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Chapter 246 | Traitors, You Set Me Up! - Marvel's Superman - Chapter 249 by BingeFics full book limited free

Chapter 249: Chapter 246 | Traitors, You Set Me Up!

The powerful enemy made Kang the Conqueror decide to be careful and plan steadily.

So, he looked for Mister Sinister and the Black Queen.

If they were asked to face Superman directly and become a front-line fighter, the other party would certainly not be happy.

However, Kang the Conqueror had ruled so many timelines, so he had long been proficient in guiding other characters in the story.

He knew Mister Sinister and the Black Queen, both of whom were scheming about awakening Apocalypse.

One was planning on being a traitor, stab the guy in the back and take the latter's powers.

The other wanted to absorb a powerful soul and complete the ascension ceremony, to become a God.

It could be said that each of them had their own ulterior motives.

It just so happened that Kang the Conqueror and Apocalypse had grudges of their own.

The latter used to be his follower, but he overthrew his rule.

That was the first time Kang the Conqueror hit a wall, and his game of ruling the world ended early.

In this way, the three people had the same enemies and the same interests.

Hitting it off and forming an alliance was only natural.

Next, Kang should consider persuading Mister Sinister and the Black Queen to join his anti-Superman alliance and act as his pawns.

"Mr. Essex, I know you have a lot of research on mutants and cloning technology."

Kang's eyes twinkled as he used the President's face to say, "As far as I know, Dr. Bolivar Trask from S.H.I.E.L.D has worked on mapping the genetic map for mutants and compiled one-fifth of it."

"At this time, Superman not only has a perfect gene pool but also gathers many mutants -- your compatriots are being domesticated and turned into captive lambs."

The diamond-shaped gem on Mister Sinister's forehead gleamed with a red glow.

He wasn't Namor, who lacked IQ. He could understand Kang's words.

"What the mutants become has nothing to do with me."

Mister Sinister shook his head as if he didn't want to get involved in the mess.

He was a mutant whose gene was activated by Apocalypse and had no sense of belonging to the race.

When doing experiments before, he dissected several mutant bodies himself.

"But Mr. Essex, your research requires mutant genes. For you, those are the basis of your ascension."

Kang knew Mister Sinister well, and his biological cloning technology had always been at the forefront of the times.

Collecting mutants and cloning mutants had always been his thing.

The other party's purpose was also very simple. Using the collected mutant genes to turn himself into an individual more powerful than Apocalypse or to create an individual more powerful than Apocalypse.

"Sir Conqueror, what are you trying to say?"

Mister Sinister pursed his lips. He knew that the President standing in front of him was actually a space-time stowaway from the future.

When he met Kang the Conqueror for the first time, he told him his origins and showed convincing evidence.

That was why Mister Sinister and the Black Queen agreed to cooperate.

"Apocalypse is nothing but fish on the chopping block. He is temporarily asleep and has no ability to resist."

Kang showed a confident smile and looked like he had a plan in mind.

"If you want to deal with him, I can help. But before we can do that, we have to solve the Superman problem."

The Black Queen's long legs stopped shaking. She lay sideways on the sofa, giving off fatal attraction.

"Sir Conqueror wants us to deal with Superman? This is different from what you said before. When you came to the door, you didn't mention anything about dealing with the world's most powerful man."

When Selene heard Superman's name, her eyes couldn't help but flash.

She frankly said it before. She was deeply interested in the young Lieutenant General.

She once thought about seducing the other party and letting Superman help her with her spiritual development.

"Put away your unsettling desire, Selene. Superman has never hesitated in killing a woman."

Mister Sinister glanced at his ally and coldly said, "If he sees you, the probability of him bowing down under your skirt is very low. He's more likely to beat you to a pulp."

"Don't overestimate your own charm. Men's inner desires for women could be satisfied by torture, whipping, abuse and other ways in addition to the biological impulse to mate."

"Destroying beautiful things could also give people pleasure."

The Black Queen smiled contemptuously, showing her veteran driver's side, "If Superman has that kind of hobby, I can definitely satisfy him."

"Abuse, torture, and bondage are just pediatrics."

Playing with toys or other 'devices' had appeared as early as the 17th century.

The British, in particular, had a strong desire for whipping.

At that time, in order to attract big business, brothels often offered professional services -- prostitutes in riding boots and low-cut dresses, beating their guests with their whips.

According to the statistics of unknown organizations, the number of masochists who spend money was far larger than that of abusers.

