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83.72% Marvel's Mutant Gamer / Chapter 36: It worked?

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Chapter 36: It worked?

[Lying has increased to 30.]

Ahh, well, fuck you too.

One day, one day, I swear I will say that, and it will be the truth. And when that happens, it will be legen...

"Really?" Emma asked, a bit doubtful and surprised. However, she didn't completely dismiss my statement.

Wait, did she actually believe that?

Oh, this is my chance! I'm going to trick at least one person into believing that.

I raised myself in the air with Telekinesis and spread my arms apart. I cast my elemental Magics with my hands, and I cycled them around. In the end, I even gave myself a bit of a glow with Illusion Magic.

"What else can I be but a God?" I asked, resisting the urge to laugh. Someone actually believed the bullshit that I spouted regularly.

"No way!" Emma exclaimed, her mouth open in surprise.

I had to hide my face with an illusion as I was ready to burst out laughing. This was too funny.


[A Quest has been created.]

[Path to Godhood: Trick 100 000 people into believing you are a God.]

[Rewards: Minor Godhood]

[Failure: You are going to become a laughing stock.]

[Duration: -]


Yes, please! I can't believe this! Yes, yes, yes! I accepted the Quest without hesitation.

I want to complete this Quest so badly just so I can go around telling people I'm a God and not even lie about it. But... first, I'm going to have to go around lying to people that I'm a God until that turns into the truth. That's... confusing, but hey, it is what it is.

I wonder if I have to make people believe that I specifically am a God, or if I can make a fake persona by covering myself with an illusion and doing it that way.

Hmm, I will have to test it out, but I will surely try to finish the Quest quickly. I mean, gaining Minor Godhood should come with some pretty nice perks, right?

I know Gods aren't omnipotent and almighty as described in folklore, but it should still have nice benefits to it. Hopefully, it will even help me with my Essex problem.

I descended on the floor and said to Emma, "Anyway, I'm here to save you."

Without letting her have a chance to respond, I pulled Emma into the Mirror Dimension and teleported her to my clone.

[Quest complete.]

[Recieved 500 000 XP.]

[Level increased to 80.]

[Recieved Skill Book: Genetic Modification]

[Genetic Modification(Active) Lvl 1/100: The ability to alter the genes of a being to grant/remove powers or to augment physical capabilities.]

Oh, this... could be a very useful ability. Leveling it would be tough, however. Unless I was able to practice it on my clones. Hmm, that's an interesting thought.

I will think about it later, as I wanted to check around the last floor for Remy. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful in my search. He just wasn't there, and it seemed as if he had disappeared out of thin air.

For a fact, I know he didn't have a teleporting ability, so I searched everything by spamming Observe, but there were no signs of him. While looking around, I did store every equipment that was useful for genetic enhancement in my Inventory and also destroyed every DNA sample of Jean I found.

It was disturbing how many of it Essex had. I can only guess what he wanted it for, but hopefully, the book I received from him will answer that for me.

I looted the other floors for any equipment, including some pretty high-end computers, those could be useful. I did check every single part with Observe, in case there was some tracking device or something similar, but they were safe.

With all of that done, now I had a whole facility with people, both mutant and normal, that had been worked on by Essex.

I wasn't sure how to handle this, so I figured to ask in the Guild chat.

[Hey, guys. Just asking for a friend, but if you had a whole facility with people that have suffered under the hands of a mad man, how would you handle the situation?]

[Baby Groot: I am Groot!]

WHAT?!? No, no, no. I'm not going to use them as fertilizer. Who even taught him that?

Thank god, the others weren't able to understand what he says. Wait... since I have a Quest to become a God, would I have to start saying "thank myself" instead? Food for thought.

[Jean Grey: Telepathy!]

With my current Intelligence, my Telepathy range was enough to reach to her, but even if it wasn't, Jean was able to reach out to me. While mentally talking with her and explaining what happened, I discussed it with Kurt and Peter in the chat.

Peter really had no clue on how to handle this situation, but Kurt had an idea about it.

[Kurt Wagner: Vhy don't you ask ze Fantastic Four? Zey did say you and Peter are under zer protection.]

[They did?] Peter and I asked in surprise.

Kurt then explained what had happened after our fight with Groot when the X-Men had arrived.

Well, that answered my question since there was no way I would ask Xavier for help on this matter. The Ancient One was my other option, but I don't think she would want to take care of about a hundred people when she has other things to deal with.

I created a portal that led to Manhattan and flew with Telekinesis towards the Baxter Building. I entered inside while covered with an illusion.

I didn't make it halfway to the elevator when I was suddenly pulled inside the Mirror Dimension. Well, that hadn't happened in a while.

"Have you not been taught not to enter someone's home under an illusion?" An aged voice asked me from behind, and I turned around.

There stood an old woman with grey hair. She wore a black robe and carried a cat in her hands.

[<Ancient Sorceress> Agatha Harkness Lvl. ???]

[<Familiar of Agatha Harkness> Ebony Lvl. 50]

{Agatha Harkness was born before Atlantis sank beneath the ocean. She...???}

Well, I think I found the Sorcerer that works with the Fantastic Four. My Observe did fail in obtaining more information, and I didn't like that at all. But holy crap, Agatha is old. Atlantis existed like 20 000 years ago if the books I read were correct.

"Apparently, you also haven't been taught not to scry people in their homes," Agatha said.

"I don't know what you are talking about," I said. My policy was to deny until proven guilty.

"I'm sure you don't," she said, trying to sound threatening.

"What have you come here for? We already have enough enemies as it is. I won't mind dealing with a Magic user if you are here to seek trouble," Agatha said.

Yeah, there is no way I will try to seek trouble with the Fantastic Four, let alone a Sorceress that is over 20 000 years old. Nope.

