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Marvel-Comics: Overgeared Marvel-Comics: Overgeared original

Marvel-Comics: Overgeared

Author: Bulale_Abali

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MAJOR SPOILER[ ranks, rates, tiers ]

I am hoping that this would explain why the difficulty of levelling up is soo high. THIS IS OF COURSE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Options: items can be granted options, and depending on either the item's history, production method, use, or significance, it would receive different options, the options would always relate to those factors, either all of those, or some of those.

Durability: which are displayed as 0%, items have durability, which as soon as the durability finishes, the item would break unless they are restored.

Tiers: here is an example of what an item would look like.

tier 1: F 

[ Name: Worn-Cooking-Pan ]

[ Grade: White ]

[ Description: An old cooking pan with peeling paint, reminiscent of countless meals prepared over the years. ]

[ Option: +10% enhancement to the flavor and fulfillment of cooked food (Rank: F) ]

[ Durability: 47% ]


tier 2: E

[ Name: Dragon's Emberblade ]

[ Grade: Purple ]

[ Description: Crafted from the molten depths of an active volcano, this black sword radiates an otherworldly aura. During its creation, 10 drops of the rare Ascardian Dragon's blood were infused, giving the blade a mesmerizing orange glow along its edge, while the core remains shrouded in dark black obsidian. ]

[ Option 1: Ember's Kiss (Rank: E) (Active) - Unleashes a burst of fiery energy upon striking, dealing additional fire damage equal to 55% of the base damage. ]

[ Option 2: Obsidian Shield (Rank: E) (Passive) - Grants the wielder a 50% chance to absorb incoming magical and physical attacks, reducing their effectiveness by 50%. ]

[ Durability: 85% ]


tier 3:D

[ Name: Midnight Gaze Revolver ]

[ Grade: Blue ]

[ Description: A sleek black revolver adorned with two small lights on each side, emanating a subtle glow. A distinguished gold line runs down the handle, adding an elegant touch to its design. ]

[ Option 1: Flashbang Rounds (Rank: E) (Active) - The revolver is loaded with specialized rounds that emit a blinding flash upon impact, disorienting and temporarily blinding opponents. ]

[ Option 2: Quickdraw Enhancement (Rank: E) (Passive) - The revolver's design enhances the user's quickdraw abilities, allowing for faster and more precise draws in critical moments. ]

[ Option 3: Shadowstep Ammunition (Rank: D) (Active) - The revolver is loaded with special rounds that, upon impact, create a momentary shadow portal, allowing the user to swiftly reposition to a nearby shadowed area. ]

[ Durability: 75% ]


tier 4:C

[ Name: Phoenix Glide ]

[ Grade: Purple ]

[ Description: The Phoenix Glide is a marvel of engineering and durability, featuring a metallic frame and wings made from a remarkably resilient white fabric that is both bulletproof and fireproof. Its sleek design allows for smooth gliding through the air. ]

[ Option 1: Flame Resilience (Rank: C) (Active) - Allows the glider to create a protective shield of flames, providing enhanced defense against attacks. ]

[ Option 2: Aerial Maneuverability (Rank: C) (Passive) - Enhances the glider's agility and responsiveness in mid-air, allowing for skilled maneuvers and quick adjustments. ]

[ Option 3: Bulletproof Canopy (Rank: C) (Passive) - Strengthens the fabric canopy to be highly resistant to ballistic damage, ensuring the safety of the rider in hostile environments. ]

[ Option 4: Phoenix Ascendancy (Rank: B) (Active) - Temporarily boosts the glider's speed and altitude, allowing for rapid ascents and descents. During this ability, the glider leaves behind a trail of radiant flames, intimidating and disorienting pursuers. ]

[ Durability: 75% ]


tier 5:B

[ Name: Gilded Precision Rifle ]

[ Grade: Red ]

[ Description: This custom-made rifle, bathed entirely in a resplendent golden hue, is a testament to both craftsmanship and opulence. Each part meticulously designed to embody luxury without compromising functionality. ]

[ Option 1: Golden Precision (Rank: B) (Active) - Shots fired from this rifle have an increased accuracy of 100%. ]

[ Option 2: Dazzling Arsenal (Rank: B) (Passive) - The dazzling appearance of the golden rifle deters opponents, reducing the likelihood of enemy critical hits by 250%. ]

