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Chapter 208: Morning Love Session

Olivia continued to rub her face on Lucien's chest and enjoy his scent. "You know, for a long time, I just thought about revenge."

"I wanted to get revenge on Marvin for abandoning me, and against his father for what he did to my family."

Then Olivia smiled before kissing Lucien's mouth. "But now, my past and old enemies don't really seem to matter as much anymore, because I'm absolutely happy with you."

Lucien hugged Olivia tightly as he sucked on her delicious lips for almost a minute before breaking the kiss and looking at her affectionately.

"I am delighted that you are so satisfied with me that you don't give a damn about these things as much anymore. But for me, this is a significant issue."

"Anyone who tries or even thinks of hurting my lovely wives will beg for death many times before I kill them."

"I can't change what happened to you, Astrid, and Scarlett in the past. But many people from the werewolf clan and manticore clan, as well as their patriarchs and their families, are going to have an excruciating death at the hands of the girls and me."

Olivia no longer saw her revenge as a critical issue compared to her new life with Lucien, but she understood his feeling of wanting to take revenge on her enemies.

She also felt this way about him. She really wanted to help him rescue his mother and kick his father's ass, so she would be by his side when he went to the Alliance and everywhere else.

Lucien began to stroke Olivia's thighs tenderly. "Also, about this Marvin guy... actually he deserves pity, after all, he had the chance to have such a wife as incredible as you, but he failed to take care of you."

Then Lucien moved one of his hands to Olivia's perfect pearly breasts while his other hand was stroking her waist.

"He will never be able to touch your soft skin... He will not be able to caress your wonderful breasts…"

"Mmm..." Olivia moaned as she hugged Lucien's neck and enjoyed the pleasure of his touch.

Lucien continued to touch Olivia's body and praise her. He turned her face towards his gently and began to give tap kisses on her lips.

"That poor man won't be able to taste the delicious flavor of your lips or smell your amazing floral scent."

Olivia's already horny body couldn't help but be even more aroused as her pink flower dripped the juices that Lucien loves so much as she felt him move his hand towards it.

Lucien started to tease Olivia by touching her groin and thighs... then he slowly stroked her wet pussy. "He will never know how wonderful it feels to be inside you, my love."

"Even though he is miserable for not being able to keep you by his side, I will still make him really wish for death while I make him eat his own guts."

Olivia couldn't help but laugh at the way Lucien talked about Marvin. She could almost feel sorry for him, knowing that his ending would be one that no one would want to have.

Still, after all he did to her, she wouldn't mind his pain, or rather, she would be there with Lucien when Marvin saw the incredible man who is now her husband.

But now Olivia didn't want to talk more about the past or future revenge. She couldn't think clearly about anything while feeling Lucien's hot and hard cock against her ass.

She started stroking his balls. "Hubby... I'm such selfish and demanding wife... even after all the love you gave me yesterday, I can't help asking for more."

Lucien laughed as he had both of Olivia's breasts in his hands. "If your selfishness is to ask for more of my affection, it's okay to ask it. After all, as your husband, I must always keep you satisfied."

"Also, you are almost in the Mortal Realm. Your dark mana was manifesting when you were sleeping in our bed."

"Huh? Really? I don't really feel different." Olivia tried to focus on the important subject, but it was challenging to think of anything other than Lucien's dick inside her.

Lucien continued to caress and tease Olivia; after all, he intends to give her enough pleasure and demonic energy to break through the Zero Realm barrier and enter the Mortal Realm.

"Yes, you're almost reaching the Mortal Realm, so let's work together to get it done now, alright?"

Olivia understood what Lucien wanted, and her whole body was shaking with excitement, eager and happy that he never spared any effort to give her what she wants.

Still, she wanted to hear him speak in his charming voice, so she asked. "That means..."

Lucien seemed to know everything Olivia wanted. He brought his mouth closer to her ear and whispered. "It means that we will have a hot and passionate morning fuck... you want it, right?"

"OF COURSE, I want it!!" Olivia couldn't help but exclaim as she turned her body to Lucien, leaning over him.

Lucien continued to lean against the bathtub wall while Olivia positioned herself mounted on his groin. Her breasts were touching his chest as he stroked her waist.

Then Olivia lifted her ass as she positioned Lucien's cock on the warm entrance of her pink cave.

But she did not lower her body, starting to penetration, but looked at Lucien with a naughty smile while rubbing the head of his cock on her pussy.

"Hubby... do you like it? Do you like it when your cock kisses my pussy like this?" She asked in a lewd tone.

Lucien squeezed Olivia's buttocks as he kissed her lips, both upper and lower. "I love it, my dear. I love to kiss every part of your perfect body." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Olivia wanted to be able to play more like this, but she could no longer control the desire to feel Lucien inside her.

She lowered her body, not gently and slowly, but quickly and hard, banging her ass against Lucien's groin and making his cock fill her pussy completely.

