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The journey begins - Magical ties - Chapter 22 by Katie_Torres_3147 full book limited free

Chapter 22: The journey begins

When Aisling gets up in the morning everyone was gone it was just her in the house. It's been so long since it was just her . She takes this time to go to the attic. There she has an area that is the center of the house. In this center she has a seven point star blanket that was hand crochet by her great great grandma Daisy. At each point she has a bowl four of the bowls she has water with a different stone or crystal. Rose quartz is in the bowl to the north. Lapis is in the one west. East is jasper and south is onyx. In the three remaining bowls she has a piece of charcoal burning with sage and lavender. She sits in the center of the blanket taking a deep breath she begins her meditation. She fixes on her intent by saying this prayer

" our most gracious and loving father. I come to you to seek guidance and protection for the upcoming days. I ask for a clear and clean heart. One without fear or hesitation. To overcome all obstacles and temptation. I ask for protection against the evil that is lurking in the overgrown area. I ask that you will provide strength to all who are to enter there and all who are residing here . Father I ask that you keep who holds my heart safe from harm while we are separated. In the holy name of your son I invoke your spirit to fill this house the entire property and those who reside here. " she continues to sit and meditate reinforcing the intentions through visualization of the land becoming clean and beautiful flowers and trees growing there .

Inola felt a warm breeze cross the area of the creek where they were working. They had gotten up at sunrise to begin the ritual of cleansing the area of the sweat lodge. He walked the area with a smudge stick of white sage and lavender. Asking the great spirit for his guidance and protection. To help him choose the proper spot for the sweat lodge. When he felt the breeze he knew he had found it. In the spot he was standing he turned and told the others right here this spot let's begin.

With so many working together they had the small building up in no time . He asked the men who helped build it if they would like to go through the cleansing ceremony with him. Looking at the two elder gentleman he explains.

" this is a part of your Cherokee heritage. What will happen is we will burn coals inside of the lodge . We will fast and pray while inside. We ask the great spirit to cleanse us of all evil intent and ask for a vision of what needs to be done. We come out when we have received that vision."

The two younger boys look at their grandfather and uncle as if to ask for permission.

The commander nods in agreement.

" I will agree also, I promised Aisling to be here as spiritual and physical support. So I will keep my promise. All that I ask is that before we enter the lodge that we have a circle of prayer my way also." Reverend John agreed hoping that Inola will agree to his terms.

" of course that is not a problem for me. " Inola told them them they will begin the next day. He decides to start the ritual the next day since it is the first day of the new moon. He kept that part to himself. Making their way back to the house. Salali meets them on the path just before they reach the garden.

" has anyone seen Aisling this morning.? I ran to the grocery store but when I got back she was not in the house. " she has a frantic look on her face .

" I'm sure she is around somewhere. We will find her don't worry." The commander assured her . They get inside the house and one of the younger boys notice the smell of a roasting turkey and another smell.

" hmm she is meditating come on be very quiet and we can spy on her but grandfather has to stay here . If he sees how she meditates he will be angry. " he takes Salali and Inola to the balcony on the right side of it is a small ladder that leads to the attic window.

" she will hear us if we go through the attic door from the hallway. This way you can watch her without disturbing her. " he points to the open window with the large ledge on the roof . Salali and Inola sit on the roof looking in the window. Then at each other . They hear her humming the sage song. They slowly make their way back down as to not disturb her. Inola has more questions . So when they get back to the kitchen the two elders already has sandwiches made for lunch.

" grab what you want . If Aisling is meditating who knows how long she will be. Sometimes it can be minutes or hours depends on what she is talking to the big guy about." The youngest boy tells them.

"Just how much of the Cherokee ways did your grandmother teach you guys?" Inola asks them

" none really other than the way she cleaned , cooked or grew things nothing much. I mean she would never weave or crochet anything perfectly because she said that your spirits could be trapped if it was to perfect. She had quirks about photos being taken . For the most part nothing. At the time she married our grandfather people frowned on inter racial marriages so she completely conformed to my grandfathers way of living. Except when someone was sick she would use herbs first before going to the Dr. Why is something wrong?" The commander explained to him . Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

" oh no nothing it's just so many small things are so much like our customs . He tells them

" well to us they were just everyday things we never noticed before. That they were anything different than anyone else. Maybe we were wrong and we do things her way more than we thought. " John sees his grandmother in a new way wondering if maybe she did instill in them some of the Cherokee ways without them even realizing it.

By the time they all ate and cleaned up Aisling came down from the attic. She was still humming and didn't greet anyone just got a glass of water and went outside. The youngest boy shrugs his shoulders and informed them

"she will be like that for awhile it always happens when she gets done. She will be more attentive later in the day when her happy fog lifts away. " John tapped the boy on the back of the head

" you make it sound like she is high on drugs . She not is she?" John looks at her closer. She doesn't look high and the smell around her was weed. So she can't be high.

"She isn't high. You are like that when you are happy after preaching . We used to smoke enough weed and take enough drugs that either of us could notice instantly. She is just on a spiritual high right now. Leave her be let her be oblivious for a little bit." The commander gets everyone to go outside to rest and have fun since they will be starting the cleansing ritual the next day.

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