortly after, releasing his two other spirit animals to help his chimera fight.

The dragons saw the spirit animals and didn't even try to attack them but rather concentrated on torching the chimera. The chimera was not burning speedily because it allowed its goat-like hoof to surround its body shielding it from them.

Timere who had successfully concealed the black veins rose from his seat and grabbed Evans's hand in the name of a shake but his grip made Evans's face turn sour and he struggled to getaway.

"Can I have a word," Timere said with grounded jaws, his Scyther eyebrows drew together in almost a kiss.

"Privately!" He tolled.

Progress gave Timere a look, Evans had just been there for a minute and Timere was already showing him his kook side.

"Why?" She asked him.

"It's important..." Timere said and pulled Evans away from there and headed towards the restroom.

When they were on their way Evans tried to free his hand from Timere's grip because the people coming out of the restroom gave them a weird look.

"Stop fighting!" Timere uttered with a hint of aggression in his mood.

"Man, let go I don't want people to think we are a thing. "Evans muttered in a taut tone.

Timere cringed at the thought but didn't let go of his hand, the dragons were still attacking his chimera although it was fighting back with fire the fighting grounds were not leveled and Timere other spirit animals stopped helping his chimera when it breathed fire on them. The reaction was not unexpected because Timere hadn't merged With his chimera so their souls were not interconnected yet.

When Timere entered the restroom, he released Evans with a push and locked the door.

"Man, I don't don't know what your problem is but this is getting creepy!" Evans rang as he retreated backward.

Timere didn't reply to him, rather he let his sense scan the room and found no other life force in the vicinity.

"Borealis!" He called out.

Borealis appeared almost immediately after the name was called, she was chewing on a piece of gum and had headphones on.

"What the fuck! What the actual fuck!" Evans Screamed, his modulated voice quivered and he stare at Borealis with wide eyes.

"Gee dude, stop! You sound like a damsel in distress and can stop your cheating dragons from attacking my master's chimera!" Borealis whimpered sardonically.

"Get us out of here, "Timere said authoritatively.

Borealis nodded then touched the floor and whooped them away to Timere's office.

"Hell nahhhh! This is sick!" Evans echoed, "what just happened? Please you two should let me go, I haven't done anything."

Evans's big frame landed on the ground when Borealis teleported them, his eyes traveled around the room looking for an escape route then he sighted the door and aimed at it.

Borealis teleported herself to his front and then he fell on his butt, the corner of Borealis's mouth quirked up, she looked at him smugly and continued stalking towards him while he was moving back with his butt and hand.

"Come on princess don't tell me that little trick got you terrified, " she voiced.

Timere rubbed his torso as he stared at her, he felt pity for Evans even though his dragons were still attacking his chimera, "Borealis!" He called, "playtime is over, make yourself scarce."

Borealis looked at her master with droopy eyes but he didn't even spare her a second glance. She sighed loudly and then she blew a kiss to Evans before she left...

Timere," Sorry about that, Borealis can be a handful full at times."

Evans didn't utter a word but the horror felt he was still written all over his face.

"I guess you don't know that your dragon has been attacking my Chimera," Timere began, "It had been attacking ever since we met ."

He moved to a shelf beside his table and pulled out a book that had 'revelation' inscribed on its cover.

He tore a piece of the book and then set it on fire. He gathered the ash and swiftly moved to Evans's front and blew the ashes to his face.

"Let these eyes see it all," He chanted.

Evans blinked a few times before his eyes widen at what was happening in the metaphysical...."Be still. " Evans whispered.

His dragon vanished after hearing his voice and so did the Chimera. Timere was appalled, he didn't expect Evans to know how to calm his dragon. He thought he was going to go through the long process of teaching him how to do that. For a dragon that was yet to shift, Evans was pretty powerful mentally.

"Am sorry about that, it only happens when I am asleep." Evans voiced.

"Only when you sleep?"Timere asked with a raised brow.

"Yeah, that's when my dragon gains control and we'll go everywhere attacking other spirit animals."Evans rose and dusted his pants, "This is the first time in my life that am seeing a chimera, they are more terrifying than all the folktales." He said.

"I will take that as a compliment, " Timere pronounced with a face void of emotions. "I have to go back to the restaurant, you stay here. I can't let you be around my mate with that dark cloud stalking you."

"No way man you can just keep my lock up! I can not be here when it gets dark!" Evans boomed, his voice rose a pitch and he was visibly shaken.

Timere answered, "That is exactly why I can't let you go."


"Yes, master!" She answered after she appeared.

"Back to the restaurant and have Roxy examine our guest. "Timere announced..

Comfort_Wilson Comfort_Wilson

# chimera: tribrid animal crossing of a Lion, a goat and a snake.

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