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4.89% Magic and Martial War God / Chapter 8: Learning Shadow Steps

Learning Shadow Steps - Magic and Martial War God - Chapter 8 by Sabin_Subedi_Fei full book limited free

Chapter 8: Learning Shadow Steps

Johnny looked at his right hand full of blood, for the time in his life he killed someone. Although he was mentally prepared, he couldn't accept this fact. He was really going to puke but fortunately, he held on. He was very good and controlling his emotions and doing something rational.

When he was small, because of his hard work his parents decided to buy him some medicines with all the money they got but he stops them. He knows earning that money was hard work for his parents so he doesn't want to waste them. Seeing him as rational and sensible unlike other children of his age, his parents were deeply moved.

They decided not to buy, even though he couldn't awaken better talent due to that incident. He didn't have any regrets. When he was small, he looked at many books such as history, geography, and even his father's cultivation notes.

He has a terrible amount of knowledge of his age. Previously, he had also read about Buddha and he knows about Karma. If you do something good, you'll receive something better. He didn't let his family enter the hard stage and now he possesses Primal Chaos Celestial Dao Stone though it was not only Karma but also luck.

Johnny looked at the corpse in front of him and his eyes stuck at the index finger of a dead person. He saw a ring in silver and immediately thought of this ring name 'Space Ring'. Without delay, he walked near the corpse and takes out his ring, and looked around murmuring "This is really a Space Ring"

He already knew about Space Ring, in fact, even his father possessed it so knows its function better. After a person dies, the space ring became ownerless and can be owned by someone who drops blood in it. He bites his finger and drop of blood in it.

The ring shone in silver color. Johnny used his Mind Sense to look inside the Space ring. Usually, Mind sense of his level can't see the exact object but the space inside the space ring is different, it is made in such a way that he could use Mind Sense to see an object.

There were some clothes, two books, twenty dark crystals. Then he saw a strange object and a badge near-dead corpse pocket, he checked that object and found it was 3D Virtual Space Creator and a badge was his identity of Shadow Organization.

3D Virtual Space Creator is made by very high-level space magicians, it can create virtual space where two fighters fight without disturbing surrounding. This is also a reason why many normal humans are alive but this is also a cause because many fighters die.

After activating 3D Virtual Space Creator, the owner either need to wait till time finishes or if the owner dies and it seems this person was from Shadow Organization as well as Rose family. Shadow Organization is very powerful almost comparable to Power Training Camp because it was set up by Asura Emperor.

Power Training Camp is set up by Thunder Emperor and there are also other powerful organizations like Lotus organization which was set up by Snow Empress. This was a rather non-active organization except if it is the concern of women.

He put them in his new Space ring and took out two books. When he saw content inside the first book, he was surprised this was actually a Magic Art and after checking second he confirmed both were Profound Rank High-Grade Magic Art the same arts used by his enemy.

One was movement art named Shadow Steps and another was offensive art called Dark Arrows. He put dark arrows in his space ring and enter space inside the stone. He reads Shadow Steps content and it just took him forty seconds to remember some basic knowledge of this art.

Shadow Steps is a dark element of magic art used by dark element users. Shadow Steps was divided into three parts. The first part was called one shadow, the second was called five shadows and finally third was called ten shadows.

According to the first part, every part of two functions: Speed and Distraction. In the first part, a person can create a shadow with a dark element and use it in two ways. One way is to transform shadow into slippery boots that can slide on any kind of ground and another way was to use shadow in a fight as distracting the enemies.

Shadow could be a distraction not by its appearance but because it can deal with some damage to the enemy. The first part can only summon up to one shadow that has the power of five percent of the user and if the user can create another shadow then both will have the strength of ten percent of the user.

It works quite opposite to normal clone art. In normal clone art, a high number of clones means low combat power and a low number of clones means high combat power. But in Shadow steps, this is quite opposite because its power depends on the user element rank.

The profound rank element could summon up to one shadow. Spirit rank dark element can summon up to five shadows and finally earth rank dark element can summon up to ten shadows. Not to mention, spirit rank Johnny's dark element was the lowest grade.

Thinking of his dark element, he used Mind Sense to look at his dark element and practice Shadow Steps. Next moment he was shocked because of what he saw inside his body. His dark element has two threads covering Mana Space which means it is a Profound Rank Grade Two dark element.

This time, he panicked and asked the stone "Stone how did my dark element evolve? Did you do something?"

"No, but the Owner should ask his parents about this, as for What really happened that caused your Dark element to evolve will cost one chaotic point? Do you want to use it? You have two chaotic points" Text appeared.

Johnny was surprised by reading stone answers; he now was near confirmation that his parents weren't simple. Previously was his bloodline that created a doubt now his dark element. Johnny gritted his teeth and said, "Use one chaotic Point". He felt as pain in his chest just when he spends one chaotic point after all he knows one chaotic point value.

"Owner dark element rises up from Owner Mana space and enters the corpse body then absorbs corpse dark element." Text appeared

This was a very simple explanation but it shocked Johnny because he has never heard of someone possessing such an element. But he didn't think much after all he had already spent two minutes till now. He began to memorize the first part of Shadow Steps. He knows time was an essence, so after remembering the first part, he got out of Stone and walked rush towards Rocky home.

Fortunately, no one saw anything from beginning to end.

On the way to Rocky's house, he was channeling dark elements from his body into his feet. He failed more than forty times until he reached half of the total distance. He didn't stop until he reached Rocky's house. He saw three arrows shot by black cloth people towards rocky.

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"Thunder Ball" Johnny finally succeed in a desperate moment, his speed was increased by three times. He also condenses a thunder ball in his right palm, just about to throw it towards arrows but stopped when he saw someone appearing in front of Rocky to protect Rocky from the arrow.

At this moment, he wanted to stop but couldn't, so with no choice left. He changed aim towards the black cloth man then throws towards him. The black cloth man didn't notice the person who appeared protecting Rocky or Johnny. He couldn't dodge Johnny thunder ball and he was just in fourth grade as same Johnny encountered.



Thunder exploded black cloth man as for Johnny, he crashed into the wall of the house. Rocky couldn't realize anything before he saw Johnny crashing into the walls of his house. Rocky saw Johnny crashing into walls so he shouted.


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