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81.39% Marvel's Mutant Gamer / Chapter 35: I'm a God

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Chapter 35: I'm a God

The clinic had sterile walls and floors. It looked normal and exactly what you would expect from such a place with a woman behind the desk and two men in white clothes walking around. Nothing seemed out of place unless you have a bullshit skill like Observe, or you were able to see the names and levels of people.

The best part of Observe was that I was able to use the skill in the Mirror Dimension and scan people or objects in the real world. That was my only skill that worked that way.

[<Receptionist> Lindsay Anderson Lvl. 6]

{Lindsay Anderson was born and has lived her entire life in New York. She had dreamt of becoming a nurse and graduated from the New York University before she accepted a job as a receptionist at the Essex Clinic.

Lindsay is currently under the control of Nathaniel Essex and has to report any oddities to him the moment she spots them.}

[Observe has increased to 8.]

The men, like Lindsay, were also mind controlled by him. Great, that was useful to know. Essex apparently has mind powers as well. He might be a bigger threat than I had initially believed.

I went through the various rooms on the first floor and found a few kids there. All of them were orphans, but the most disturbing thing was that they were all modified in some way, and all of them were drugged. They had simple modifications like augmented strength, weak healing factor, and even the ability to shoot energy blasts.

I checked the second floor and found the same thing there. Rooms with kids, who were drugged and modified in some way.

So, this place also worked like an orphanage where Essex was able to freely experiment without issues.

However, I found no trace of the man himself. Nor did I see Remy and Emma. There was obviously more to this place.

I swooped around and came inside from the door Remy had used. I didn't see anything out of place, so I started spamming Observe on everything in my sight until I found a hidden door.

It looked as if it was part of the wall, and I didn't know where the switch to it was, but I was in the Mirror Dimension, so I just smashed it apart. It opened up to stairs going downward, leading to an underground floor.

There, I didn't find anything special. It honestly looked like a storage as it was filled with various equipment, all of which were designed specifically for enhancing or modifying someone.

I continued spamming Observe on everything until I found another hidden door, this one wasn't on the wall but on the floor. I smashed it like the previous one and went down the stairs that opened up.

This floor was far more different than the previous one. First of all, it was filled with clones walking around. Some of which I've already met before, Blockbuster, Riptide, and Scrambler. However, there were a lot more of them there.

[<Perfect Clone of Harpoon>Kodiak Noatak Lvl. 79]

[Mutant Powers: Longitudinal Object Conversion]

[Powers: Augmented Physique]

[<Perfect Clone of Arclight> Philippa Sontag Lvl. 88]

[Mutant Powers: Shockwave Generation]

[Powers: Augmented Physique]

[<Perfect Clone of Prism> Robbie Lens Lvl. 81]

[Mutant Powers: Photokinesis]


There were a lot, the place was filled to the brim with them walking around and standing guard in front of the rooms.

I wasn't too scared of them since I could just pick them off one by one by dragging them in the Mirror Dimension and dealing with them there. If I did that, Scrambler will be the first one I would go for since I didn't know if his powers worked on me or not.

However, I needed to find Essex first before I start planning, so I checked through the rooms and found mutants in all of them. Some were young, others were old, but all of them were mutants who had been experimented on by Essex.

I still didn't find any sign of the man, so I continued spamming Observe until I found yet another hidden door. If I didn't have Observe, I would have never been able to find them without blowing the place apart. This man knew how to hide very well.

I passed through three more floors, all filled with the same clones, guarding rooms with mutants who had been experimented on.

Essex sure loved hiding, experimenting, and cloning people. The more I explored the place, the more I realized how much of a threat he is. The man could literally create an army of mutant clones who are all augmented by his experiments. He is a threat that I need to take care of no matter what.

The last floor I entered was different from the rest. It was emptier as no clones were walking around, and multiple heavy doors were blocking the only path.

I smashed through five doors before finding Remy with Emma on his shoulders. He was waiting for a heavy door to open up and tapping his foot while grumbling at how slow the process was. I had to agree with him as it was definitely slow.

I followed after Remy as he went through three more doors until he finally led me to the man I was after.

[<Perfect Clone of Mr. Sinister> Nathaniel Essex Lvl. ???]

[One of the hundreds of clones Nathaniel Essex had created of himself. Each clone believes he is the real Nathaniel Essex, but the real one always stays safely hidden in his headquarters. When endangered, the real one can transfer his mind to one of the many clones. Each clone has to update the others daily on his experiments. All of his powers are genetically enhanced.]

[Powers: Augmented Physique; Cellular Shapeshifting; Telepathy; Telekinesis; Strong Healing Factor; Energy Blasts; Force Fields.]

Is this some kind of joke? Holy shit! This guy is something else.

Essex was not a mutant, and all of his powers were from genetic modifications, but the scariest part was that he could transfer his mind to one of his hundreds of clones when in danger. How the fuck is one supposed to a kill cockroach like that?

I call hacks! GM, get him out of here! This guy is not playing fair!

Shit, I don't think I can actually do the Quest. I will have to find and kill all of his clones first, but I'm sure that he will create more when he realizes that someone is killing them off. Then he can just hide wherever the fuck his headquarter is. This guy is one heck of cheat!