[ Option 3: Solid Gold Defense (Rank: B) (Passive) - The rifle's golden frame enhances its durability, providing a 275-300% increase in overall durability. ]

[ Option 4: Auric Mastery (Rank: B) (Active) - Once per battle, the user can channel the rifle's golden essence to amplify the power of a single shot, dealing 275-300% additional damage. ]

[ Option 5: Lustrous Quickdraw (Rank: B) (Active) - Allows the wielder to swiftly draw and aim the rifle with remarkable speed, gaining a temporary 300% increase in firing rate for a short duration. ]

[ Durability: 85% ]


tier 6:A

[ Name: Abyssal Sovereign's Gilded Trident ]

[ Grade: Black ]

[ Description: A magnificent trident forged from rare golden alloys, adorned with mesmerizing arcane symbols. The crimson gem on its tip grants the wielder control over liquids within a 30-foot radius, turning the trident into a potent artifact of aqueous dominion. ]

[ Option: Abyssal Sovereignty (Rank: A) (Passive) - Unlocks the true potential of the trident, granting the wielder unparalleled control over water, ice, and moisture. The user gains the ability to manipulate large bodies of water, summon aquatic creatures, and command the tides. Additionally, the trident becomes an extension of the wielder's will, responding instantly to their commands. This option establishes a deep connection with the primordial forces of the sea, elevating the wielder to the status of an aquatic sovereign. ]

[ Durability: 92% ]


tier 7:S

[ Name: Vibranium Energy Blade ]

[ Grade: BLACK ]

[ Description: Crafted with unparalleled precision in the secretive forges of Wakanda, this extraordinary blade is the pinnacle of Vibranium-infused weaponry. Its advanced design combines cutting-edge technology with the mystique of Wakandan craftsmanship. ]

[ Option 1: Vibranium Annihilation Wave (Rank: S) (Active) - Unleashes a devastating wave of kinetic energy that disintegrates everything in its path. The annihilation wave extends outward from the blade, erasing matter at a molecular level. Activation requires intense concentration, and the cooldown is set at 10 hour ]

[ Option 2: Phantom Veil of Uzuri (Rank: S) (Passive) - Engulfs the blade and its wielder in the ethereal Veil of Uzuri, a Vibranium-infused cloak that renders them intangible at will. In this state, the wielder can phase through solid objects, making them impervious to physical attacks. The Veil lasts for 30 hours with a cooldown of 5 minutes. ]

[ Durability: 85% ]


tier 8:SS

[ Name: Arachno-Warship ]

[ Grade: BLACK ]

[ Description: An advanced spider-shaped warship, standing at an imposing 300 feet tall. Crafted from an exceptionally durable metal, this marvel of engineering boasts cutting-edge technology, featuring flight capabilities, advanced weaponry, warp drive, enhanced navigation systems, autopilot functionality, and an energy shield. Its formidable presence is a symbol of technological superiority on the battlefield. ]

[ Option 1: Quantum Disruptor Array (Rank: SS) (Active) - Upgrades the Arachno-Warship's quantum disruptor to an unparalleled level of destructive force. This advanced weaponry can now target multiple dimensions simultaneously, causing catastrophic disruptions in the fabric of reality and annihilating anything caught within its range. ]

[ Option 2: Warp Stride Enhancement (Rank: SS) (Passive) - Unleashes the true potential of the warp drive, enabling the Arachno-Warship to achieve instantaneous, near-instantaneous, or even time-bending travel. This enhancement allows the warship to appear and disappear at will, granting unprecedented tactical advantage and rendering it virtually untouchable. ]

[ Option 3: Adaptive Energy Shield (Rank: SS) (Passive) - The energy shield undergoes a significant upgrade, becoming an impenetrable barrier that automatically adapts to any form of attack. It now possesses the capability to absorb and convert incoming energy into a powerful counterattack, making the Arachno-Warship nearly invincible. ]

[ Durability: 92% ]


tier 9:SSS

[ Name: Elemental Marbles Set ]

[ Grade: GOLD ]

[ Description: A set of 5 marbles made from magically enhanced glass that were tempered at the end of time. ]

[ Option 1: Elemental Affinity (Rank: SSS) (Active) - Harness the elemental power within each marble, with potential control over fire, water, earth, air, and energy forces. ]

