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Chapter 75: Attack from the Sky

In the mega-size plane that was silently flying over Antarctica, hundreds of youths were standing inside.

Suddenly, a youth in green clothes spoke "Leader, somehow I feel like we are in 1990s flit"

"Srijan, you betrayed our friendship. You watched those illegal movies and didn't even tell me." Another youth near him spoke with the grievance on his eyes.

"Humph! It was you that ran away to chase Devi on that Friday night." Srijan snorted at him with a jealous face.

His words made a girl near them blush in shame. She was none other than Devi that they spoke off. With shame, she tugged on the youth's clothes.

"That is why I am with her." The youth embraced her in his arms and answered with a proud face.

"Yeah, yeah" Srijan didn't continue to tangle with the youth, instead his gaze fell on Johnny as he asked, "Leader, don't you think so?"

Johnny was silently sitting in a lotus position with closed eyes. Hearing him, Johnny's eyes opened as he put up a smile and answered "Yeah, only if you take out things from your spatial ring and put them in your bag pack also wear that backpack in the battle."

"Hehe" Srijan snickered with an embarrassed face.

"By the way, why are we taking flight for such a short distance?" Johnny asked with a confused and innocent face.

"Isn't it your fault, captain?" Another youth from his back spoke with a speechless tone. But suddenly he remembered his mistakes and hurriedly explained "I mean leader."

"Now that you spoke I feel captain sounds better than a leader." Johnny murmured and made up his mind "Everyone call me Captain"

"Aye-Aye captain" Everyone giggled at him.

"Johnny, then I am your first-mate" Rocky screamed from a far away. His words were completely ignored by them.

"Idiot we are not playing Pirate Game here." Karina who standing there stomped her foot at him and snorted.

"Awo, awo" Rocky cried in pain after getting stomped by her.

"Hahaha" Everyone laughed and the environment became a lot cheerful.

After getting together with Johnny for three days, they found he was very easy to get along with. Especially when you are a good person.

He was only ruthless to bad guys which made the image of Johnny as a Superhero. But in truth, he was only naive.

He did that for the revenge of Klink. He knows he can't kill the fourth prince, but the anger in his heart could only be relieved by killing his cousin. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Of course, these were only his subconscious thoughts. In conscious thoughts, he killed the fourth prince's cousin because of his wrongdoings and way of thinking towards common people.

"Everyone attention, hold tight we are going to land in two minutes." Suddenly a voice came from the cabin. This voice was the voice of Ashok.

"Ashok, don't land. We are going to have the fancy landing this time." Suddenly a thought came into his mind and Johnny shouted.

"Ashok, take us at the height of two thousand meters"

At this moment, some of them were confused while the plane flew high.

"Alright everyone, on the count of three; we are going to jump together," Johnny smirk at everyone, making them jump in fright.

"Captain, I was just joking about those movies. You don't have to take that to your heart." Srijan shouted with cold sweat on his forehead. This idea was too dangerous, they don't even have any wingsuits.

Hearing him, everyone gave him a death gaze with hatred. At this moment, Johnny chuckled "Don't worry, I have a perfect plan for landing."

"We're at the height of two thousand meters, main door is opening" Ashok pressed a button on the panel and spoke.


Powerful wind blow towards them.

"Everyone holds each other hand and after the jump, spread out in long rally" Johnny shouted while spreading both of his hands.

At this moment, both of his hands were held by two soft hands. Feeling two softs hands, Johnny felt surprised as he looked at them.

One was obviously Rose, which was under his thoughts but next was Karina rather than Rocky. This surprised him, after all till now, he doesn't know her name.

But he didn't think too much and look ahead. In his back, Rose was gazing at Karina while Karina was doing the same.

The thunder sparkle in their gaze startling everyone.

"3,2,1 jump" Johnny shouted while taking the lead.

"Ahh" Pulled by his brute force, everyone shouted in panic. After they jumped down, as he instructed they began to spread out in a long line.