"I need the help of the Fantastic Four!" I said.

"Of course you do. Everyone who needs help comes to the Fantastic Four, yet none come to offer their assistance," Agatha said.

Well, she's a bitch, ain't she?

"There are about a hundred people in a facility, all of whom had been experimented on. I already dealt with the bad guys there, but... I don't know what to do with the people. Some of them are mutants, others are normal humans. I figured the Fantastic Four would have the resources or the connections to help them," I explained myself.

Agatha nodded, understanding my problem, and said, "That's new. We usually don't get such requests. Fine then, follow me."

Agatha slowly walked pass me while gently stroking her familiar, who kept purring in her hands.

"Don't try anything funny on the way," Agatha said as we climbed towards the higher floors of the building.

No need to warn me. I won't attempt something against someone older than the USA.

Slowly, we reached the 33rd floor, and I was surprised Agatha took the steps considering how old she was. Guess she needed some exercise.

The moment we entered, I started looking around and casting Observe on all the various equipment there. It was like a paradise for all scientists.

I'm sure Peter would've loved to see this and possibly even test them out. Then again, he would probably be just as happy when I show him all the equipment I looted from Essex.

"What did I say about not trying anything funny?" Agatha asked.

"But this is so cool, and you said on the way. We already reached our destination, right?" I said, and she let out a sigh.

"Haaa, you are one of those, I see," Agatha said and shook her head.

What does that mean, 'I'm one of those?' I don't like how she said that.

"Reed, you have someone looking for you," Agatha called out and sat on a nearby couch, but her gaze never left me.

"I'll be there in a moment," Reed's voice came from a nearby room.

Shortly, Reed came out dressed in a white lab coat. He had bags under his eyes and probably hadn't slept in some time.

"Hello," Reed greeted me with a tired voice.

"Hello, I kinda need your help," I said.

Reed tilted his head slightly and narrowed his eyes.

"I think I've heard that voice before," he said.

"Yeah, we met about a week ago when the alien plant life attacked New York," I said and saw him nod.

"Ah, yes. What was it again, Mr. Ninja Magician Dude?" Reed asked while rubbing his neck. He really looked tired.

Damn it, Peter. Your naming is as bad as mine. Maybe even worse!

"Well, that's not really the title I would use for myself, but yes. Look..." I explained to him what I needed help with.

"So, you are saying there is a guy out there that is able to create perfect clones of people and is also experimenting with human life?" Reed asked.

"Yes, that's about it," I said.

"Ohhh, I shouldn't have stayed up all night. I'm too tired for this, but I do know how to solve this. There is an organization that could help with the powered human and mutants," Reed said.

"Too tired? Well, I can help you with that," I said smugly. The power of my Massage skill knows no bounds!

"Truly?" Reed asked with hope in his voice.

"Yep," I said while walking behind him under the watchful eyes of Agatha.

I gave him a quick back rub, and Reed turned around towards me with a surprised face.

"How?" Reed asked. He was staring me in the eyes, trying to understand how a simple massage rejuvenated his energy. Ha, as if my ability could be explained with simple words.

"Magic," I said with a smirk.

"That was no Magic," Agatha said from the couch, looking at me weirdly.

Damn, old hag. Why do you have to ruin this for me?

"If you can teach me how to do that, I will be very grateful to you. I will have twice as much time for researching," Reed said, and he looked like Kurt when I told him about my powers.

I guess he really values his research time. Unfortunately, I don't think this was something I can teach.

"That was just a massage," I said.

"No massage can restore my energy so quickly," Richard said, still trying to understand what I had just done.

"Well, mine do," I said before changing the topic.

"Now, about that organization you said could help me with my problem?"

"Ah, yes. It's S.H.I.E.L.D. I'm on good terms with the Director, and they can help out the people in the clinic," Reed said.

"S.H.I.E.L.D? I've never heard of them. Who are they?" I asked.

"I'm not surprised. It's a secret international peacekeeping, law enforcement, and counter-terrorism agency. They usually handle situations like this. I can get you in touch with the Director, so you can contact him if you encounter any situations like this one in the future," Reed said.

"Yeah, I will think about that before taking you up on your offer," I said.

It might be good if I ever need help with someone solving a problem like this one for me, but it might be bad as they might try to force me to solve their problems.

"Since you know the address of the place, I will be off then. Thank you for the help," I said before entering the Mirror Dimension and creating a portal that led to my clone.

"Come on," I heard Emma say to him while hugging his arm. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-mutant-gamer_17651161105086105/it-worked_48077001243812580">;s-mutant-gamer_17651161105086105/it-worked_48077001243812580</a> for visiting.

"No," said the clone.

"Please!" Emma begged.

"No," the clone refused again before pointing towards me.

"I hate you," he said to me and quickly got out of her grasp before disappearing with a portal, leaving me alone with her.

[Name: William Williamson

Mutant Power: The Gamer

Level: 80 Next Level: 4%

Title: Sorcerer; Champion of the Phoenix]

[HP: 8,651

MP: 19,412]

[Strength: 101+ 131.3 (Martial Arts bonus) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Vitality: 104 + 135.2(Martial Arts bonus) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Dexterity: 101 + 131.3(Martial Arts bonus) + 200(Bow and Arrow of Apollon) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Intelligence: 294 + 405.72(Meditation bonus) + 100 (Bow and Arrow of Apollon) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Wisdom: 101 + 139.38(Meditation bonus) + 310(Enchanted Equipment)

Luck: 31 + 310(Enchanted Equipment)]

[Stat Points: 40

Cash: $155 371]


Genetic Modification(Active) Lvl 1/100*

Lying(Passive) Lvl. 30/50 (+1)]

fallingstar fallingstar

Thanks to all who wish me a fast recovery.

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