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43.75% Magic-Cultivation System / Chapter 13: May God have mercy, Because I don't!

May God have mercy, Because I don't! - Magic-Cultivation System - Chapter 13 by Heavens_Sovereign full book limited free

Chapter 13: May God have mercy, Because I don't!

The guards were stunned for a long time, but one of the guards quickly released himself from his stupor.

"Sir the entrance fee is 10 copper coins for each person."

Yuan Tianzhu stood for a while looking at the guard, because he doesn't even have a coin in his body but if he stands still for a long time they will realize that he has no money, but how could he accept losing his face in front of his friends? crush? Well he actually didn't know what they mean to him.

Wait a minute! since when did he have face?

'How much is 1SP for 10 copper coins?'

["1SP is equivalent to 10,000 copper coins, does the host want to make an exchange ?."]

Yuan Tianzhu did not think twice before making the exchange, and said in his mind. 'Yes!'

Ding!!*["10,000 copper coins were stored in the inventory, for more information the guest could see his inventory."]

Hearing that the exchange was successful, Yuan Tianzhu opened his snow white hands by appearing 30 copper coins.

The guards were surprised to see him taking money out of nowhere, but it was only for a moment, as they knew there were rich people with the storage ring. But storage rings are rare, many of the people who wear them are people from the 3 Big Families or the Royal Family, so having a storage ring is proof of status.

Little did they know that Yuan Tianzhu did not have a storage ring, but a system with several functions, such as inventory.

After paying the entrance fee, Yuan Tianzhu, Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin were allowed to enter the city. The City of Clouds was like any city in the Kingdom of Bordeaux, Chinese and European architecture could be seen together in different corners, the commoners walking the streets smiling as if they had no tomorrow, the merchants selling their products, even scammers being interceded by guards. Truly a world of magic and cultivation!

There were also several cultivators, but most of them were between the 2nd and 6th Layer Magic Refinement. It is reasonable, since most resources are occupied by the strongest and wealthiest families in the Cloud City, due to the lack of resources or cultivation methods, most cultivators never pass the Magic Refinement Stage.

Why a cultivation method? Because a cultivation method is needed to reach the Magic Apprentice Stage, as they would need one to absorb Spiritual Qi in their environment and form their magic foundation, creating a magic foundation without the guidance of someone experienced will only create an unstable foundation and they would probably never be able to reach higher levels than the Magic Apprentice Stage. And without a cultivation method it is impossible to reach the Magic Apprentice Stage unless you use a pill, a spiritual herb or have a fortuitous opportunities. But this is almost impossible to achieve with their precarious living conditions, many would choose to enter families with sufficient resources as guards, servants, butlers, to support them on their journey on the road of immortality or to support their poor families.

As soon as they passed through the unpaved streets, they attracted many looks from men and women, either for their high-quality robes that can be mistaken for royalty or for their otherworldly looks.

"This young girl with black hair is so beautiful! She is just like an angel!"

"You're right, I could stare at her for hours... I have never seen such pretty girl before!"

"I wonder wher she came from... She is really beautiful and charming!"

"Are you blind or what!? Can't you see that the girl with scarlet red hair is more beautiful than her?"

"Yes, no? Finally, someone who understands me! Tsk, people who don't know how to appreciate the beauty of the world!"

"My god, how can there be such a handsome boy !?"

"H-how handsome!"

"Such a handsome boy! Is he a prince or what? Oh my I think I'm in love."

Yuan Tianzhu already knew that this would happen sooner or later, now he just needed to meet with a lustful young master and then the cliché would start, so he just ignored what people were saying as he walked. The same can be said for Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin, saying that they are not feeling proud of someone appreciate their appearance, it would be a lie. But of course they ignored the comments, because whoever they want to praise and appreciate their beauty will forever be Yuan Tianzhu.

"What do you think of the city?" Suddenly asked Yuan Tianzhu.

Looking around again, Tohsaka Rin directed her gaze to him and said in a proud tone with hidden excitement, "Um... Despite being a little undeveloped, it is quite decent." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";t!_51974845679860675">;t!_51974845679860675</a> for visiting.

