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97.18% Loving with a Heavy Heart / Chapter 207: Repercussions

Repercussions - Loving with a Heavy Heart - Chapter 207 by S_B full book limited free

Chapter 207: Repercussions

After much debate Elle decided to take Christopher's advice and stay away from the filming set for a while. At least until the rumours died down. Although Adam was completely supportive of her and did not seem bothered in the slightest about the rumours, aside from his worrying that it bothered her, Elle couldn't help but feel slightly guilty about the whole situation.

Her guilt towards Adam was one thing, she knew the rumours were baseless and she knew he knew it too, but Elle also couldn't help but feel guilty towards Christopher, who had his name and face plastered over all the tabloids at the moment.

They were friends but Elle had always seen Chris as someone younger than her, a kid who she wanted to treat well. She never considered that other people might not see their friendship in the same light.

In the end Elle simply wanted all of it to just go away so she willingly hung around Tae, where she suspected no one even knew her well enough to know she was the girl in the pictures. Elle thought that at least in her office at Tae, away from the set, she'd be free from talk about that ridiculous article. However, Elle eventually learned that it was only a dream to think that she could avoid it so easily.

As she diligently typed away at her computer that morning one of the things Elle dreaded most happened; her father called her up to his office.

"You wanted to see me?" Elle asked when she finally arrived in his office, after stalling and delaying as much as she felt she could safely get away with.

"Is the rumour true?" He asked her bluntly.

Elle restrained the urge to roll her eyes. "That depends on what rumour you've heard."

Her father frowned at her sarcasm. "What are you doing? I don't remember raising you in such a way."

Elle's eyes narrowed. "And what way is that?"

"You know what I'm saying." Her father said gravely. "You lived well for over 20 years. I don't know why you're suddenly having such a sloppy personal life."

"As if you're one to talk." Elle couldn't restrain rolling her eyes at him the second time. "Besides, I didn't realize you were the type to baselessly believe in rumours. If you really must know the picture that's going around is only one of me having a meal in a crowded restaurant with a colleague."

"Are you really going to lie to me? I've heard the story, he's a celebrity. A famous actor from that new MK production."

"And I was contracted to work on that MK production."

That seemed to finally shut him up. Her father looked at her with wide eyes and a slack jaw. Elle had never seen him with such a blatantly confused expression before. If she had known his reaction would be this satisfying she would have told him about the project a long time ago.

"That's why I've been away so often. I've been using my vacation days to go to the set and watch them film." Elle continued to explain. "I wrote the story they're producing, is it still so weird that I would meet with its actor?"

Her father seemed to be at a loss for words. He only continued to stare at her blankly.

"See? At the end of the day you never really knew anything about me at all. I've told you before and I'll say it again, I can take care of my own business. I don't need you trying to manage me. If it's not related to my work at Tae please don't call me about it."

The Chairman still did not speak. He only gave her one solemn nod of his head.

Elle turned to leave but hesitated as she got to the door. She glanced back at her father once. Something was different this time. Maybe it was because her own heart was so full of love now, but Elle almost felt sorry for him.

Even though his words were harsh, for once Elle could see his emotion behind them. She wouldn't take back her own words and nor could she un-do the countless times she had been hurt by him before, but just this once she could understand him.

With a reluctant sigh Elle went back to him. "I am seeing someone. He's a good man with a proper job. I really don't see the need to share anything about my private life with you, but if you really must know, then at least at least know this much."

For a second time Elle walked away from her father's desk. This time with a much lighter heart and a clear conscious.


While Elle was laying low and letting things die down on their own Adam had decided to take a different approach. Like everything else, he decided to tackle things head on and squash them immediately. With that intention in mind, Adam boldly and casually visited the set the next day.

Adam sat to a quiet side as the crew worked to film their first scenes of the day. It was a while before they finally took a break. When they did Adam quietly followed Christopher into his dressing room, a place that where they could be alone and wouldn't be overheard.

"I thought I told you not to approach me." Christopher said with a frown as he watched Adam enter the room.

"Is that still going on?" Adam scoffed. "I thought our agreement was satisfied."

"What do you want?" Christopher asked bluntly but not rudely.

"I'm a busy man, as you well know. I want this nonsense to be over with."

Christopher shifted in his seat awkwardly. "You know there's no base to the rumours, right?"

Adam laughed lightly. "I know. I would never believe such a ridiculous rumour. You and Elle? It's hilarious to even consider it."

Christopher frowned slightly. "I'm still a man. It's not so inconceivable."

"Believe me, it is."

"If you know it's not true than what are you here for?"

"Even if it's not true I still need to address it."

Christopher swallowed hard. The laughter in his eyes was gone, and the smile on his face turned into something more wicked than amused. Suddenly the person before him was the cold and ruthless Adam Hayes everyone knew.

"You know it will fade quickly. Such a vague and baseless rumour will never last long. It'll soon be as if it never happened." Christopher said in an attempt to calm Adam.

"Not to me. I know too much to pretend it didn't happen." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Why are you telling me?" Christopher asked again.

"Because I need your help with something." Adam said. The glimmer of a dark emotion sparkled in his eyes.


Things are finally heating up, Christopher's identity will be revealed in the next chapter! Please look forward to it.

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