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4.32% Magic and Martial War God / Chapter 7: First Assassination Encounter, First Kill

First Assassination Encounter, First Kill - Magic and Martial War God - Chapter 7 by Sabin_Subedi_Fei full book limited free

Chapter 7: First Assassination Encounter, First Kill

Johnny looked at the beautiful face in front of his door, he couldn't think of any of the girls looking this beautiful. She had crystal clear black pupils, cheery lips, and a little oval face. A girl was wearing black jeans and a white top covered with a black jacket. Except for that beautiful face, he thought this looks very similar.

"You can't recognize me" Although the face was very different, he could recognize this voice without second doubt when she spoke.

"You are Rose" Johnny felt disbelieve, the girl who was with him from childhood, although they didn't talk much back then now he couldn't imagine who she got so damn beautiful. Yes walking on the path of cultivation, people can maintain their face especially girls. Even if they can gain a beautiful face, they need to be a powerhouse above Grandmaster and this girl should have awakened two or three days before.

This means the beautiful face she has is not the effect of cultivation but her own natural beauty. Then again he got confused, if she was so beautiful why did she need to hide it. You know every girl love showing their beautiful face and now this girl broke their trend.

"Humph! I thought you won't recognize me" Rose snorted at Johnny, she saw Johnny non-stop staring at her face. This made her blush a little and also annoyed her.

"You look so beautiful" Johnny felt, he won't be able to control himself anymore although he wasn't a bad person doesn't mean he was a saint or idiot.

"Humph! I know that" these words sound rough but when she spoke, her voice was as small as a mosquito.

"But why did you need to disguise?" Johnny barely controlled himself and changed the topic. He knew that compliment was a little awkward.

"Family" Rose said but she sounds a little sad mentioning her family member.

"Family?" Although Johnny wasn't from a big family he could guess, Rose was and also from a very big family. He was very intelligent and already noticed it but didn't expect it because of her family she needs to disguise.

After mentioning her family she looked a little sad, so he hastily changed the topic saying "How long were you waiting for me? What about the Rocky?"

"I waited for two days, Rocky also awakened at the same time as me but I later told him to go and visit his family. It's been ten days already." Rose explained

"Two days? Oh! What path did you and rocky awaken?" Johnny asked

"We both awakened Magic path. My awakened element is a little hard to explain, as for Rocky he awakened the legendary Space element also in spirit rank. I don't know how he did it? But he sure was very proud of himself. By the way, what path did you Awakened?" Rose explained and looked at Johnny with curiosity. She couldn't see his cultivation stage and this was surprising for her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Hehe, I awakened both but my talent isn't that high" Johnny rubbed his rose, and said with an embarrassing tone.

"Well, if you had taken medicines then you would have awakened more talent" Rose-tone was a little depressed as she said.

"Don't worry! there is no way I will be left behind" Hearing Rose's sad tone, he patted her shoulder and said with confidence in his eyes.

"You really never get depressed on anything" Rose helplessly shook her head recalling, Johnny who never gave up on doing anything he wants to.

Then her tone gets sadder while saying "I will be going home and I probably won't attend Basic Training Camp."

Feeling her sadness, Johnny though of many ideas and finally came up with a silly idea, then he took went into his room and came back with some tickets in his hand "Today is Friday, I got an amusement park and a movie ticket for Saturday, want to go?"

Normally, they have visited these places together many times but every time, Rocky would be with them but now Johnny tones clearly stated only him and rose. Rose hearing this clearly understood and her face was full of happiness and she nods "Yes"

Then she turned away to leave but in the middle, she once again looks back and said "Really tomorrow". It was like she making Johnny not to forget. Then she turned away and left.

Johnny helplessly shook his and walk towards his room, he packed a bag and tried to leave. There were still two bottles of nutrient juice left, if he was doing normal and daily activities then there would be no nutrient juice left also he would also require more since he was inside black stone where Time is faster.

But on cultivation, his stamina and calories were used much so he didn't have to take all ten nutrient juices. This also left some impression on him like he needs to work within black stone since his talent is low. So he needs to make any necessary preparations.

Johnny's first visit his teacher explained some and hides some factors like double elements awakening and his real cultivation stage. After that, he went towards his home.

When he reached the middle of the city, he felt someone was following him.

"Shoo" "Shoo" "Shoo"

Suddenly Johnny felt the air was ripped apart a little, he could hear that sound. He utilized Mind sense and felt something coming towards him at a very fast speed. He hastily dodged those attacks and found those were arrows.

"Who are you? Why attacked me?" Johnny's voice was cold; after all, he hasn't encounter assassination until now.

"You shouldn't have befriended with someone out of your world" Enemy was in black cloth wearing a black animal mask. His voice was cold and with some pity

"Friend?" Johnny murmured, he accurately guessed right. Stone had already explained to him such encounters, here big family killed him so that, the rose would slowly forget him. He felt very angry at this moment but suddenly realized Rocky head towards his home five minutes earlier than Johnny.

The teacher said, he waited in the teacher's room but later thought of something and left. He can be sure since he encountered assassination then his friend rocky would be the same. He starts thinking of every possibility and the fractions of a second. He then began to calculate the distance between him and Rocky home.

He was certain to kill his enemy with his power because he felt funny think that his enemy was Magician Junior grade four. He also saw the enemy element was a dark element. This surprised him the most after all, dark element was very rare and they were sent by someone to assassinate him. But on another fact due to dark element nature, it was perfect for assassination.

The enemy condenses a bow and arrow in black and attacks Johnny but Johnny was fast enough to dodge it. Johnny was using those attacks to get closer to the enemy and it was clearly happening. The only thought in Johnny's mind was, this enemy knew nothing about him.

"Drizz" "Brizz"

Suddenly thunder starts condensing on Johnny's palm, seeing this enemy pupil contracted. He misjudged and he finally noticed Johnny's cultivation grade was Magic Junior Grade Three.

"Humph" Although this little surprised him but he wasn't horrified. He was still one grade above Johnny.

"Thunder ball" Johnny shouted and throws a thunder ball at an enemy.

"Dark Arrows- Three at one" Now black cloth man didn't underestimate Johnny, he created three arrows and merged them at one then he attacked.

"Bang" Thunder ball and Dark arrows collided but unexpected to black cloth man, thunder ball power were higher than his dark arrow. Some thunder spark rushed at him.

"Shadow Steps" Using a peculiar movement art, he dodged every thunder strike but when he dodged the last one, he felt something dangerous. When thunder spark vanishes, a black clothing man saw Johnny in front of him and Johnny's next words shook his mind and took his life.

"War God Bloodline activate" "Warrior Arm" Johnny activated his War God bloodline in his blood and used his first ability. Power flooded in his right arm, he clenched his fist and punched at black cloth man's chest.

"Bang" Black cloth man fell with a hole in his chest.

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