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71.12% Marvel: We Are Venom / Chapter 133: 130 - Sharon Carter. 2

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Chapter 133: 130 - Sharon Carter. 2

[A/ N: Warning!!!! as of next week my chapters will be unedited, I ask everyone to understand if you notice that the quality of grammar has dropped, I promise that as soon as I get a new editor, I will organize the chapters again.]


'SHIELD? Is Adrian connected to SHIELD?' Jean wondered as she overheard Adrian's conversation. For a moment, Jean thought about using her powers on the waitress but remembered Adrian was also a telepath. If she invaded the waitress' mind, Adrian might be angry with her.

Making him angry was something Jean didn't want to do; she still had to get close to him.

Because of that, Jean just pretended she didn't understand anything.

"Sharon Carter…"

'Where have I heard of that name before?'

Adrian stopped for a few moments and backtracked his memory logs. If he's seen that name before, anywhere, he has confidence that he will remember.

After a few seconds of thinking, Adrian remembered, and it slightly shocked him.

Adrian remained shocked and looked at Sharon Carter, but soon after, his smile grew. 'Peggy Carter's granddaughter is one of the founders of SHIELD, that makes her the heir to SHIELD.'

Adrian's smile continued expanding until it was so big that he looked like a psycho clown who discovered a new toy. 'God, my Leona is so mean.' He thought when he understood Leona's whole plan.

"… What?" Sharon Carter felt uncomfortable as she noticed Adrian's smile.

"Hmm?" Adrian stopped smiling as he glanced thoughtfully at the roof again. 'They are getting closer.'

"Sharon Carter, I want you to close this diner and kick out all the customers, right now."


"Just do it, you know what I am, right?"

"Yes, you are a-" Adrian hastily bought his hand over her mouth.

"Idiot, don't go and say it for the world to hear."

"Hm-Mmmmm" She muffled and nodded, indicating she understood.

Only then did Adrian release his hand from the front of her mouth. "Just do what I say and don't ask anything else, got it?"

"… Okay."

Adrian went back to his seat and finished the parfait in silence.

"What was that about?" Jean asked.


Adrian glanced at Jean and internally questioned himself. 'Do I tell her? Yeah, there's no reason to hide. '

"We have visitors," Adrian replied.


Not minding Jean's reaction, he continued. "I don't know what they are, but if they have something as technologically advanced as an invisible plane, they must be powerful."

When Jean heard the words 'invisible plane', she started to shake. 'Did they discover me? Like!?'

Jean hurriedly thought of her options as her emotions showed on her face. That did not go unnoticed by Adrian, but he did nothing to stop or help her. He doesn't have time to take care of Jean now. He needs to plan out his next course of actions.

As his mind was trying to think of a peaceful solution, the rest of him wanted to fight.

Unconsciously, he started to smile expectantly.

'Was it when I lost control of my powers for a moment?' Jean thought as she stared at Adrian, 'How did he discover the plane? Won't you tell me, Adrian? How strong are you?'

A few minutes later, Sharon excused the customers and closed the diner, but that did not stop the new visitors.

"Professor, is she in this place?"


"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go."

"Logan, wait!"

A short muscular man with scruffy facial hair grumpily barged into the diner, looking around as if searching for his special bone {EN: Couldn't help it.}. Seeing Jean's fiery red hair, he ignored Adrian, who was sitting next to her and approached.

"Jean, great to see you again!"

"Tsk. Hey, Logan. How's life been treating you?" Jean spoke with false kindness.

Adrian just ate his fourth parfait in silence, watching everything. {EN: These parfaits are infinite, don't question it.}

[Adrian, use your eyes.] Death spoke, scaring Andrian a bit, even if he was mentally prepared at all times for her to speak.

Adrian nodded to himself and focused his eyes on the energy surrounding Logan.

Adrian's smile widened as he perceived it.

Soon after Logan went in, a group of men and women entered the cafeteria.

"Jean! You were fine!"

"Jean! I was so worried!"

"Jean! You were alive."

"Jean! I'm glad."

"Professor, Storm, Rogue and… Scott." She spoke the last person's name with obvious disgust.

Everyone heard it but continued to ignore it.

Adrian, noticing that these were the people who were tracking Jean, viewed them with a fraction of caution. There was a beautiful black woman with white hair and blue glowing eyes, a bald man in a wheelchair, a beautiful woman with red hair and white highlights and a man wearing a type of red glasses.

'Well, this is interesting.'

"Jean, why didn't you go back to school?!" Logan roared.

"Logan, you know very well why I didn't come back," Jean snorted, looking at Scott.

"Jean, Scott was not to blame." The 8defended him.

Jean gets angry and gets up!

"Wasn't his fault?!" She screeched in anger.

"Professor, he got married and had a son with a clone of mine and even worse, he abandoned my clone and the son they had, after finding out the truth! This man is a bastard worse than trash!" Jean shouted angrily.

Her rage so fierce, Jean's hidden powers emerged, revealing itself from her body. Her eyes started to shine and her hair started to float, defying gravity. "He didn't just cheat on me, he abandoned a woman and her child!"

"..." Professor Baldy couldn't respond like he usually does because she was telling the truth.

"Jean…" Scott spoke with a sorry expression.

'Calm-' As Professor Baldy was about to forcefully calm Jean down, he spotted a figure swiftly move towards her.

'Shit.' Adrian knowing he couldn't let Jean go crazy now, he stood up and approached Jean.

'Death, what do I do?'

[The presence of death should lessen the effect of my sister's powers on her body.]

'... and how do I do that?'

[Oh, you don't know yet? Look into her eyes, and activate the eyes I gave you.]


Everyone finally noticed Adrian. They were so focused on Jean that they focused less on the surroundings.

Adrian approached Jean and his eyes began glowing, gaining a blown hue, and without noticing it, Adrian began releasing a freezing aura, making the X-Men feel nothing but death and despair from his body.

There was no escape from death.

'He is dangerous.' Everyone thought.

"Jean." Adrian walked up to Jean and stared into her eyes.

His neon-blue eyes and her golden eyes meet, for a moment, Adrian managed to see a bird sleeping in Jean's eyes.


"Calm down, remember what I told you. If you lose control, you will explode." Adrian reasoned.

"But…" Jean glanced back at Scott, fuming with anger.

"I don't know what happened between you, but don't get out of control."

Seeing that her powers were still increasing, Adrian had to seriously wonder what this bastard did.



Adrian finally cracked and released all his aura, so terrible that everyone in the cafe could feel the touch of Death itself.

'What is this aura?!' The teacher asked himself in shock and disbelief.

Jean continued to stare at Adrian and saw his neon blue eyes looking at her, he coldly muttered.

"Calm down."

Like a meek bird, Jean pecked her head in a nod and reined in her rage.


"HAHAHAHAHAHA! I knew it!! I knew that if he found my sister, his powers would grow faster! " Death laughed excitedly.

"Calm down, Death. That was just a demonstration, he hasn't woken up yet." Death attempted to calm down, but the happy smile could not leave her face.

"Ahhhh~! Adrian, I am looking forward to the day when you will control this energy, I am looking forward to what you will become."


Edited by: Slammeron

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