Most of them were well-dressed men with successful careers.

They even advertised in newspapers, soliciting 'Mistresses.'

Many socialites in social salons had to learn 'skills' to win the appreciation of men.

The British loved whipping, but the Germans liked bondage and fierce props.

The French were relatively normal, but they were keen on letting their lovers 'watch', and 'serve'.

Anyway, at that time in Europe, there were various 'games' to play.

Moreover, only the upper class could play like this, and civilians could only express their envy by saying, 'The upper class was really dirty.'

The Black Queen had lived long enough to experience the Roman Empire, witness the Republic era, and then witness the division of the East and West until its demise.

Those so-called public baths, ten thousand people 'celebrating' together.

The things that Mister Sinister mentioned were trivial.

"Umm, I think you're missing the point."

Kang, who wasn't very interested in women, spoke up. He couldn't dive into their topic.

"Sir Conqueror, we can't go against the most fearsome opponent in the world for that small profit."

Mister Sinister went straight to the point.

His meaning was very clear. It was fine to make him the front fighter, but it would cost more.

"Yes, Sir Conqueror. Some too many strong people have met their end in Superman's hands."

At this time, the Black Queen was on the same side as Mister Sinister.

As if their tit-for-tat just now never happened.

"Apocalypse is not enough as a bargaining chip?"

Kang frowned as he asked.

He began to realize that the two allies he had found seemed a bit too greedy.

"Mr. Essex is an Alpha-level mutant who is proficient in many abilities. Ms. Selene specializes in black magic and can extract vitality."

Kang the Conqueror, with his arms folded, glanced out the window to the dark night and tried to persuade, "With my high-tech weapons, getting rid of Superman is highly possible."

Mister Sinister glanced at the Black Queen and shook his head.

Superman's reputation was too resounding, and his record was too impressive.

What was the difference between rushing up there and giving away his own head?

"If you are the Conqueror, you should be willing to use your time machine as a bargaining chip ..."

After a short silence, Mister Sinister made a request.

Ruling a timeline, a whole world...

This was a great temptation for anyone.

"It seems that Mr. Essex isn't interested in talking properly."

Kang's face turned cold. He directly said, "Superman is 150 kilometers away and will arrive at the White House soon."

"There's not much time left for you two to consider. Either you form an alliance with me, and after that, I'll give Mr. Essex the mutant gene pool from S.H.I.E.L.D., and also find a suitable soul for Ms. Selene to help you complete the ascension ritual..."

"Or, choose to sit on the sidelines and miss this opportunity."

"But even if I fail, Superman couldn't destroy me once and for all."

"It's different when dealing with you. There is no foundation or room for cooperation between the two of you and the overly strong young General."

"Without my help, it wouldn't be so easy to find an opportunity to deal with Superman."

Kang said so quickly and urgently. He didn't expect Superman to be so impulsive and come straight to the White House.

Even if he had some conclusive evidence, he should test each other for several rounds and only take action after a fierce competition, right?

"Essex, you stay and fight Superman, I'll..."

The Black Queen made a decision and chose to run away.

She quickly made a magic circle, cutting through space.

The shining spark just came out and went out instantly.

"I already blocked the possibility of escape by using transmission magic with the spatial phase barrier."

Kang shrugged his shoulders. He originally wanted to negotiate seriously. First, he didn't think that Superman would directly kill him. Second, he didn't expect his allies would have such a big appetite.

Instead of continuing to play hide-and-seek and find a new identity, it would be better to tie Mister Sinister and the Black Queen to his ship.

"You set me up!"

The Black Queen, with a fierce look on her face, sent a fireball out.

Zi zi zi!

An electrical current rattled.

Kang, who had the President's appearance, disappeared as if he was only a projection.

"Ms. Selene, are you sure you want to choose infighting instead of joining forces?"

As if he teleported, Kang appeared in another part of the room.

After her failure, the Black Queen knew the other party was only a projection.

According to Kang's careful character, he wouldn't easily expose his real body.

"I hope you can keep your promise."

The Black Queen stopped and spoke coldly.

Abandoning redundant feelings, thinking rationally, and cooperating with Kang was the best choice.

Superman won't give her what she wanted, and if she couldn't complete the ascension ceremony, staying like this was meaningless.

The Black Queen had lived for a long time, and becoming a God was her only obsession.

"He's coming."

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As his voice fell outside the White House, a figure was like a supersonic aircraft, tearing air waves, breaking through the sound barrier, and slamming straight on the green lawn.



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