They dived down together, and Johnny shouted "Everyone with Wind Element, manipulate the wind to make our speed slow as much as you can."

Hearing his words, other nodded their head. The wind element user basic magic art contains art that can form the wings of the wind behind their back. All of the wind element users formed wings on their back, and their falling speed decreased by a lot.

"Now listen to me everyone, once you reach down use everything to strike hard on the ground," Johnny shouted with all his power. Due to the passing wind, it was very hard to understand fortunately they were able to understand a little.

"Rocky, how many portals can you create at once? And how many people can single portal support?" Johnny shouted while the wind was rubbing his face hard.

"Up to ten, and one portal can transmit ten peoples at once," Rocky shouted back with his head buzzing a little.

"Once I give you a single, you need to use create ten portals." Johnny explained to him first, then looks at others and shouted "All of you, once you reach near the ground use your best attack and rushed towards the portal in the air. Those who are at the very back, don't attack instead try to get away from others and safely land on the ground."

"But captain, can the ice ground support all of ours attack at once? If that ice breaks, not only monsters but even us will be buried alive." Srijan shouted from the side.

"Don't worry, if that ice was so weak, then the family wouldn't send us here for war to fight those monster beasts. Just follow my instructions." Johnny shouted while looking down. They were falling slower, but that was only compared to the previous fall. Their current falling speed was around 30 miles per hour.

Soon they reached very down; at least they could easily see the monster's beasts scattered around the ice. In the very end, a monster beast was standing on the tall ice mountain with flaming legs. Those flames seem very domineering but they didn't melt the ice.

"Thunder Wings" The more they fall, the faster they get. With the speed increasing with fall, Johnny got no choice but to use everything he got. A pair of wings like the wings of a bird made out of thunder mana appeared behind him.

His thunder wings flapped and pull him up. But with so much weight, he couldn't fly; only decrease the speed by a lot.

"Whoa" By the sudden appearance of those wings that could pull peoples around one hundred and fifty, everyone was left in shock. But the consumption was also very huge. Fortunately, it was running on Mana which can be recovered easily, otherwise, Johnny would've regret making such a decision.

The reason he tried to do so was because of looking cool and to enjoy the jump.

"Alright, everyone now shoots with all you got." Hearing this, everyone let go of each other's hands and stabilized themselves in the air. The moment they saw the presence of monsters, they spread warrior energy throughout their body.

(Warrior= Magician + Martial Artist, Mana + Spiritual, and Mana or Spiritual.)

"Cyclone Flame Art"

"Wind Ruptures"

"Ice Cage"

"Hundred Swords"

"Yellow Dragon Fist Descends"

All kinds of magic arts and martial arts fell over the bodies of the monsters' beasts. But the monsters were dumb; they sensed such an incredible amount of energy a while ago. Some of them were ready to fight back; some ran away, while some stayed at a single position without moving a little.

"Bang" "Bang" "Boom" "Boom" "Bang" "Boom"

The power of monster energy and the warrior energy collided, the ice beneath them trembled.

"Space Magic Art- Giant Portals"

Ten giants' portals were formed under the falling youths. These portals were not only big but also lasted longer. Subconsciously, the thunder wings behind his back disappeared, and his thunder mana transformed near his stomach.

"Third Stance- Thunder Dragon Cannon" A big cannon was made out of thunder in his stomach aiming towards the monsters.

"Bang" The cannon shot.

Suddenly, his thunder energy disappeared as he erupts the fire mana out of the book inside his mana space. The fire mana spreads to his mouth, and the flame gushed out of his mouth.

"Fire Creation Magic- Fire Dragon Roar" A dragon-shaped flame roared at the monsters, with the aura of the dragon, making them fear with instinct.

But Johnny's attacks didn't stop there. His fire mana vanished and strange sword mana moves out of his mana space. Spreading throughout his body, it moves out of him and formed a thousand swords in the sky.

"Sword Creation Magic- Gathering of Thousand Swords"



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