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82.39% Marvel's Superman / Chapter 248: Chapter 245 | The Villainous Alliance, History Being Changed.

Chapter 245 | The Villainous Alliance, History Being Changed. - Marvel's Superman - Chapter 248 by BingeFics full book limited free

Chapter 248: Chapter 245 | The Villainous Alliance, History Being Changed.


A shocking sound, as if a powder keg exploded.

The vampire elders who were plotting how to deal with Superman didn't expect the other party to come so soon.

That tall figure directly pierced through the ceiling, smashing into the conference room like a cannonball.

The excessively exciting and sensational way of entering the stage made the whole room fall into a short silence.

The two vampires who were facing each other just now subconsciously shrank their necks, hoping that they would become transparent and wouldn't be noticed.

"You seem to be surprised by my visit."

Luke's eyes slightly condensed, revealing a crimson light

"Why? Am I not welcomed?"

Vampires who had always liked the dark and hated the sun felt as if they were stuck with needles as soon as they met Superman's gaze..

They looked at each other, lowered their heads, and said nothing.

If they spoke the truth at this time, they might be 'humanely put down' in an instant.


Although Luke's uniform and cloak were very distinctive.

But out of politeness and not knowing what to say, the older vampire elder still asked habitually.

His attitude was quite good, just like a social animal worker meeting an unscrupulous boss.

No matter how much they complain and curse behind the boss's back, they would still smile with respect in front of the other.

'Do you know of any other guy who likes to fly around in a cloak?'

Luke complained to himself.

He always felt that the cloak was of no real use.

In battle, when he would encounter an evenly matched opponent, he might get pulled into a big tumbleweed. For details, please refer to Superman vs. Batman, Superman vs. Bizarro, Superman vs. Louise -- cross out the last one.

However, being strong was a matter of preference, and looking cool and handsome was a lifelong thing.

In terms of personal image, Luke chose to keep his cloak.

After all, wearing only a tight-fitting uniform may be seen as a perversion.

But with the cloak, it's closer to a superhero.

"Then, I want to communicate frankly with you. I hope that there will be no lies or hostility in the conversation between us."

After Luke scanned the audience, the corners of his mouth curled up.

As if he is the master here, he raised his hand, pulled out a chair that had not been ruined by the rubble, and sat down slowly.

"Mr. Lieutenant General, what do you...want to know? We will definitely tell you everything."

Feeling Superman's gaze, the vampire elder's heart felt like it was under a large stone, and his breathing was stifled and uncomfortable.

He decided to adopt Stefan's second plan and sell out the President in exchange for personal safety.

If he betrayed the President, at best, his clan would be suppressed, and he would have some difficulties in the future.

Deceiving Superman... he could be killed instantly at any moment, directly turning into dust.

It goes without saying which of the two endings was lighter or heavier.

"It's nice to have a friendly exchange. It saves me and you a lot of unnecessary trouble."

Luke nodded with satisfaction and continued, "Let's start with the President's deal with you."

"Well ..."


Before the vampire elder could explain, a group of heavily armed vampires knocked down the door of the conference room.

"Elder, I'll save -- I'm sorry to bother you."

The young vampire who rushed in was fierce but saw the elder was desperately winking. The rest of the people there were honestly shrinking their necks. He quickly swallowed the second half of his sentence.

The group of people quickly left the room and closed the door.

"Go on."

Luke didn't react to this little episode.

Compared with their 'relatives' in Europe, these pure-blood descendants of Dracula had less arrogance in their bones, that looked down on humans. They had more schemes and trickery.

The advantage was that they were very obedient and knew how to respect and obey the strong.

The downside was that Luke couldn't even find a reason to get angry, so he couldn't kill like he did in the wine club.

He also wanted to clean up this group of vampires so that the Corvinus coven, led by Selene, could expand their territory.

"... in short. That's how it is."

The vampire elder gave a full account of the private contact between the Blood Council and the White House.

He didn't realize the seriousness of the problem. He only thought that the Lieutenant General Superman in front of him might have pursued the matter out of a sense of justice or for other reasons.

According to normal thinking, one was the manager of the country, the President in the White House.

The other was a legendary war hero, Lieutenant General Superman, in the Pentagon.

They were at the top of the pyramid of power. Even if there were contradictions, it wouldn't be too ugly.

'Superman wouldn't rush to the White House because the President colluded with the Blood Council and punch the other party to death, right? That's too brutal. '

The vampire elder thought so.

"I appreciate your honesty, which kept the conversation from getting too bloody tonight."

After listening, Luke's suspicion that the President was Kang the Conqueror had been upgraded to a definite belief.

"By the way, as an extra reminder; The true La Magra in your eyes does not exist. So, don't bother to get that blood essence or something. It would only be in vain."

