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Chapter 19: Helplessness

When Clark returned home, he was still thinking about the heroes' team proposal given by Nick Fury. How did he know who the two strangers were? Just by reading his mind, and instantly he didn't like them both. Two manipulative bastards, who stained their hands with blood with countless lives since they started in this business, until now.

So many sins, so many lives. Of course most deserved what they received, but because of their lack of organization or discipline, some they were supposed to protect, the innocent ones who had some kinship with the guilty ones who were arrested by them, suffered terrible endings.

Clark knew what was in the mind of that cunning guy. That spy director covet his strength and wants to use it as the shield of the Earth. Of course, Clark had already decided to protect his home from any alien being who tried to steal and destroy the planet, but that doesn't mean that he accepted to be under the rule of the government like those fools listed in the project.

Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romannoff, Bruce Barner, Hawk Archer, and last but not least, the mythical god of Nordic thunder, Thor. Of course Clark didn't doubt the existence of the gods, after all he himself was from another civilization in space, so why couldn't the gods be real?

Analyzing the data, Clark knew why they were all chosen. The brain of the team, Tony Stark. Always the engine that drives the team with his progressive ideas, and his annoying mania of driving people crazy. The right maniac for control and rules, Steve Rogers, the first Captain America. As a perfect soldier, he could guide the team with military strategies, and was a great martial master, just like Clark.

The black widow, Natasha is one of the deadliest super spies on Earth, alongside the archer, who makes both the best at seeking information and infiltration. Finally, comes the remaining members in charge of the battering with brute force. Bruce Barner, a genius of medicine and the Hulk monster who has infinite strength and rage. And finally, there are the two gods left. Thor and Clark. One gained the powers by ascending to divinity, and he was born with the physicist of a god, and as long as there was still the yellow sun, he would never fall so easy.

After a lot of thinking, Clark reluctantly accepted the fact that he would have to move after 22 years only doing small jobs as a vigilante, become a true hero, and deal with the annoying and power-hungry humans when he reveals himself completely. But if he was really going to get involved in this, his identity had to be preserved at all costs, to avoid being constantly watched. And Clark also didn't trust this intelligence organization so easily.

The first thing he would have to do was to find a way to disguise his so eye-catching body, because it would be too much on his face if he would make a search for people of similar body, and try to investigate and they could find him. The first time he found the Hulk, it wasn't revealed because Clark was not an adult yet, and his smaller but muscular body was still growing, but now that he was an adult, his body simply stopped aging, because he reached the peak of strength, and youth, gaining immortality.

He would have to configure his costume which was the heritage of his real father, to camouflage the true shape of his body, making it look thinner than it really is. After stepping on the porch of his house, and opening the glass door, the black costume began to regress from Clark's body, until it was again a simple pendant with the symbol of the house EL hanging from his muscular and hairy chest.

He took a quick shower, and without clothes he lay on the bed and hugged the woman of his life who was sleeping with a smile when he took her in his arms and let her use his body as a pillow. Clark smiled as he lovingly straightened her blonde hair, and kissed her head before falling asleep with his nose in her hair.

Clark woke up yawning and smelling a delicious smell of pancakes and honey, and after brushing her teeth, she left still half lazy and sleepy completely naked arriving at the kitchen where her girlfriend finished putting the food on the plate, and had a scare when she felt her shameless boyfriend hugging naked behind her, but she simply sighed and smiled when she let her body rest on the hard and muscular body she had loved so much since the first time they went out together.

Gwen's life as Clark Storm's girlfriend was very lively, after all it's not any woman who can stand dating the sexiest man in the world, and win the heart of a famous ex-playboy who slept every night in someone's bed. In addition to his various titles and career as an actor, Gwen looked at his boyfriend's fan comments about her and only smiled victoriously at the mass female envy that Gwen would bet if he could become a ghost she would have died long ago.

After sending her boyfriend to wear something decent to prevent her from losing herself to the sinful temptation to knock him down and not release him for half a day, Gwen became serious when she observed Clark's complicated expression when he handed her a briefcase that gave her a bad feeling.

