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17.07% Magic Secret Intelligence / Chapter 7: Chapter 007:Katipunan Guild

Chapter 007:Katipunan Guild - Magic Secret Intelligence - Chapter 7 by JjangNoonim full book limited free

Chapter 7: Chapter 007:Katipunan Guild

Jae'sPov// 🇵🇭🧙🧙🧙🔥🔥☦️

Yahoo everyone it's your boy's Marqx bestfriend hahahahaha I am soooo proud to be the friend of the strongest hunter and kid of Philippines;And I bet of all Asia sooner or later .He himself is now too opt-refer to all RPG games what opt means lol .

Anyways here I am very proud and happy for him ,that he redeemed himself right away that his former friends turned bullies ,Were only happy for a very short term of time .

Eh ..Paano lahat takot naman pala hahahaha-sorry I spoke in Tagalog or Filipino ,because It was really funny how it is approximately two weeks only that these bullies tried to do marqx shit ,But hahahah they were back tp their real position .Which is under my bossy bestfriend and cool bestfriend ;Then that Jena Tan the younger Sister of the other gold digger noveu riche Hera Tan ..[Remenber the other novel I am also writing -Prodigal Mafia ,but sorry I am focusing on this nkvel first because of the contest and nack to you jun jun -Miss Author]

Me "miss author it is jae po ok po its jae …Hahahahah " .Well if you haven't known Jun jun is the nickname given to Juniors .Like Romullo Jr.,Manalo Jr. and so on and so fort a little trivia on how our country's weird given and or awkward nicknames hahaha .And so lets get back on track about the story it is about fantasy ,urban ,magic realism etc .So let's stick to it hahahah.So we are actually currently at the podium of the three stars and a sun academy;It is where youngsters like us who awakened is to mandatory study hahaha if your one of what we call the Norms ,you well duh obviously goes to the regular schools that we call regulars.

So lets go back to the real deal today .Today is the day this is it pancit 🇵🇭it is a phrase in Filipino where it means that it is like it is what it is or this is it like that .Pancit is just inserted lol its a rice noodle dish lol.Okay Jae focus ,today is the big day of your beloved and Idolized bestest of the bestest friend Marqx.Because today he will form a guild and he will call it katipunan guild ! Woah damn too patriotic yet;that guy hates the government the most the reason of that hate is that until now they could not find his uncle ,he is a fugitive now .The Irony well actually he loves to do whatever he likes .His motto is "Yolo " which is his form of rebellion yes.Because most of the time and or the whole country is scared of the government .Since 80 percent of the totality of the population of our country are all Regulars or the Norms.

But not my bestfriend he is different.And I know he is the chosen one ,the one who will bring peace to this chaos .How did I know ?, Hehhehe I awakened my second affinity is that I see the future and past of the person .Cool right really right for me …A nerd lol hahahaha . Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[Meanwhile at the Hunter's Association's conference auditorium …]

Marqx's Pov//

Marqx"Hello good day everyone I am Marqx Kervic Santillian Junior,yes you are all right of what you are thinking .I am the sole survivor of the Santillian family who are all mysteriously had accidents in one day ! ;

And also me and but luckily I got a second chance in life .And I awakened intially I only fire affinity ,Rank EF hunter ,class mage .Now I have six Fire ,lightning ,wind,water ,null and …Summoner! And I can summon even Dieties!"Ah I love the look 👀 on their faces …They look very shocked. "I will also form my own guild .It got approved by the Philippine Hunters Association.And today our guild is operating as soon as of today!.So if you need any help even private yet ;it is that a monster or whatever entity came out of a dungeon .Not to seek us for money blah blah nonsense help .WE THE KATIPUNAN GUILD AS THE NAME STATES ;WE HELP THE WORTHY ,HOWEVER …WE REVOLT TO ANY NEGATIVITIES AND MOSTLY EVIL .EVEN YOU ARE A HUNTER ALSO AND OR SOMEONE WHO HAVE BAD INTENTIONS TOWARDS THE SAFETY OF THE NATION .TRUST ME MY GUILD WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND EVEN THOUGH IT BASICALLY ME AND THE VICE MASTER IS THE ONLY MEMBERS NOW …as you heard about me ! I LEVEL UP AND LEVEL UP I AM LIKE PACMAN I WILL EAT YOU UP LITERALLY! So whoever thinks that they have the guts to join me and my guild ,come to the podium and by doing so you are officially a member .The good thing about us is that we are not like other guilds specially the National Guild ,that is our national guild that is under the government ;WE will not ask for a down payment in the guise of security blah blah blah .What bull shit is that ?,IF YOU ARE AN AWAKENED OR HUNTER ,SIGURO NAMAN KAYA NIYO NA ANG MGA SARILI NIYO ".-(If you are Hunters perhaps you can take care of yourselves-Miss Author)

Damn all these cowards only five came and one of them suprisingly is Dominic.He looked at me as if he wants to talk to me …And as the Press Conference .I signaled Jae to take the other four memebers out the auditorium.

Me "Hmmm hahahah "I chuckled and looked at him with cold eyes."What in the world happened?;YOUNG MASTER Perez ! What bad air stucked into your airhead and you got more stupid .What the hell is your fucking bad motive and join my guild bastard!"He sighed and knelt.DOMINIC "Look Marqx …Please forgive me ,I just got caught up with all these shit! YOU KNOW how our families are originally mafias .Like duh who would have thought the world 🌎 we live in will turn into like rpg the hell this shit .And it is your uncle kokoy! HE is the new leader of the New People's Guild!!! The communist anti freedom and order and Peace Guild .That since before wants to ovethrow the government to have a authoritarian country?! .Your uncle threatened to kill my family ! My FATHER IS ACTUALLY IN HIS HANDS !!! He said if I kill you he will release him ! ;BUT BRO! YOU ARE LIKE MY OLDER BROTHER ,WE ARE PLAYMATES SINCE WERE YOUNG .I am a mere son of your family driver slash lowest clan family position member -messenger but you never have treated as lowest of low .KAYA KUYA(Heads up kuya is older brother in filipino regardless you are you're younger sister or brother .But it is only used for older brothers and Ate is same but only to adress older sisters-Miss author)PLEASE ….I AM SORRY I DID NOT MEAN TO IGNORE YOU "

As he confessed everything to me ,and saw him so wrecked and sad .That Kokoy just fucking CROSSED THE LINE ! I WILL KILL HIM .Me"Oii stop crying ,hahH the hell dom .You are still my brother dom who is a crybaby hahahah.Okay sorry that I didn't know you are also suffering ,Okay welcomw back brother!" .He hugged me yuck so gay hahahah

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