Yuan Tianzhu rolled her eyes at her, it is clear as the sky that she wants to keep her proud princess image.

"Although I have never been this far or out of the dimensional gap, I can say that it is quite decent, but we don't know what lies ahead in the future." Long Mengyue said enthusiastically.

They continued to talk irrelevant subjects, as the people continued to look at them as if they were superstars in the mundane world. Since it was the first time in the Cloud City, they had been asking for information about the closest restaurants to people who were always mesmerized by their otherworldly looks.

Following instructions, they arrived at the restuarant safe and sound from a possible cultivation novels clichés with lustful young masters, though that will happen sooner or later. Not long after this, Yuan Tianzhu, Long Mengyue, and Tohsaka Rin arrived at the restaurant. It was a magnificent restaurant with luxurious decorations, and on top of the entrance hung three words, 'Golden Lotus Flower.' It was a two story building, and the decorations were magnificent and luxurious. Anyone could sense an aristocratic aura from this place.​

Obviously, those who could dine at the Golden Lotus Flower Restaurant were the noblest and richest men in Cloud City. This was a restaurant that didn't accept copper or silver coin; it only accepted gold or purple coins as payment. This was not something an ordinary man could afford to pay.​

It was noon, and this was the busiest time each day for the Golden Lotus Flower Restaurant. Many rich and famous people wearing expensive clothing kept arriving. So, Yuan Tianzhu decided to stay here for a while to eat something and collect information about where they are or events that are going on.

Yuan Tianzhu, Long Mengyue and Toshaka Rin entered the restaurant immediately, upon entering they quickly became the center of the attractions again, but this time people were more intelligent not to say everything they are thinking, they were just whispering in fear of offending someone influential.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen, please come in! Have some top grade dragon tea!"​

A young woman who looked like a waitress was bowing and greeting the customers while shouting out orders. In this Golden Lotus Flower Restaurant, even a waiter was at the 9th Layer Magic Refinement Stage, this proves that the restaurant owner is a strong and influential person to invest so much in a nobody waitress at the restaurant.

When the waitress saw Yuan Tianzhu, she was extremely surprised by the other party otherworldly looks, she hurriedly excitedly came forwards and greeted, "This must be the first visit to the Golden Lotus Flower Restaurant for the three of you. Please come in!"​

The waitress had good judgment. She could clearly remember all the customers who had come to the Golden Lotus Flower Restaurant, and so if she saw someone for the first time, they were definitely people who had never been here before. Also, when he looked at Yuan Tianzhu, Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin, the man looked extremely handsome and talented, and the two girls were beautiful as a fairy from the heavens. The three of them emitted a noble aura; therefore, she did not dare to be impolite.​

Yuan Tianzhu nodded casually and entered the Golden Lotus Flower Restaurant. Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin followed him excitedly but keeping their images in front of strangers.

"Dear customer, which table do you prefer?" A waitress walked up to them and asked politely with a star in their eyes. Seeing Yuan Tianzhu, Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin in a decent outfit that looks extremely extravagant, she deduced that these people come from a realm of Level 3 or higher. Even the clothes of the people of the royal family are not so extravagant.

Seeing the waitress and her polite greeting, Yuan Tianzhu said calmly, "Any table will do."

The waitress welcomed them attentively. She brought the trio over to a big table in the center of the room. The people around them also stopped paying attention to them and continued their conversations.

"Is there anything you would like to order?"

The waitress asked.

Yuan Tianzhu did not answer the waitress and looked at Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin. As if noticing his gaze Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin looked at him and said at same time. "Serves us all the best dishes you have!"

"What? all of the dishes?"

The waitress seemed startled by the request, as the best dishes cust more than two hundred gold coins, the dishes here are very expensive. Even If all dishes were served it would cost at least two or three hundred gold coins. Even the richest families in the Cloud City woulnd't order that much, and not only these two breathtaking beauties one portion of all dishes, and that would cost more than a thousand gold coins.

In this world, the money was divided into four coins: copper, silver, gold, and purple coins. 100 copper=1 silver, 100silver=1 gold, and 100 gold=1 purple.

