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86.01% Marvel: We Are Venom / Chapter 166: 165, 166: Unexpected situation.

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Chapter 166: 165, 166: Unexpected situation.

In Adrian's mental landscape two entities were talking to each other while watching Jessica Jones's confession.

"I never expected a trace of my power to survive ..." Phoenix commented while lying on the grass.

"That's because you don't take your job seriously!" Death grunted.

"Mah, Mah, Mah ... You don't have to be so stressed, that part of my power is just a fraction, if I put it in numbers, it's just 0.0000001% of my power."

Death sighs. "Can this Phoenix become an entity?" She asked.

Phoenix shakes his head. "It cannot become an entity, I think it will grow and become a mythical animal, but it will not be at my level."

"Changing matters ... Did you see that confession!? This woman has my respect!! Next time I will do this!! "

"Hmm, I think you don't have to, after all, Adrian knows you like him." Death commented.

Phoenix gets up and looks at her sister as if she were a fool. "In a relationship, you have to run as if it were a war. It's like soldiers entering the front line of the enemy battalion, you just run, run, run, run and then run even more. There are no rest breaks, you have to run as fast as possible and win your position. "


"That's an interesting mindset ... Where did you learn that from?" Death questioned.

"In a movie."



Natasha managed to explain the whole situation to her sister.

"I'm sorry for getting excited ..." Yelena spoke a little embarrassed.

"It's okay, I understand how you act." Natasha said tiredly.

Suddenly Natasha, Leona and Yelena can hear sounds of thunder falling on the grass.

* Boooom! *

A lightning fell in the yard, and from that lightning Adrian left with Jessica and Jean.

"What a striking entrance, is he a god or something?" Yelena commented while whistling, she didn't even seem surprised by Adrian's powers.

Adrian enters the house accompanied by Jean and Jessica. Before Adrian could say anything, Leona laughed, "HAHAHAHAHA."

Leona looks at Natasha with a smile on her face. "I won, Natasha."

"Tsk." Natasha walks over to her purse and takes out several money bills. "Take it."

"Thank you ~"


Adrian's smile was breaking a little. "Ehh ... Girls?"

Leona looks at Adrian with a confident smile. "Natasha and I made a bet. When we gave the green light for you to pick up other women, I bet you would bring at least two women in less than a day, after all, I know you, you let yourself be involved very easily at the moment. "

"This is a bad habit of yours. Fortunately, you only do this when the situation involves friends or someone close to you. With enemies you can control yourself and take advantage of the situation, a good example of this is what happened to Emma Frost when you managed to get her into a trap. " Leona nods to herself confidently, she is confident of being the person who knows Adrian best.

"By the way, I bet you would bring only one woman, but I underestimated you, huh?" Natasha said.


"Pfft, HAHAHAHAHA." Jessica and Adrian started to laugh.

Adrian was laughing because this situation is very unexpected. He honestly didn't think his two wives would do that. He doesn't know if he is happy or confused by this situation, because of that, he just laughed.

Jessica on the other hand is laughing at the reaction of Leona and Natasha. They seemed to have already accepted this situation, she came with the mentality of getting their approval, but they had already accepted it.

Jean was just ashamed of this situation.

"Oh?" Leona and Natasha looked at Jessica who was smiling happily, then looked at Jean, the two wives nod as if they understood something.

"Adrian, you have something to do, right? Get out of here! I have to talk to these two women. " Leona spoke in a serious voice.

Adrian understood more or less what they were going to say, he laughed a little and nodded.

He goes to the yard and kneels on the floor, he puts his fist on the floor, he had a pose similar to Superman who is about to fly in the air.

He looks at the sky and his eyes start to glow a neon blue, and soon after, he disappears with a crash of thunder.

When Adrian left, Yelena came out of her stupor and screamed. "What in God's name is going on in this house !?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Natasha sighed. "It's complicated."

Leona laughed. "It's actually quite simple."

All women look at Leona. "Adrian is currently the strongest man on earth, because of that, he wanted more women, after all, he has several women who like him ..."

She shakes her head, denying her own words. "Wrong, he wanted to accept the feelings of women who like him." She waves to herself as if she has found the right word.

Leona continued. "But he was restraining himself out of respect for my feelings and Natasha's feelings. He didn't want to hurt us, but after a night of sex and a hot conversation in the bathroom, Natasha and I gave him permission to get other wives."

Yelena was shocked, she screamed. "How can you accept this !? This is not the Middle Ages for God's sake! He is not a Chinese emperor! "

Leona looked at Yelena with a neutral look. "We have several reasons ... I mean that we can invent several reasons, but we have one main reason which is Adrian's mental stability."

"Huh?" Yelena didn't understand and Leona said nothing more.

Natasha looks at Jessica and Jean. "As you can see, we just allowed him to look for another woman and the result is this."

Leona laughed: "He even got another redhead."

Natasha's smile trembles a little when she hears Leona.

Jessica smiles confidently and Jean turns her face ashamed, she honestly was unable to keep up with this situation.

"I think Felicia Hardy is the next woman he goes after ... We need a bigger house ..." Leona said and started to think about what to do.

"Yes, I find it very difficult for Gwen to accept this relationship, she is a very traditional teen girl." Natasha confirms, she looks at Jean. "I'm surprised you accepted it." Natasha's image of Jean was a repressed girl who doesn't expose her feelings.

Jean sighs. "To be honest, I was teased by this woman, because of that, I went with the flow."

Jessica laughed when she heard Jean's words.

Natasha and Leona look seriously at Jean.

"I suggest you make up your mind quickly. We will not accept women who have little determination, if you decide to stay, you have to stay for eternity." Leona said.

"All eternity?" Jean didn't understand.

Yelena decided to stop thinking about it, she looks at the window and thinks. 'How beautiful the sky is, despite being cloudy.'

Jessica looks at Leona waiting for an answer.

Leona looks at Natasha. "Natasha."

"Okay." Natasha gets up, she walks to the kitchen and takes a knife, she throws the knife at Leona.

Leona takes the knife and cuts her arm.


"Calm down." Natasha said.

Yelena, Jessica and Jean look at Leona's arm healing at an accelerated rate.

"This is the same as Adrian ..." Jean commented.

"Yes, Adrian has acquired a power capable of transforming mortal beings into immortal beings, Natasha, Adrian and I are already immortal."

"What !?" All three women were shocked.

"That's what I meant for eternity, think about your decision, Jean Gray." Leona spoke seriously.

Jean is silent, she sits on the couch and starts to think about what to do.

Yelena finally understood what Leona meant by mental stability, if Adrian lives 200 years, how will his mentality change? No, if he lives 10,000 years, will he still be the same? He is not a god, it is because of this concern that they accepted this relationship.

Yelena looks at Natasha and notices her annoyed look. She realizes that Natasha did not like this decision, but she is accepting it because of Adrian.

Yelena looks at Leona in an attempt to understand something, but she only sees her motherly smile ... She did not understand anything when observing Leona, it was as if this woman could not be read.

What Yelena didn't know is that Leona's thinking was quite simple. 'As long as I'm with Adrian, as long as he's safe and happy, I don't care about anything.' It was this thought that moved Leona's actions and also her confidence in her own feminine charm and her knowledge of Adrian.

Leona knows very well that her existence is a crucial part of Adrian's existence. She is basically the most important person in Adrian's life, she is happy with that. Adrian will always have Leona as wife number 1, and she is happy with that position.


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