[ Option 2: Mindbound Levitation (Rank: SSS) (Active) - The marbles float in harmonious synchronization with the user's mind, expanding and contracting in size based on the user's conscious and subconscious commands, creating a captivating and responsive magical display. ]

[ Option 3: Celestial Harmonics (Rank: SSS) (Active) - Unleash a symphony of celestial energy, resonating from the marbles to create a protective barrier that deflects incoming attacks and negates harmful magical effects. ]

[ Option 4: Temporal Nexus (Rank: SSS) (Active) - Manipulate the fabric of time itself, creating temporal anomalies that allow the user to glimpse into the past or future, alter the flow of time within a localized area, and even briefly step outside the constraints of time. ]

[ Durability: 100% ]


tier 10: X

[ Name: Painforged Sights ]

[ Grade: GOLD ]

[ Description: These ethereal orbs, forged in the crucible of self-inflicted agony, were once the biological eyes of the intrepid Option System wielder. Torn from their sockets without mercy, the excruciating sacrifice imbued them with unparalleled mystical power. ]

[ Option 1: Agony's Insight (Rank: X) (Passive) - Grants the wielder omniscient awareness, allowing them to perceive and understand all events, thoughts, and intentions within a vast radius. The user gains insight into the fabric of reality itself, predicting future outcomes and navigating the complexities of existence effortlessly. ]

[ Option 2: Soulshatter Gaze (Rank: X) (Active) - Unleashes a devastating burst of dark energy from the eyes, capable of shattering the very essence of beings it gazes upon. This destructive power bypasses conventional defenses, disintegrating matter at the molecular level and erasing targets from existence. ]

[ Option 3: Veil of Shadows (Rank: X) (Active) - Envelops the wielder in an impenetrable cloak of darkness, rendering them invisible and intangible to all forms of detection. The user gains the ability to move freely through physical barriers and strike unseen. ]

[ Option 4: Ephemeral Echo (Rank: X) (Passive) - Allows the wielder to transcend the boundaries of time, perceiving past and future events as if they were present. This option grants the user the ability to manipulate temporal threads, altering the course of history to suit their desires. ]

[ Option 5: Voidbound Mastery (Rank: X) (Active) - Opens a rift to the void, summoning eldritch entities of unimaginable power to wreak havoc upon the wielder's foes. The voidspawn follow the wielder's commands, laying waste to everything in their path. ]

[ Durability: 92% ]


Teir 11: EX

[ Name: Apotheosic Nexusform ]

[ Singular Ranking: $%$%$%$ ]

[ Description: This complex biomedical machined belonged to the host of the options system,This indescribable biological marvel, forged in the crucible of cosmic horrors, carries the weight of untold secrets and unfathomable losses. An entity that encapsulates the perfection of all existence, having gazed upon the unfolding tapestry of creation, destruction, and transcendence. A corporeal amalgamation that has challenged deities, dominated entire cosmic realms, and stands as the quintessence of a boundless multiverse. ]

[ Option: Cosmosynchretic Convergence (Rank: EX) (Active/Passive) - Elevates the wielder to a state of cosmic oneness, transcending the very fabric of reality. The Apotheosic Nexusform becomes a conduit for the convergence of all cosmic forces, enabling the wielder to reshape and manipulate the fundamental aspects of existence effortlessly. This option allows the user to traverse between dimensions, alter the laws of physics, and influence the destiny of stars. The wielder gains the ability to materialize thoughts into reality, creating and uncreating at will. ]

[ Durability: Immutable ]



F: only grants affects that are 0-10%, 1 options

E: only grants affects that are 50-55%, 2 options

D: only grants affects that are 100-150%, 3 options

C: only grants affects that are 150-200%, 4 options

B: only grants affects that are 250-300%, 5 options

A: only grants affects that are 350-500%, 1 powerful options

S: only grants affects that are 1,000-1,500%, 2 powerful options

SS: only grants affects that are 10,000-10,500%, 3 powerful options

SSS: only grants affects that are 50,000-100,000%, 4 powerful options

X: only grants affects that are 150,000-200,000%, 5 powerful options

EX: only grants affects that are "££$%£$%£$% 1 very very overpowered options, 

item-Grade: the higher the items grade, the longer its durability last, and some of the highest grade that is purple and above, would have their own option, before they are given an options.









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