"I brought you, Emma Frost," Remy said, but Essex didn't look up from what he was working on. He was sitting on a table and observing something with a microscope.

"Leave her in the next room, I will deal with her shortly," Essex said, and Remy nodded before walking towards the next room.

I used Observe on the object he was looking at.

[DNA samples of Scott Summers.]

[DNA samples of Jean Grey.]

Okay, this one has to die! There is no way I'm letting him create a clone of Jean!

However, I will have to carefully consider how to go about this. The obvious choice, to kill him as quickly and efficiently as I possibly can, was to use the Arrow of Apollon. My current Intelligence with all the buffs is 888.38, so that would be 88 838 fire damage. And since it's fire damage, the bow would further increase it by 200%, making it 266 514.

But I still wasn't sure if that was enough since I couldn't see his HP. Nor did I know how strong are his shielding abilities. I can't mess this up no matter what, Essex is too much of a threat, considering how close he is to me and my close ones.

Fuck it! I placed all of my 93 stats points into Intelligence. The stat reached 1 109.72 with all the buffs. A hit with the Arrow of Apollon should now deal a total of 332 916 damage.

I already know that the attack would cause a massive explosion, so I can't just shoot it out here. It will cause too much destruction, so I will have to bring him to the Mirror Dimension.

However, I can't be the one to bring him in since I also have to shoot him with the arrow as soon as possible, and I will be caught in the attack if I'm close to him.

I created a portal that led to the top of a building and exited the Mirror Dimension. I then contacted the clone that's at home and asked him to come to me. I showed him my position with Telepathy, and he arrived with a portal.

After transmitting to the clone everything I wanted from him, we both entered the Mirror Dimension. I opened a portal that led to the room Essex was at, and the clone jumped inside of it. I then reduced the size of the portal to be large enough just for my arrow to pass.

The clone walked up to Essex with his hand hovering above the man. He exited the Mirror Dimension, and holy shit did Essex react fast. In a split second, he turned around and grabbed my clone by the throat.

"Who are you?" Essex asked, not with malice but with interest. He leisurely held the clone in place, thinking he had the upper hand, but he was wrong.

The clone didn't reply. He just entered the Mirror Dimension, and I fired my arrow before closing the portal. I'm sorry, clone, but you had to be sacrificed.

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God damn it! I felt the pain of my arrow hitting the clone. Damn, it hurts!

[You have leveled up to 73.]

[You have...]

[You have leveled up to 77.]

Yes, distract me from my pain, pleasant sound of leveling up. At least I know that I had succeeded in taking down one of the HUNDREDS of his clones. I really don't know how I'm supposed to kill that man.

[You have acquired Genetics and the X-Gene.]

What the hell is that? I checked the loot I got, and it was a simple book. It wasn't even a Skill Book! Damn, Essex is as stingy as the Skeleton King.

I looked towards the clinic, which was now replaced by a massive hole with a burning inferno inside it. Damn, I love my bow. I marveled at the destruction I caused for a moment before I exited and reentered the Mirror Dimension.

Now it was time to deal with the other clones in the facility. I can't let them stay alive when they can possibly come after me or my close ones.

We started from the first floor that was filled with clones and started killing them one by one by dragging them in the Mirror Dimension like we did with Essex.

They did start to panic, and some tried to run away, but the clone would just pop out behind them and pull them in. We cleared all the floors, and by the end of it, I leveled up two times from the ordeal.

Now I had an entire facility filled with mutants and normal human that had been experimented on. I really had no idea how to deal with all of them, but I figured I should first handle the Quest about Emma.

I made my way towards the lowest floor while my clone went to the entrance of the building. I entered the room Emma was placed in, only to see her walking around and trying to find a way to escape.

"Yo," I said as I exited the Mirror Dimension behind her.

Emma turned around in panic. She looked at me for a moment before narrowing her eyes.

"It's you! The mutant that promised to call me," She said.

Please, I never promised such a thing, and...

"I'm not a simple mutant," I said with smugness.

"What are you then?" Emma then asked.


"I'm a god!"

[Name: William Williamson

Mutant Power: The Gamer

Level: 79 Next Level: 58%

Title: Sorcerer; Champion of the Phoenix]

[HP: 8,514

MP: 19,340.]

[Strength: 101+ 131.3 (Martial Arts bonus) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Vitality: 104 + 135.2(Martial Arts bonus) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Dexterity: 101 + 131.3(Martial Arts bonus) + 200(Bow and Arrow of Apollon) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Intelligence: 294 + 405.72(Meditation bonus) + 100 (Bow and Arrow of Apollon) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Wisdom: 101 + 139.38(Meditation bonus) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Luck: 31 + 310(Enchanted Equipment)]

[Stat Points: 35

Cash: $155 371]


Observe(Active) Lvl. 8/10 (+1)

Create ID(Active) Lvl. 21/100 (+1)

Exit ID(Active) Lvl. 21/100 (+1)]

fallingstar fallingstar

Just an FYI, Pietro's current max speed is 175 mp/h or 281 km/h. Will is faster than him with only the equipment on, and his current max speed with MS activated will be stated soon.

Will also killed Essex's clone with a suprise attack that deals a ton of damage. In a straight up 1v1 without the Arrow of Apollon he will lose without plot armor.

Again, thanks for those who wish me a fast recovery.

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