She looked at Yuan Tianzhu, looking waiting for his answer. Yuan Tianzhu just nodded his head, not really minding their order as he also wanted to eat the best dishes they have.

The waitress finally regained up little clarity and wrote the order on a sheet. She finally met a super rich customer, and she was more happy than sad.

"Did you hear? The city lord's daughter was recruited by the Rank 5 Sect, Royal Purple Extremity Sword! The overlord of the Heaven Sword Region!"

"Yes of course I heard! This is one of the news that is pumping in Cloud City, they say that the city lord's daughter has a spiritual physique, the Innate Azure Dragon Body!"

"What?! The Innate Azure Dragon Body!"

Yuan Tianzhu who was hearing their conversation was also a little surprised, the city lord's daugther has a spiritual physique, and is the Innate Azure Dragon Body!

What is a spiritual physique? According to the memories of the World Emperor Alchemist Ge Hong, a spiritual physique is a special physique that increases the potential of a specific person or people who interact with them in various ways. Spirit Physiques are not necessarily inherited through bloodlines, often appear spontaneously, and can even be acquired.

The Innate Azure Dragon Body is a spiritual physique exclusively for females. It can increase the speed of absorption and cultivation of the bearer of the physique, it is also said to give the bearer a great talent in the martial arts. The bearers of this spiritual physique always end up being influential people in the future in the world of cultivation, so one could say how precious this special physique is for the Royal Purple Extreme Sword!

"I heard that whoever recruited her was an elder who was passing by, by coincidence seeing her, he discovered her hidden spiritual physique and the elder didn't even think twice about recruiting her to the sect."

"It appears that the Lorran Family's power will spontaneously increase with the backing of the Royal Purple Extremity Sword Sect."

By the time the waitress brought out all sorts of dishes on big and small plates, filling all of the space on the table. Among the dishes, there was even a Rank 2 spirit beast's heart that was cooked with a variety of herbs and ginsengs. It was incredibly luxurious.​ And The people also stopped talking about interesting subjects or events. So, Yuan Tianzhu stopped paying attention, and looked at the supernatural beauty he is eating with the most elegant and easy movements he has ever seen in his life.

Yuan Tianzhu did not postpone anymore, his stomach was already rumbling asking for food, so he did not hesitate to start eating smoothly without haste. And he had to admit that the food was magnificent, etrexemely good, a perfect dish, as expected from a Magic and Cultivation world!

At that moment, four men entered the restaurant. What was ahead was a fat guy in his twenties. His face was very oily and his hair was loose on his head. A pair of round eyes continued to spin and look around. He entered the restaurant with a straight back and a bully's aura.

Next to the fat man was another young man who was also in his twenties. The young man held a fan in his hands and, looking at him, it was easy to see that he was the son of a wealthy family.

Seeing the two young masters, Yuan Tianzhu started cursing his luck in his heart. On top of all young masters, why would it be the third and fourth? Why not a first or a second? As a cultivation novels lover he knew what those numbers mean. A first or second young masters are always hypocrites but they care about their faces, occasionally they don't force themselves on women in public because of rejection, but that doesn't mean they don't do it in the dark when no one is awake. But a third or fourth young masters are always lustful persons in the cultivation novels who do not care at all to force girls in public because of a rejection, usually they are moob characters for the evolution of the main character.

He started having a headache because he knew a cliché scenario was about to happen.

Two rough-looking men followed behind these two men. Their faces had arrogant expressions.

"Hey, it's the third young master Xu, and fourth young master Reinard too! Please, follow me upstairs, young masters!"

When the waitress saw the fat guy, her face immediately changed to an extremely polite and terrified at the same time. She continued to bow and greet the pair.

Many people immediately lowered their heads when they saw the fat man. Those who gossiped aloud immediately fell silent, as if they were mice that had just seen a cat coming towards them.

This young master was not someone to move with easily. The young master Xu was the son of the head of the Xu family. His full name was Xu Yin Ren, and this Golden Lotus Flower Restaurant was owned by his family.

