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Chapter 31: Zagreus (2)

Looking between them, I couldn't help but think that I was interrupting something, as if I was ... a third wheel, but this could not be true and even if it was, no one would mind.

"Hello, Megaera, nice to see you again and thank you for helping me in the past, you really helped me," I said while greeting this Fury, who had previously helped me communicate with the god of the underworld.

"tshee ...!" Megaera made a strange sound with her tongue, apparently realizing that despite her strength, she was not strong enough to confront a god, even though she was skilled and strong enough to defeat some Olympians and asgardians.

Another thing I realized is that most of the characters in this world are a little different from what I read about them in my previous life, Megaera for example, it was not the old woman who was portrayed in the comics.

Speaking of my past life, after more than a century in this world, I think I'm Valli Trigevson more than Michael Masters.

"Hey, I feel like I'm interrupting something but can I know who you are? I don't want to be rude but we were on the verge of fighting ... again," Zagreus said suddenly.

I looked at him and was surprised that someone raised in the underworld has some manners, I am not a person to judge others, but I cannot control my thoughts, yes, my mind is my personal space where I can do everything I want.

"Uh ... I am Valli Trigevson, the Asgardian god of wisdom, magic and blacksmithing, rejoice, Zagreus son of Hades, because I am here to free you!" I said while I assumed a position similar to the Great Savior, but upon seeing that they were looking at me silently I said again, "I'm here to get you out of here, why don't we finish here?"

"So you are here to get me out? Well, I'm not someone who will refuse to help, but first we have to defeat Megaera" Zagreus said while holding his red sword with both hands.

"Huh, even if you overtake me, Zagreus, you know you cannot override the Hydra, or Elysium champions, and even if you do you will not be able to overtake Cerberus, you have died on his claws a lot," Meg said as she waved her whip and summoned some monsters. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-journey._18397142206665605/zagreus-(2)_49650106835729380">;s-journey._18397142206665605/zagreus-(2)_49650106835729380</a> for visiting.

Did she just ignore me? Well, it doesn't matter, I said as I moved forward a little bit, "Zagreus, take care of the other monsters and I'll finish Megaera quickly."

"as you wish sir" he said as he advanced and started fighting the monsters approaching him, I was not worried about him because he had been able to fight such monsters for hundreds of years, of course he will not be defeated by them now.

"Why don't we not waste our time? We both know how this fight will end." I told her in the hope that she would give up, but all she did was insulted in a faint voice and waved her whip at me.

I strengthened my body's muscles and bones with magical energy and quickly retreated in order to avoid the whip, before pointing my index finger towards her and starting to fire Finn Shots at her.

Despite her physical strength equal to Olympian in strength, she was still damaged by my bullets and could not move freely, so she began avoiding my shots cautiously, but she still hit some of them.

After that, I rushed towards her, she tried to direct her whip towards me, which is what she succeeded in doing, but I held it in my hand and pulled her towards me thanks to my superior physical strength.

Before touching me, my hand quickly passed in front of me and made several Ansuz runes, The ones that shot Megaera's body, because I deliberately made weak runes that did not burn to death.

However, in the next instant I used the magic of the mind to control my sword and pull it out of its blink and stab Megaera's head, ending her life.

That said, she's going to be revived again in the lower level.

I watched as blue blood and brain sap flowed over the edge of my sword, before Megaera's corpse turned into particles of blue light and magically disappeared.

The underworld was just like a dungeon in an RPG, really, I also remember having a game where Zagreus is trying to escape from the underworld ... Hey a moment, can I be now in this game?

I helped Zagreus kill the remaining monsters before I asked him, "By the way, why do you want to get out of the underworld? It doesn't seem like a very bad place to me. The fact that you have some manners, clothes and fighting skills means you haven't had a difficult life."

"I haven't had a hard life? This place sucks, it's full of death, all I want is to see the outside world and find my mother, by the way, you haven't told me your identity yet" he said to me as he placed his sword in his waist.

"Valli Trigevson, I was sent by Zeus to rescue you from this place, or this is what I must do, who is your mother?" I answered his question while I asked him another question.

"I guess her name is Persephone, or something like that."

Well, that was to be expected, even in the myths he's a Persephone's son, though, I'm sure he would be disappointed with his mother, because she wasn't a good example of a mother figure or even a respectable woman, even among Olympians, and that definitely means something.

"We have to carry on our way up," I said to him as I crossed the door that opened after killing the Megaera.

The_High_Father The_High_Father

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