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Chapter 23: Chapter 20

2 years later

Cassidy! Wake up

"It's... Morning already?"

Cassidy Leave her bed and goes to the shower.



"Since you wake up what are doing, and why are you late everytime?"

Cassidy Casually walks to the table

"Ah because there's Group project"


"Glad to hear"

*Stop eating* Cassidy

"Im Going out now, Bye!"

In the street

"Don't forget your Bag!"

"ah crap" Cassidy runs to the House, Ok im going now!"

Mother *bonk*

"Watch your Language Young Girl!"

Cassidy slightly hurt


Cassidy, Walks to the Bus station to wait for the bus to get to her School


"Ah Aseey-"

Aseey walks to Cassidy

"Where's Roselle?" Aseey Replied "Sh-shes Sick today so She will be fine Tomorrow-"

*The bus arrives*

"Hey that's the Bus"


"Ok... Let's going now"

In two years after Cassidy joined the group, In her first year in the school

Hours later

Middle of a speech in the Complex Auditorium

"A witch? Hey Aseey Should we kill it?"

"I think Other magical girl in the school will probably Killing it, We should wait until they Retreat or kill it"


"So this-" The Scenery change and everyone in the auditorium panic


"A witch, Already I thought other girls will gonna kill it?"

The people inside the auditorium

"Whats going on? Whats Happening?"

Aseey to Cassidy "Hold my hand!"

The Teacher starts to calm down the students "Stu-Student calm down please-"

one of the students screams

Multiple Familiars Appeared

The Student run in the Panic Running over Other student


"Cassidy! Use this Robe" hands out the Robe "Thanks, Did other magical girls failed?" Aseey is confused "i dont know but we will take Care the Injured Student first"


"Huh? What!"

"Why can't we-"

"Move Away!"

*Punch the Wall*


A student Scream



*a Boy student Scream out the Pain of his Arm cutting off*


"No you Don't!" *Bang*

The Students Screamed



"Yeah, Im ok"

"Ok It's Clear"


"Everyone! Follow me!"


"What's going on?!" all in fear


"You People are lucky not be Possess by a witch, We manage to kill the Familiar in this Area The school may Become a Labyrinth"

(How this Develop too much Rose...)


"We have Reinforcement Aseey!"

Cassidy help the students after

Magical girl 1

"You guys good?


"Yeah, what happen? Did the Other magical girl died?"

Magical girl

"No... They Witch out inside the school... Probably"


"Wait there's 2 Witches In the School!?"

Magical girl



"One of the Victims... Is Bleeding out!"

"Hey Can you heal her?"

Magical girl 1

"Sure thing that's my Magic After all"



"Huh? What's happening to me?"

Magical girl 1

"You good now?"

The student Nodded

"Now we need to Evacuation everyone out"

Magical girl 1

"Aseey... you need to that right? After this"


"Yeah before we got caught"

In the Other facility

Principal Office


"Hmm? What is it?" At the Telephone

"What!" The Room Beginning to Changing "I-I need to called the Police-"

A Siren can be heard in the Distance

Police 1

"Sir... i can see 4 Girls outside one in the top of Building, 2 In the Ground... and 1 Top of the Auditorium? I don't know if there Students?"

Police 2

"What did it Look like?"

Police 1

"They look like Cosplayers? and all of them have Weapons!"

Police 2

"report this to the HQ Immediately this is a Hostage Crisis"

At the Witch Labyrinth

"4 Girls at sight"

Magical girl 1

"Good to see you 4 alived"

Magical girl 5

"Before i got inside the building, There's Multiple Police Cars heading this way"

Magical girl 1

"We can't show them the Labyrinth! They will get suck in!"


"We should focus killing the Witch first, Few of us Defend the students"


"I will come with you"


"No you shouldn't, Keep your classmate safe"

The Ground Began To shake

Magical Girl 3

"Wait! The witch is Heading towards us!"

"Cassidy! Bind the witch! Before it Rampage"


"On it!"

The Witch Appear and starts Puking Lava

"no you Don't!"

"Wait what!? The string Burn down!"

Magical girl 2

" I got it!"