Xu Yin Ren was one of the bullies of Silver Moon City. He was an extremely hedonistic person, and his character was like his name, a sex maniac. He liked to intimidate other men and abduct girls. The young master next to him was Reinard Leon, the young master of the Reinard family, one of the 3 big families in Cloud City. Both had similar characters and had similar opinions. And both are also known as the 'Wastrel Trio!', because of their trash aptitudes in cultivation and their lustful behaviors.

[TL: (Yin Ren) are the characters for his name, (yin) means silver. (also yin ren) means sex maniac / lewd person.]​

Xu Yin Ren and Reinard Leon nodded and started walking towards the stairs. They lustful eyes roamed all the tables on the first floor of the lobby before finally landing on Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin. Both eyes narrowed. Even though they could see only one side of Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin's face, blood started to flow to their faces.

Xu Yin Ren and Reinar Leon's greatest hobby was women, and two heavenly beauties like Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin were like a deadly attraction for super hedonistic persons like Xu Yin Ren and Reinard Leon.

"Damn it, brother Leon, we don't seem to waste any time coming here! I never knew there were such beautiful girls in Cloud City! They are like an immortal from heaven... I believe that only girls like this can really be our partner!"

"You are right Brother Yin, look at their bodies... just by looking, I can already imagine how I would feel inside one of them!"

Xu Yin Ren and Reinard Leon's eyes continued to look at Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin and spoke without any concern for what the others were thinking.

When they finished their words, many of the people in the restaurant started to shake their heads. They turned their heads and looked at Yuan Tianzhu, Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin with a look of pity. They were now the target of Xu Yin Ren and Reinard Leon, they were definitely finished.

Xu Yin Ren nodded to the two followers behind him with his eyes. These two men had followed their young master for a long time, so they understood immediately what he meant. They then walked over to Yuan Tianzh's table.

"Young ladies, our young master wants to invite you to join him on the second floor."

One of the muscular guys said in a voice that he believed he was polite.

"Get lost."

Yuan Tianzhu said without looking up.

"Boy, what did you just say?"

The other muscular guy immediately got angry. He looked at Yuan Tianzhu with an expression of disbelief. How dare a young man like this speak to him like that at the Golden Lotus Flower Restaurant? He must be looking for death!

"He asked you to get lose you ant, or are you deaf?! Fuck, go as far as possible. Don't disturb my dinner!"

Long Mengyue was even more rude than the two men. She lifted her head and impatiently ordered them to leave.

The two followers were astonished, they never thought that one of these heavenly beauties was so arrogant that she didn't even put them in her eyes, even though she knew they were followers of the young master Xu Yin Ren.

Yuan Tian Zhu was also a little surprised but he quickly recovered. Knowing her true identity, he knew that she has every right to be arrogant.

"Fuck, where did this woman come from? How dare she talk to his father like that ?!"

The strong guy remained furious.

"Enough nonsense, bring the girls. It's better if we don't delay the young master's plans!"

After saying that, the two strong guys held out their hands to Long Mengyue and Tohsaka. It looked like they were going to kidnap thel by force now that the invitation was denied. The two had done quite a few abductions like this before.

"Sigh... They are gone. Becoming the target of young master Reinard Leo and Xu Yin Ren, they are unlucky..."

"That's right. Girls so beautiful, and they will be ruined..."

Many people were sighing silently. Their expressions were filled with pity.

But what happened next made everyone gap. When the pair's hands were about to touch Long Mengyue and Tohsaka Rin, Yuan Tianzhu moved.

Yuan Tainzhu raised his hand, a bright black beam immediately shot from the tip of his finger. The bright black beam was like a miniature of Heaven Devourig Sword only smaller and made with Primordial Energy, and cut forward like lightning.

Swoopsh Swoopsh...

All that could be heard were four sharp sounds. Four arms together with a great deal of blood flew into the air. Blood began to flow from the duo's arms like a fountain on the table around them. No one had noticed that before the blood could get close to Yuan Tianzhu's table, the blood fried, disappeared.


Terrifying screams echoed in the restaurant. Four arms were launched flying in four different directions, and they were still moving. It wasn't until now that the pair finally reacted to the situation, and they started screaming, terrified.

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