Gwen didn't give any comment and read the whole file about the beginning of avengers, and when he finished reading, and listened to her boyfriend's concerns, he stayed thoughtful for a few minutes while reflecting on what she should advise him, since he obviously always trusted her and her impartial opinions whenever he was in doubt about something.

Gwen analyzed his facts and opinions, and finally agreed with him that it was useless to stay hidden for any longer, but it was also against him to reveal his identity, because as the daughter of a policeman, Gwen knew how dirty and rotten human hearts could be when they saw something extraordinary, giving birth to the desire to control this power for himself, or destroy it so that nobody else would.

After expressing his opinions, Gwen didn't even have time to say anything else when she was hugged hard and had her mouth occupied with a hot and malicious tongue that invaded her mouth in an insolent and daring way. Soon, Krypto who was sleeping in his little dog house on the lawn in the backyard, raised his ears to hear the familiar mating sounds of his owners, and the smell of pheromones in the air. Krypto just yawned too tired to think about his owner's infinite hardness and went back to sleep.

Nick Fury was sitting at his desk with three computer screens, which tried uselessly to discover the true identity of the mysterious Superman so he could control this force to protect the earth from all disasters, but even after almost 10 years he still hadn't managed to discover even a shadow on the digital network. He could only sigh in frustration, until Nick discovered a wooden plate with the smell of burning on his desk, and read Superman's answer, and just relaxed his posture in the chair to accept the fact that he would have no control over his actions. Aside from the extreme annoyance of not having total control, Nick thought of several possibilities where Superman's lack of real identity would be well used.

Nick might be being paranoid, but in his whole life he only trusted two people. His right arm, agent Hill who in case he died, she would replace him, and agent Coulson his left arm. They were the only living creatures in which he could swear with his life at stake. Even if he commanded S.H.I.E.L.D., not even he knew how many in the organization were as loyal as they said. Maybe this mysterious hero is the last hope, in case something unexpected happens and the avengers fall apart one day.

With his answer being sent to Fury, Clark relaxed and stopped getting involved in full-time vigilante work, leaving everything to the spider man, and went back to work more on his label, and his career as an award-winning actor. He announced his retirement from the catwalks, and made the world cry with the departure of the sexiest man in the world, and the number 1 supermodel in the world.

With this out, Clark felt he had more free time to stay with his girlfriend, and easily guide his publisher, and choose good movies to act, winning several consecutive awards at each production whose name is on it.

Several months passed while Clark's life was full of joy with his wife and canine friend, but a question that his girlfriend raised, brought back an old hurt that he tried everything to forget. Gwen reminded him and tried to persuade him to reconnect with his two older brothers, reminding him that the bonds between the family are complicated, and sometimes painful, but only giving a second chance to talk between family and understand each other would fill the pain and emptiness in his heart.

- Hah, woman you are a genius. You know this right? What would I do without you? I love you. I love you so much. And even if my mind tries to deny your logical reasoning, my heart yearns for the theory you said. Because of you, and this anxious heart of mine, I'll put aside my useless pride, and try to reconnect with them. [ Clark said in a defeated sigh when he closed his eyes with his body lying on the couch, and his head lying on Gwen's lap caressing his hair and face].

- Of course I'm a sweet genius. After all, what woman could steal you from so many hungry hyenas if she didn't have my charm and powerful brain? Haha. I know you'll be happier with them back in your life Clark. I realize you miss them, in the rare situations where their names are mentioned. If that makes it better, I'll go with you. All right? [Gwen asked his boyfriend in a soft voice who was napping on his lap, looking like a warrior angel who fell into his sleeping arms, and heard his answer in a grunt when he picked her up and threw her into his broad, sturdy chest, and nesting his chin on her head and falling asleep. She smiled lovingly as she felt the love, trust, respect and passion of this man who made her fall hopelessly into his childlike love, and overwhelmed and slept in that warmth that became her fortress].

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