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85.49% Marvel: We Are Venom / Chapter 165: 164: Jean and Jessica.

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Chapter 165: 164: Jean and Jessica.

"I finished." Jean told Adrian whose eyes were closed.

Adrian opens his eyes and lands gently on the floor. "How are you feeling?" He asked

Jessica looks at Adrian. "I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders, I understand something too."

"What is?"

"It looks like I'm in love with you." She spoke seriously.

"What!?" Jean cried out in shock.

Before Adrian can say anything, Jessica continues. "At first, I thought I fell in love with you because of the effect of the suspension bridge, or that story where the prince saves the princess from danger, etc."

"And being honest? I think that was it. " She made fun of herself in a fun way.

'Her personality has changed a little ... Wrong, she has returned to her original personality.' Adrian thought as he waited for her to continue.

"I was going through the most terrible time of my life, and suddenly you came and saved me. How can I not fall in love with you? You even gave me my virginity back, you allowed me to start all over again, after all this, how can I not fall in love with you? " She laughed a little. "In a way, I think this situation is funny, when I was a child I said to myself that I would never like a prince who saves the princess from danger, because that was just an illusion, but here I am."

"In the beginning, I didn't want to make a move on you because I felt dirty ..." She spoke with a sad expression.

Soon that expression changed to a determined one: "But those thoughts are gone now. I was letting my traumas make the decisions for me, I was scared, but I'm not scared anymore." She laughed a little: "I never had a personality that is restrained and shy. When I want something, I fight for it."

Jessica walked confidently towards Adrian.

Adrian laughed gently, he remembered Natasha's words, he laughed again when he realized that Natasha was right.

Adrian walked towards Jessica, a woman is showing her feelings to you. What do you do? You face it like a man and give an adequate answer, do not create illusions for her, just say what you feel and be honest.

Jessica stops in front of Adrian and wraps her arms around his neck, Adrian gently takes Jessica's waist. "I'll be honest, I never thought of you that way."

"I know." Jessica said smiling. "If you said you like me, I would have been disappointed, because I knew it would be a lie."

"You know my situation, right?"

"Yes, having two wives is not easy, is it?" She said laughing.

"What will you do?"

"What I said I would do, I would fight for it. If they don't approve of me, I'll make them approve of me."

'Heh, I like that mindset.' Adrian thought as he pulled Jessica closer.

"What about me? You know I don't like you on the same level as Natasha and Leona. "

Jessica snorted. "Of course you like them better, you shouldn't even think of me as a romantic partner, right?" She didn't look sad when she said that, in fact, she looked like she was having fun.

She continued: "But so what?" She brought Adrian's face closer. "I just have to make you like me. I know I'm hot, I can win you over, I know I can." She spoke proudly. "And you're not particularly against that idea, are you? If you didn't like that idea, you wouldn't be hugging me right now. Seriously, you are so greedy. "

Adrian smiled amused. He liked Jessica's personality more, a determined and aggressive personality, this is the personality that best suits her.

"Are you ready for the consequences? As soon as you enter that path, you would be mine forever, and when I say forever, I mean forever. " He spoke seriously.

"Why are you saying such strange things?" She snorted. "Just accept me and fuck me, I'll think about the consequences later." She said.

She puts her hand on Adrian's face, and brings her face closer to Adrian while looking seriously into his neon blue eyes: "I want you, I want you to do the same thing to me as you did to Natasha this morning, I want that. Consequences? Fuck that! I'll think about it later. Love? It can be built slowly afterwards, I know you don't love me now, but I don't care about that, I am confident of having your love over time. "

Adrian's smile grew in a distorted way. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!" He puts his hand on his chest and laughs like Alucard at the time that the Nazi general declared war on England, he laughed as if he found the most fun thing in his life.

Jessica Jones and Jean Gray looked at Adrian in shock, they never expected that kind of reaction.

"I like it!! I absolutely love it!! " Stopping laughing, he looks at Jessica. "Jessica Jones, I can easily say that I will love you in the future, do you know why I say that? Because I absolutely love a woman who is sincere with her feelings, a woman who doesn't care about the opinions of others, a woman who is sincere with herself, a woman who knows what she wants and fights for it. I really must learn some things from you. "

Jessica's smile grows, she pulls Adrian and kisses him.

Adrian returns Jessica's kiss while hugging her.

"I finally have this!" Jessica said between kisses.

"Don't get carried away, we have guests, do you remember?"

Jessica stops kissing Adrian and looks at Jean, she snorted. "Are you just going to stand there? Are you a scarecrow that has no reactions? "

Jean wakes up from her stupor and looks at Jessica. She read the woman's mind and was shocked by what she was thinking. 'Are you just going to stand there like a coward?'

Jean looked at Adrian and spoke. "I am leaving."

'Coward, if you continue like this, you will never get what you want.' Jessica thought. She knew the girl would read her thoughts, because of that, she was thinking these things.

Jessica is not stupid. She is a good detective, but she doesn't have to be a detective to understand Jean's feeling, after all, she wasn't hiding it. Jessica realized it from the way Jean was dressed, no one would choose attractive clothes to visit a friend .

Jean bites her lips in frustration, she bit so hard it starts to bleed. She looks at Adrian and suddenly her eyes start to glow a gold with shades of black.

Her hair starts to float.

[Oh? Do you still have traces of my other self? She is too weak to call herself Phoenix, but she is still strong enough to grow separately, this is interesting.] Phoenix commented laughing.

She approaches Adrian and says in a possessive tone. "I want you."

Adrian knew what was going on, but he didn't care.

Adrian will stop restraining himself, he will do what he wants. That was the wish of his two wives, and he will do it!

Adrian pulls Jean into his arms. "You know my situation, are you still going to accept that?"

"Don't underestimate me, I'll get what I want! I'm a Phoenix! I'm Jean Gray! I will not be a woman who is used and discarded as my clone! " Jean spoke of her pent-up feelings as she hugged Adrian.

Adrian smiled, his eyes started to shine and soon the sounds of thunder were heard in the sky. He holds the two women in his arms, the Symbiotes begin to enter the bodies of the two women and form a protective suit.

And suddenly ... It disappears in a Flash, the only thing that was heard was the sounds of thunder.


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