"Cummmming!!! AaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhH!!!" Olivia moaned loudly and regretted her bold move as she immediately had an incredible orgasm.

Having orgasms was wonderful, and she wanted to have many of them, but there were a certain number of orgasms that the girls could handle before having to rest, and so Olivia wanted to have a longer time between her orgasms to enjoy the sex with Lucien for longer.

But now Olivia was already having her first orgasm while feeling her body become complete as only Lucien could make her feel.

Her pussy twitched and squeezed Lucien's cock while her love juices mixed with the water of the bathtub.

Olivia smiled at Lucien with a loving expression. "This is your fault. You make me feel so good with caresses and kisses even before you fuck me... So when your dick enters and makes a mess inside me, I can't help but cum uncontrollably."

Lucien laughed. "Isn't that good? I love it when your insides twitch and squeeze my cock so tightly."

Olivia started to move, making her orgasm even more incredible as she kissed Lucien, and he squeezed her ass and breasts.

The pleasure they were both feeling was so great... so fucking amazing that the benefits of Lucien's demonic energy quickly completed the power that Olivia needed to reach the Mortal Realm.

"No, no, no!! Fuck!!!" Olivia exclaimed as she saw the black haze raise from her body. But of course, she didn't stop banging her ass on Lucien groin.

"Why this negative reaction?" Lucien asked, although he already knew the answer.

Olivia looked at him with an imploring look. "If we reach our goal so fast, doesn't that mean it will be the end of our morning fuck?"

Lucien stroked Olivia's face. "It's still dawn in the normal world... our morning fuck can go on for a few more hours until you cant take it anymore."

"Hubby!! You are the best!!!" Olivia exclaimed happily and kissed Lucien while her horny pussy squeezed his cock even more.

He squeezed her ass and brought Olivia's body firmly against his, making his cock kiss the bottom of her warm insides.

"I'm going to give you a big load so that you can make a great entrance into the Mortal Realm, my dear."

"Yes! Please!! Give me… AaaaahhhhhhhHHHH!!!" Olivia moaned even louder as she felt Lucien's hot cock milk filling her.

The black haze formed by her dark mana swirled around the bathtub and their body animatedly, under the control of Lucien's demonic energy, which helped Olivia successfully reach the Mortal Realm.

Lucien and Olivia continued to fuck passionately in that bathtub until they had to move to another bathtub to have clean water.

After a while, Lust couldn't contain herself by just watching, and joined the morning fuck, which lasted for more a few hours.

Because of having that emotional conversation with Lucien, the passionate morning fuck, and reaching the Mortal Realm, Olivia's mind needed some time to rest.

She slept on Lucien's chest, and he took her back to his bed, so she continued to sleep with the laziest girls that were used to sleeping a little more than the others.

Well, it's not that they were lazy, but that Lucien gave them a lot of pleasure before they sleep, and their bodies needed time to absorb all of the demonic energy.

Except for Mia and Ella. These two really like to sleep. Of course, it was better when they could sleep one on each of Lucien's arm.

Although Olivia is a warrior who has a fighting style like a rogue, her main attribute is dark magic. As the most experienced mages in the group, Rose and Angela will help her explore the improvements of her body and dark mana when she wakes up.

Lucien felt that his family was getting stronger quickly. Two more girls have achieved the Mortal Realm, and Ghilanna was now the closest girl to take that step too.

Lust became more and more impressed by Lucien's abilities. Although she felt the pleasure he could give her and his other women in her body, the benefits of his demonic energy in the girl's bodies only got better.

The advancement of layers within a Realm should be increasingly difficult and time-consuming as it requires much more resources, and power. In fact, it seemed trivial to Lucien.

Lust knew that for demons and other races that have special parts in their bodies, the first layer of the Mortal Realm took even longer because they used part of their energy to grow those body parts.

But it only took Lucien a few weeks to reach the second layer of the Mortal Realm, and with their celebration day, she could feel that he had already had great improvement after entering the second tier.

Also, Lust, Cassidy, Astrid, and Rose were already close to reaching the second layer as well. Not only did Lucien get stronger incredibly fast with his demonic energy, but he also made the girls stronger quickly with that…

As a new day was starting and Lucien had a lot of things planned on his agenda, he went down the stairs towards the kitchen.

He was wearing a fluffy robe that Angela made for him. Although Lucien likes to walk around the house naked, Kara, Aria, and other girls said that it is not appropriate all the time, as seeing his naked body prevented them from concentrating and doing their housework.

So Lucien and the girls were just walking around the house naked when the girls knew they could jump in his arms and have passionate love sessions.

Arriving in the kitchen, he saw the cute maid making pancakes on the stove while Angela made coffee. They grow some stuff in the purple world, while others they brought from the normal world.

Still, Lucien loves everything his wives cooked in the same way.

Lucien gave Kara and Angela morning kisses before sitting down at the table. Lust sat on his lap like she always does when it isn't another girl's turn, and so they started a lovely breakfast.


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