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Cultivation realms - Magic and Martial War God - Chapter 15 by Sabin_Subedi_Fei full book limited free

Chapter 15: Cultivation realms

While on the plane, he asked more than hundreds of questions about different things to his dad and his dad answered them all. He also got a full description of four cultivation realms, starting from the Junior Magician or Martial Junior.

In Junior Magician or Martial realm, a person starts by opening meridians. Opening meridians by channeling pill energy into it. There are many meridians in our body but there are only ten great meridians. Unfortunately among ten, only nine could be found. The tenth meridian is only a legend till now or so.

Since opening tenth meridians represent genius that can suppress the all. Every family or monster race will do everything they could to destroy him, so no one reveals such a thing. Normally, for people who walk on a singular path either magician or martial need to connect one end of the meridian to their Mana Space or Inner Space.

But those who walk on the path of both, they need to put one meridian in one space which is unfair to other space. After all eight meridians can be divided into four and four meridians for Mana and Inner Space. This also means, to refill your spaces you need twice the time than others. Though it doesn't appear to be many disadvantages in this stage later it will serious problem.

In the next realm which is the Magician or Martial Artist realm, people need to temper their body parts. For Magician, they need to temper the heart, brain, and lungs. As for Martial Artist, they need to temper their bones, muscles and skin, and blood.

But how to decide whether their strength has increased or not? For a magician, one starts by temper their heart. The First-person mixes his element with his heart than when the heart pumps blood. It also pumps elements with it, so this element will help to strengthen and expand blood veins. Expanding blood veins inner space by two times means reaching the first stage. Expanding blood veins by five times means reaching the second stage and by ten times means reaching the third stage.

This will help the magician to use more Mana while fighting. The amount of Mana in magic art represents its power, so if a magician uses more Mana then the power of magic art will increase. So, these three-stage plays a vital role in the magician.

Next is by tempering the Brain which is the main reason for a magician to perfect their magic art and even create their own. Johnny also learned about the so-called rune which is used by Magician, and tempering the brain means you can create a powerful rune. This has a few different methods than the previous three stages.

Here, you need to open three small meridians, connecting one end to their brain and another end to their Mana Space. These three meridians can be called three stages but only under one condition. Only if magicians create runes in his brain since these runes need Mana energy to activate meridians are required.

Like this, opening one meridian and creating one rune means reaching the fourth stage and continue so.

Next is about tempering lungs, as for why? The reason is simple, to speak a long magic spell. Magic spells are new to Johnny just like runes. And these two are also interrelated since Magic spells are used for runes. This sounds like the ups and downs of the cultivation stage but this is true. While you create runes in your brain, they are only exterior structures.

That is to create an outline of your rune, once you reach the seventh stage of Junior Magician where you temper your lungs by Mana energy, you can start filling those empty runes with Magic Spell. These Magic spells are long and they can increase the power of certain magic art to a certain extent. This is also the reason to temper blood veins.

Naturally, blood veins are highways for Mana and if it is a normal amount and quality of Mana then normal blood veins can easily handle it. But when Magic Spells are used in runes, they provide enormous support to increase the power of Mana. If blood veins aren't strong enough to hold this power then, it will get damaged. After all, Magicians are known for creating heavy damage to opponents in a fight.

These are the nine stages of the Magician's realm, each interlinked with another. Though his dad explained to him about Magician Master and Magician Grandmaster, he didn't think too much about this realm since it is already enough to remember this realm.

As for Martial artists, they start with temper blood which indirectly tempers blood veins. Martial artists burst more power through the blood. They channel spirit energy into their body and attack while they use profound level arts. For example, they channel spirit energy into their fist, and with that fist, they can break a hundred kilograms or higher mass stone into pieces.

So the main reasons behind that powerful attack are blood, muscles and skin, and bones. So for the first stage, they temper their blood making it twice the thicker than normal blood, and by the amount and thickness of the next stage of blood increase by another two times. Of course with blood, the inner space of blood veins also increases to control the powerful flow of blood.

The next stage are Muscles and Skin, in this stage person temper his muscles and skin to increase their defense and offense. In the fourth stage, the offense is increased by twice. In the fifth stage, the defense is increased twice as for the sixth stage; both offense and defense are increased by twice again.

Finally, in the last three stages, a person tempers his bones. This stage increase offense and defense though not as much as endurance. This stage makes a person endure more and more pressure in their body. This stage help person to practice higher-level martial art which is hard since to practice such art, their body won't be able to endure its power.

Only after reaching this realm, a person can practice higher-level martial art so that their body can endure pressure while using martial art. For example: after reaching the Martial Master realm, they can practice spirit-level art. But they can start practicing in the Martial Artist realm.

This was very crucial for the leapfrog battle. His dad also explained about Martial Arts or Magic art and Cultivation Arts realms. Whether it is Martial art or cultivation art, they are from Profound, Spirit, Earth, and Heaven. But a person can't exert the full power of arts by practicing for once. So, the power of martial art practice is divided into five stages named as Beginner, Entry, Small Accomplishment, Great Accomplishment, and Perfection. Shadow steps is a magic art Johnny practices, has reached perfection on the first level of it. Since he could create one shadow which literally means he perfected an art.

This is also why his dad said to him a genius. He could practice art to perfection just by the practice of two or three hours. This is a huge achievement in the whole world. The next thing, he learned about is Sword and sword realms.

Weapons are generally used by Martial Artists but that doesn't mean a magician doesn't use them. In fact, people like healer uses a magic wand to increase their magical but sword which is initially a king of all weapons is less used.

Simply because of the profoundness of sword realms, which are Sword Intent and Sword Energy. These are the first two realms of the sword. Sword Intent is the manifestation of sword aura. Sword Energy is a materialized sword power that can increase sword attacks to a certain extent. Sword intent itself is divided from one percent to a hundred percent. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

So when they use sword art, they can use sword intent on it which increases attack power to a certain extent and depends on how much sword intent has been used? Though Johnny wasn't a sword cultivator, he does have a sword and he is very fond of the sword too.

While he was thinking all this in front of his dad, the plane starts landing on the ground and his dad said "Johnny wear a jacket, we've reached Antarctica"

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