Superman stood up and prepared to leave, leaving behind a dumbfounded group of vampire elders.

How did he know that they were talking about 'La Magra'?

Just an Atlantean who signed a contract with Chthon, the god of the underworld, and transformed himself into an undead creature.

The great sorcerer named Varnae later passed on his power to Dracula, giving birth to the vampire clans.



In the White House, Oval Office.

The night was getting deeper, but the lights were still on.

The security guards outside were impressed by the President's enthusiasm for his work and his abundant stamina.

The White House's 'champion of staying up late' remained engrossed in various national issues even at this late hour. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-superman_19449410506496705/chapter-245-%7C-the-villainous-alliance-history-being-changed._56799810044354472">;s-superman_19449410506496705/chapter-245-%7C-the-villainous-alliance-history-being-changed._56799810044354472</a> for visiting.

"Stillman, go back."

The President, who was leaning over the table, looked up and said so.

"Yes, Mr. President. By the way, about vampires ..."

Stillman, the Chief of Staff, whispered.

"I'll leave it to you. I totally trust your ability, Stillman. So, you don't have to report to me all the time."

The President interrupted his confidant's words. He pushed up his glasses on the bridge of his nose and whispered back.

The latter nodded and exited the office.


When Stillman left, the President released the pen from his hand and took off the glasses.

He rubbed his flabby skin, and a sarcastic smile appeared on his face.

"I asked you to cooperate with vampires, but you were fooled by those stupid bats and became addicted to blood -- human beings are fragile creatures. Just a little desire could destroy them."

The president is talking to himself, and he is not worried about being heard.

The White House was surrounded by a covert detection system that would alert them to any stranger's intrusion.

"By drawing those politicians to my side, I can follow the trajectory of history and set off a cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union for hegemony, and successfully start the third war ..."

The President's eyes flickered as he began to imagine his crazy plan.

The Sorcerer Supreme had left this timeline. The biggest obstacle in front of him had disappeared.

With his familiarity with the history and the future technology in his hand, it was easy to fool the White House politicians and realize his ambitions.

"You are late."

A few minutes later, the President stood at the window with his arms at his chest and looked out into the night.

The magic circle cut through space and pulled out a transmission channel.

"Mr. Kang, you have to ask Selene about this. It took her two hours to choose the right clothes and make-up."

Mister Sinister walked out of it and sat on the sofa.

He glanced at the Black Queen, who was dressed up and charming, but his face didn't look very good.

The truth was that no man had much patience for this kind of thing.

They behaved very gentlemanly, just to win the favor of the woman and facilitate the next step.

Unfortunately, Mister Sinister wasn't interested in this woman.

He was quite conservative in his private life, not at all like a villain.

"When I meet a great conqueror, I have to be at my best."

The Black Queen sat across the table, crossed her long legs, and scoffed, "Essex, how can a guy like you understand a lady's heart? "

"Haha. I'm not interested in women's hearts, but I'm very good at dissecting and studying the hearts of mutants."

Mister Sinister sneered.

"Oh, then you can try to study mine."

The Black Queen deliberately lowered her bosom to reveal the fullness of her curves.

Although she had a smile on her face, charming and enchanting.

But those eyes narrowed slightly, revealing a dangerous glint.

"Well, you two, don't be so serious. Everyone is in the same boat, and we should be friendlier."

Kang, who was pretending to be the President, came out to settle the matter.

As the vampire elder said, the two sides should have the basis and room for cooperation to continue transactions.

According to his style, he never looked for allies.

As the great conqueror, Kang only had two sides, 'subordinates' and 'enemies'.

Allies on an equal footing didn't exist.

However, the situation of this timeline was somewhat different.

In addition to the Sorcerer Supreme, who could threaten Kang the Conqueror, there was Superman, who he had never heard or seen.

First, the other party ended World War II and defeated Hydra, not Captain America.

Moreover, the latter hadn't yet fallen into the glacier and slept for 70 years.

This was totally different from the history Kang was familiar with!

Generally speaking, no matter how the timeline changed, some things were bound to happen.

For example, Steve Rogers becoming a super soldier and then Captain America.

This was an ironclad rule.

Kang had walked through too many timelines and found no exception.

Secondly, the early appearance of S.H.I.E.L.D.

At this time, it should be called the 'Strategic Scientific Reserve.'

And then ...

A lot of probabilities made the Conqueror a little frantic.

He was a rookie player who played through the level, according to the guide.

Without future science and technology and understanding historical trends and key figures in his head, he was no different from the main character without overpowered luck.

Therefore, Kang the Conqueror thought about it and decided to erase the unstable factor -- Superman.



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