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Chapter 63: The Third Host (1)

marriage life with Brynhildr wasn't so bad, no, it was great, as we could warm each other in the winter and cool each other in the summer.

We did not live in the royal palace and Brynhildr had moved in with me formally, it was fine with me, because Odin would not be able to watch us day or night.

Even though she is my wife now, Brynhildr never stopped working as Valkyrie, because she liked her job, all Aesirs love to fight, and while I realize her job is very dangerous, I didn't force her to leave it, but I made her learn some magic.

Since she was not a fan of magic, and she thought that fighting with body and iron was more honorable, all I could do was make her learn some basic runes, such as Aard, Igni, Yrden, Quen, Axii. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-journey._18397142206665605/the-third-host-(1)_50105300102992047">;s-journey._18397142206665605/the-third-host-(1)_50105300102992047</a> for visiting.

Later, I found that her talent in magic was average, expectedly from Aesir, but I did not give up on her, and encouraged her to continue to practice, and because she had not learned the basics of magic at an early age and was not used to magic, she had difficulty Increasing in learning.

Fortunately, I am the god of magic, and it was not difficult to give my wife my divine blessing in order to reduce her hardships, and to teach her privately, and since I am the god of wisdom, this was not so difficult.

I also studied her Valkyrie abilities in an attempt to enhance or give her a deity of some kind, but my findings were confusing and disappointing as well.

The Asgardians had an Odin Force spark as a substitute for divine energy. When an Asgardian awakens his divinity, he can of course rehearse and increase the amount of his divine energy and use skills related to his domain, although this is very difficult.

The divinity is divided into two parts, the domain and the divine energy, the domain is the type of divinity of the God/goddess such as war, love and strength, while the divine energy is the fuel for the use of the field.

Unlike magic, divine energy can be used to do impossible things and break the laws of physics, such as teleportation without any principle behind the transition.

It appears that due to the special training that the Valkyrie underwent, Odin Force merged with their bodies and vanished after being granted the ability to transport the dead to Valhalla and Death perception..

So, there was no quick way to get her to be a goddess, while this was disappointing I was happy with my fallen angel, especially on the days when we doze off in the grass while hugging each other, it's a real quality time!

As for the biochemical serum, I don't think it's a good idea to give it to her right now, first, my final product was designed for me so it wouldn't match Brynhildr, plus the fact that it is not easy to survive it, and Brynhildr's body may be too weak to have a chance to fight back.

Don't get me wrong, Brynhildr is much stronger than the ordinary Asgardian, but even me, reinforced with all of my divine energies, my domains, the dragon's blood enhancement, and the Olympian bloodline, I died for a few moments and could only resist death with strong willpower.

So what if 'death' personally attempted to kill Brynhildr? Will my beloved wife be able to resist it? While I like to think this is true, I realize that she cannot do this.

So, before I adjust the serum to match her body, and weaken its potency and make sure 100% that it she survive, I will not try to get her to take it.

Another person I interacted with a lot was Thor, after I defeated him at my wedding he kept challenging me, and I kept kicking his ass, but what bothers me is that he relies entirely on his innate abilities and does not try to train or learn new things.

And because it was not my responsibility, I did not advise him, and he must realize himself before it is too late ... Well, something must happen, right?

As for Loki, he is still Loki, and he specialized in magic illusion, mind magic, and alchemy, even though I told him to try branching out in his divinity.

At my wedding, it looks like Baldur was seduced by the goddess of seduction Amora and her sister Lorelai, they're still in a relationship till now, even though Amora has other lovers, well, maybe there's nothing to worry about ...

For me, it expanded in my magic, especially since I focused on increasing the amount of my magic energy above all, and discovered another Divinity skill, where I was able to convert magic energy into divine energy and vice versa.

For example, I can convert 30 units of magic energy into 1 unit of Divine Energy, and vice versa.

Apart from this, I also made a weapon with the three uru ores that I had.

I made it in Midgard, a demonic/holy lance 1.67 meters long, bluish-black and purple-red spines on it.

A long time ago, since my marriage, I had been storing my divine energy constantly in jewels after discarding the traits of wisdom, magic, and smithy.

After 9 years, in 999 AD I built a forging furnace at a highest than the core temperature of the sun and made a lance after converting all the stored divine energy into the metal of the uru, when i finished it a lighting stroked the lance.

The lance could do many things, such as penetrate everything, took every damage, and use it to make attacks of large range, but the most important is only two effects.

The first is the ability to kill everything, including most immortals, and even if they do not die, they will suffer severe injuries.

The second is to grant others a divinity slowly by using it, so I let Brynhildr use it frequently in her missions, perhaps after decades or centuries she will acquire her own divinity.

I named my lance Vallion: The lance of the storms, because I can use it to summon lightning and storms as well, no, I'm not imitating Thor.

"So, while The ogre tried to crush me with his body length and strength, I dodged him and pierced his head with Vallion," said Brynhildr, who was in my arms as we rest in the garden of our mansion.

She was telling me about her last assignment, this was a normal routine for us, I ran my hand across her face and said, "My beautiful wife is really strong, maybe I should start completely counting on you."

As my wife smiled and was about to say something, my attention was caught by a deep voice that was heard in my head.

"Gods of Earth! The Third Host have come!"

The_High_Father The_High_Father


guys, any new ideas? if you have questions you know I'm gonna answer

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