The Girl Hit the Witch behind, The Witch was Provoke and start Exploding Rocks Every where

The students Screaming in a Panic


"Don't let anyone get Hurt! i will take care of this!"

Aseey uses her magic to boost her self

*Bang* *Bang*

The Witch look at Aseey and start Throwing Rocks at her


"Now! Girls!"

The girl Hit the witch One by One

The Witch manage to Block one of the Attack and Hit one of the Girls

Magical girl 3


Magical girl 5

"She's Ok-"


"Everyone! Retreat!"


"Change your string to Other types like you did Yesterday!"


"I-i Still don't know how to use it yet!"


"Trust me!"


"ok... |Release little power... then imagine... no Feel the Metal in your hand... and Imagine it of a sword| Did it work? It work!"


"Bind it Quick!"

Cassidy Bind the witch and Hitting Multiple Spot, The Witch Start's Raining Molden Rocks to everyone


"I have this one!" A large Gun appeared In front of Aseey

"Eat this" Multiple Gunshot can be heard Penetrating the Witch Killing it in the Instant

Aseey Run out off breathe

"Anyone ok?"

Magical girl 1

"We need to get them out of the Building before the other witch starts coming here"

"Where outside the labyrinth?"

"hmm? Police!"

"What are we gonna do now?"


"Im gonna tell Cassidy to Destransform"

"We're gonna face the other witch"

The student walk the stairs to the first floor, They Shifting going back and out to the labyrinth. They finally go back to the first floor

The student's Start to cry and the Injured Boy was Taken Treatment of a near Hospital, Cassidy Blend the student

But one of the Male student Remember her face in one of the Battle.

"Isn't you the girl that killed that thing?"

everyone was Silent at that time

Cassidy nerviously Panicked and runs off

The 2 police man Notice of Cassidy Running off, Because of the Suspicious because of the 4 Girls Earlier they thought is one of them and shoot her in the Legs One misses but one Manage to Shot her in the Legs

Cassidy Scream in Pain Multiple Cops trying to Catch her

One of the Student defend her

"She... She Save our life... She's on our side"

But none of the Police Listen

Other student's are Scared of talking

Cassidy Runs to the woods


"I saw her over there!"

Cassidy Transform and the Bullet inside of her Starts to hurt more. Cassidy Endure the Pain.

"I... I need to get out of here!"


Cassidy Freak out and Run


"Idiot! What if you Hit someone else?"


"Come on it's our first Mission"

Magical girl 6

"Hey You got your self into Trouble, Need a hand?"





"Wait your the new magical girl who Teleport girls into other section of the city"

Magical girl 6

"Yeah but it use one fourth of my Soul gem- "

the girl stop speaking "They finally Kill the witch"


"... Im sorry Rose..."

"Hey you need the other Soulgem?"

Magical girl 1



"Get the student outside the building"

Magical girl 4

"Follow me"


"The students are going outside!"

Magical girl 1

"Ok Where's the other girls?"


"I don't know..."


"What the heck was that?"


["Need help Aseey! The police are into us!"]


["Where are you?!?"]


["a magical girl too got shotted In the head she's Unconscious but she's still breathing"]


["Got it"]

"Hey we need to Rescue Cassidy and another one"

Magical girl 2

"Ok where are they?"


"There at the thick Forrest...but first"

Cassidy Runs out of Breathe


"Drop your weapon!"


"Im Not an Enemy!"



The Police in the Area was Fall asleep *Woman voice*

"Sir! Sir! Come in!? It was a false-" in the Radio

Aseey Runs out of strength but still able to stand up

Magical Girl 2

"Cassidy your good?"


"Wait We need to Help Aseey!"

Magical girl 3

"I got her!"


Magical girl 3


the girl shot in the back by other police

Magical girl 4

"I got you, We need to go Deeper!"

Magical girl 5

"I got Aseey! Go Deeper!"


"Wait-" *Shining*

the police Drop dead *Radio*

"Do not fire to the mysterious girl-"

"Now- we need to go"


Sorry for the Long ass and Confusing Chapter never thought that gonna be 1K words.

the police thing is just made up in my mind and a Normal and expert police will never done this (hopefully) in real life.

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