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5.58% Magic and Martial War God / Chapter 9: Family and Love, too tired

Family and Love, too tired - Magic and Martial War God - Chapter 9 by Sabin_Subedi_Fei full book limited free

Chapter 9: Family and Love, too tired

"Johnny, are you okay?" Rocky ran towards him asked in concern

"It hurts but I am fine" Johnny slowly got up, felt his back is still hurting, and cried in pain a little. After this pain was nothing in front of creating meridians pain.

"But Johnny, why are you here?" Rocky made a surprised look, when he felt targeted by the assassin he already planned to send someone to protect Johnny but it seems he missed something.

"Well I was also assassinated but I was able to kill my enemy. I got information from their mouth that they are going to assassinate Rose's close friends. So I rushed towards your house. Fortunately, nothing happened." Johnny had a smile when he mentioned the last words.

"Johnny, I am sorry. I didn't tell you" Rocky tilted his head down and said in low voice. It was clear that he was mentioning his family.

"Don't mention I had already guessed about you and rose. Well since you are fine, I should go" Johnny patted Rocky shoulder, and shaking his head he said.

Then he walked out of the Rocky house.

"Young Prince, why not invite him? He had already reached the third grade of Magician Junior just after he awakens. This is already a peerless talent. Why did you not said a word about that to him?" A middle-aged man in a mask said

"Now is not the time, he is my friend so I can't let him take any risk but I am sure he will help me whenever I am in trouble" Rocky made a serious face at first and smiled while saying last words

Johnny didn't hear them, he just unfolded his Shadow Steps and run in like sliding on earth. In shadow steps, he needs to use phantom to in his feet. Phantom works like soap and also makes ground like marble. When you step on soap standing on marble, then you will slide. Most people have this experience in their bathroom.

His clothes were dirty and torn in many areas. He needs to reach his home faster. Fortunately, with his speed, he finally reached his place in just two minutes. He opened the door and said "Mom I'm home"

Johnny's mom walked across the door and saw Johnny's torn clothes and some wounds; she anxiously said "What happened? How did you get in such a condition?"

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"Mom I'll explain after eating something, so can you prepare some food for me? I'll change until then" Johnny didn't wait for his mother's reply and went towards his room which was on the first floor.

"Okay" Johnny's mother nodded after all Johnny had never lied to her and also never hides. Except for the case of Primal Chaos Celestial Stone, he won't just hide anything.

Johnny changed and returned to the kitchen. His mom had prepared Rice, Meat, Vegetable, and some other extra items. He hasn't eaten in ten days except for nutrient juice, so he madly devours the whole food.

His mom sat opposite him and asked "So can you tell me now?"

But Johnny didn't reply immediately only after he finished his food, he said "I killed someone"

If it was normal people with a normal mindset, they would have panicked but his mother didn't, she just quietly listened to him.

"Before awakening, the teacher gave me four awakening medicines hoping to create Mana Space and Inner Space and I succeed. I opened up both, and then I also opened two meridians at the same time. After that I felt, there was still some energy left, so I once again breakthrough grade three. At that moment, I awakened a bloodline called War God Bloodline and also two initiate abilities for Magic. After I left the academy, I encountered an assassin fortunately I killed him.

I found he was sent by the Rose family. I also found both Rose and Rocky belong to big families. Mother, why do I possess War God Bloodline? What is this bloodline? Do you or your father also have this type of bloodline? When I awakened the Magic element, I awakened two at the same time. My thunder element is fifth grade but my dark element was first and now when I killed that assassin, it absorbed assassin dark element and upgrade to second grade. What is this element, mom? And why do I possess it?" Johnny explained and also question many things to his mom. These were very serious and important questions for him.

His mom was thinking of something, so she didn't explain it to him soon. She just smiled and told him another topic "Your dad breakthrough Magician first grade because of life and death moment. He also made a huge contribution making him junior commander of Monster Hunting Squad Eight. He will be returning home tomorrow."

"What? Dad breakthrough and reach Magician rank?" Johnny didn't mind his mother changing the topic. He already knew if she wants to explain, she will. But if she doesn't want to explain no matter how hard he tries, he won't be able to make her say anything.

"Yes, so tomorrow you can't go anywhere" Mom smiled and said

"But mom I promised Rose to go on a date with her" Johnny suddenly became a little embarrassed mentioning date to his mom. Fortunately, he was a perfect kid in his mother eyes, so she just smiles but said something opposite "You will stay home"

"But mom" Johnny tried to convince her

"I said again Johnny, you will stay at home," His mother said in a domineering voice. Johnny suddenly shut up; even his dad would be compelled to do anything his mom said, what kind of ginger does he think he is?

Johnny suddenly made a weak face and said "Mom can I sleep in your lap?"

"Yes" His mom didn't reject him; she knew her son must be very tired today.

They went to their bedroom, his mom sat on one corner of the bed and Johnny put his head on her lap. From a small age, he thinks his mom's lap is the best pillow in the world. Whenever he is very tired, he always sleeps on her lap and his mother didn't reject it.

While Johnny was closing his eyes to sleep, his mom fondles his hair and said "You are now sixteen, you know, you shouldn't sleep with your mom. So you better find a girlfriend and sleep with her." If Johnny was awake then, he might be ashamed to death because of his mother's teaching.

Fortunately, he was asleep but he still mumbled in sleep "I will make Rose my girlfriend"

His mother also heard him, this time she had a gloomy face. She waited till Johnny completely sleeps saying "He looks so tired"

Then he put Johnny in bed and went to her telephone. She dialed some numbers and called a person. The person she was Rose. Johnny's mom said, "Is it Rose, Johnny's friend?"

"Yes," Sweet voices come from the telephone speaker.

"I am his mother. I hope you will keep a distance from him. You are from a big family and we are not. Because of you, Johnny almost died today" Johnny's mom said politely but her voice contains a powerful aura, as this looks nothing like Junior Martial Artist.

"Yes" Rose didn't go against Johnny's mother words

Hearing Rose reply Johnny's mother frown but got some grasp on the matter "Of course I won't stop if you want to have a relationship with him but only after Johnny gets stronger."

"Yes mother" Rose declared her love to Johnny's mother, she said as she had a hundred percent confidence in this matter.

"But because of you, Johnny encountered an assassin as well your friend Rocky and so tomorrow he won't come" Saying so, Johnny's mother turned down the phone.

On the other hand, Rose got tears in her eyes. For tomorrow, she thought to have a special day with Johnny but now she can't and she even brought a disaster for Johnny. She thought 'If Johnny had serious injuries or even death?' She didn't dare to even imagine.

Johnny's mother made another call explaining everything finally saying "Jack return home tomorrow, no matter the cost."

On another side of the phone was a middle-aged man that looks just like Johnny. He was Johnny's dad and he said "Yes and it's time to return our real home."

Jack tried another number and said "Dad, me and Jane will return to accept heritage but you have to follow three conditions"

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