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25% Married to the Demon Prince / Chapter 8: 8. The News.

8. The News. - Married to the Demon Prince - Chapter 8 by Blooming_Safflower full book limited free

Chapter 8: 8. The News.

I sat rigid in the backseat of a car, shivering in my soaked clothes like a church mouse.

3 hours ago.

I ran back to the cabin and begged, literally on my knees, I begged the woman to help me get to the nearest busy road where I could get a ride home. That was my only resort. I offered her anything my brain can come up with, I even offered to serve her on by tending to her garden for a month.

And after so many tears, sweats, and some snorts, she agreed but declined all my offers. I rode on the back of her truck, and she dropped me off by the roadside at some point. I reckon I had at least another 50 miles ahead. I thanked her a lot, though she left midway through my profound gratitude.

I waited by the roadside for my next ride when it started raining not long. All the cars zoomed by without sparring the pitiful me, a glance. Some even took it upon themselves to splash muddy waters on me. When I had given up all hopes and started moving my frozen limbs, God took mercy on me and send me a kind-hearted soul. A car stopped and the driver, who was an elderly man with a bright angelic halo, asked where I was going. I gave him the address and he offered me a ride. Which brought us to my current situation.

Seriously, I need to check on whoever is responsible for my bad luck. Had he died or something? It's not normal for the unlucky me to be lucky for three days in a row, right? Something smells fishy.

Though this elderly man berated me severely for being out in the rain at a quiet place alone at night, and it dimmed his angelic halo a little bit which I can still see from my point of view, I'm still very grateful. I hugged myself and exhaled.

The car stopped in our street and I thank the driver for the nth time and he left. I ran into our small home and I had to stop myself from barging in.

I opened the door muttering some greetings and took off my wet shoes and coat by the door before heading inside. There I met Jiji and elder Ahmad in the living room discussing something serious and both of them had smiles on their faces. I thanked myself for not barging in earlier. They paused when they noticed me and I plastered a smile on my face.

With a nod of my head, I greeted them.


"Que, there you are! We were just talking about you." Jiji said.

"Welcome, little Que. How are you, my child." Elder Ahmad smiled with fatherly affection.

"I'm well, thank you." I smiled politely.

"What were you doing out in the rain, do you not have any regard for your health?" Jiji chided, realizing I am soaked wet.

"Go. Hurry and take off these clothes." She shooed me.

I nodded once again and left. I walk straight into the bathroom with my squashy socks and prepared a hot bath.

Soaking in, I let out a deep breath. Praise be to God for the blessings of hot baths. I let the warmth sink into my bones, and the milky coconut scent from my soap wafting in the air. It was quite comforting and I dozed off for a while.

I woke up to Bubblegum meowing at the base of my tub. The water had turned lukewarm so I quickly finished my stuff and came into the room. I applied a balm to keep the cold out and donned my pajamas.

Jiji pushed the door open and came in holding up a tray. She sat on the edge of my bed and kept the tray on the bedside. She pats the bed next to her and beckoned me smiling.

"Come sit next to me, Que,"

I coiled up on the bed with my head on her lap.

"Get up, the food would get cold. I just made this for you. If you go to bed like this you'll catch a fever."

"I'll eat Jiji, let me lay down for a while."

"Up, now!" she glared at me. "Yes, he's been here for a while. He came with good news Que, rejoice. Luck had shifted to your side this time."

Is that even possible? There's no way I can be lucky twice in the same night. I became suspicious.

"Have we suddenly become rich?" I asked.

"Good things do not only come in the form of money." she sighed.

"Then what is it?" I wonder if it's even good news. Jiji's definition of good is very broad. I picked up the ginger tea and sipped. It's was very comforting, warming me up from the inside.

"Well, you may not have become rich, but your living condition will surely improve. Do you remember what I've always told you? That God removes somethings from your life to replace it with something better." She smiled at me shaking her head.

"Que, you've been through a lot, it saddens me seeing you like this. You've always been on your own. It's time for you to be happy."

She started to get emotional. "It's okay Jiji, I'm okay now. See, I'm happy." I smiled at her with wide eyes twisting my face.

"I know you are, and I want you to be happy too. Sigh. Adam had been a good kid, I'd always thought he'll be your happiness. But God has other plans. You two were not meant to be together, that was why he was removed from your life. And look, barely a month has passed and he had rewarded you with someone better."

"Jiji didn't we promised to not talk about this. And what does this has to do with elder Ahmad's visit anyway?"

"This is different, my child. Elder Ahmad came over with a marriage proposal for you."

I inhaled sharply and the tea that was in my throat passed through the wrong pipe making me choke.


Cough....cough, cough.

"Drink slowly, Que." She hit me on the back. "How can you gulp the whole cup down. If you like the tea so much I can always make some for you." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


She sat beside me and was patting my back as I whizzed.

"What....cough cough.. did you..cough...say?" My eyes are brimming up with tears now.

"Silly. A young man came to ask for your hand in marriage. You don't need to act this surprised."

"Please tell me you are joking Jiji."

I gazed at her incredulously. The smile on her face fade away and she glared at me. "Can you for once take things seriously? Did I look like a joker to you? A young man asked for your hand in marriage and I'm not letting you ruin this chance with your childishness. Who knew when you could get another offer like this?"

She is getting me married? That sounds as if she's selling me off. I grimace.

"I wanted to ask for your opinion first, but I've changed my mind. I've made my mind and that is final. I'm doing this for your own good Que, you are not getting any younger. The incident with Adams had left you in an unfavorable condition. You and I both know you aren't the luckiest child, and I can't stay with you forever."

"But Jiji, I'm not ready yet. I don't want to get married now." I wailed. Is this some sort of a sick joke?

I don't want to get married ever. Not anymore. It has only been a month since Adam had left me and now they are pushing me into marriage? I'm still nursing the hole in my heart, how am I supposed to let someone in? There isn't any space left to love.

"Nonsense. Grow up Que, it's time for you to move on. Start your own life. How can you be sure you would get another proposal if you let this one slip off."

"But grandma! I don't even know him."

"That isn't a problem. You would, after your marriage. Be prepared, you are getting married in 3 days."

Blooming_Safflower Blooming_Safflower

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

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