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Chapter 66: 63 - Felicia Hardy.

When I sat next to Gwen, the teacher woke up from his stupor and started teaching again, this middle-aged teacher's class is about history.

Then he told the students to open the book to page 30, I took the storybook from the bag and opened it on that page, when I opened the book and saw that the title said 'The story of Captain America', I made a funny expression, after all, the first history class that Nat taught me was about Captain America.

"Why were you acting weird yesterday?" a curious voice asked me.

I looked to my side and saw Gwen looking neutrally at the classroom board.

"I was feeling weird, after all, it was my first time at a big school." I lied easily with a neutral expression, Gwen looked at my face for a moment and then turns her attention to the board in the classroom.

[A / N: The translator may translate wrong, so I made that note. The school is normal, it has chairs and a blackboard in which the teacher teaches students, the school model is based on American schools.]

After that, she didn't asked me anything else, I also didn't know what to talk to her about, which is, our first date was horrible, after all, she saw me naked.


Right now, I'm walking towards the cafeteria.

* Grrr *

This strange noise was the sound of my stomach, I am very hungry! I should have brought chocolates...(E/N: hehe I like that small detail about venom. You see because of reasons I'm not gonna say venom loves chocolate, and since he and Adrian merged, Adrian also likes them)

The history teacher's class was boring, I already knew everything he said, and for some reason, the professor seemed to idolize Captain America as if he were a god or something.

When the class ended, I thought the students were going to the next class which would be math, but when I saw them walking towards the cafeteria, I realized that my conversation with Peter Parker and Nat took too long.

This school had a very strange teaching system, it uses a room rotation system, basically, each teacher of each subject has a personal room, and students who have classes in the respective subject of a certain teacher, must go to the classroom to avoid confusion, the school divided the hours very well.

It is difficult to understand at first, but soon I got used to it, basically, teachers teach in their personal rooms, the student's duty is just to go to their room and learn. [N / A: I couldn't explain it very well, but it is basically the US education system] (E/N: I couldn't even edit it that well, f*ck I was confused)

I opened the cafeteria door and soon I heard several voices speaking at the same time, as I have a very good hearing, I felt very uncomfortable hearing all of these voices at the same time.

(So much noise) Venom commented angrily.

I nodded in agreement with his words, as I was hungry, I could stand the noise, for now.As I looked around I saw a huge queue, for a moment, I was surprised by this huge queue, when I realized that this huge queue is all for the students to eat something, I immediately gave up on getting something to eat.

I will starve if I wait in line!

As I don't know what to do, I decided to walk through the cafeteria, while I was walking through the cafeteria, I suddenly felt someone poking me, I look at the person who poked me and I see a beautiful girl with white hair, she has an incredibly voluptuous body, her face is quite thin and she has blue eyes. I remember this girl, she was the one who smiled at me when I introduced myself, I remembered her because her body doesn't look like a 14-year-old teenager.

"I couldn't help but notice that you look lost, do you want me to show you around the school?" She asked me with a mischievous smile, for some reason, her image reminded me of a wild cat that visited me when I lived on that hill, I remembered that the cat always showed up to eat, but every time I gave him food, the cat ate and disappeared for a few days and came back to ask for more food.

I had no reason to refuse her, but first I have to eat something: "I accept, but do you know of any place where I could eat something? I don't want to wait in that line. " I said while looking at the queue that has increased in size again...

"Hmm, I know a place, come follow me." She said after thinking for a while, I nodded and started following her.

As I followed her, I remembered that I don't know her name. "What's your name?" I asked curiously.

She stopped walking for a moment and looked at me smiling. "My name is Felicia Hardy, nice to meet you, Adrian."


Mary Jane, who was watching this scene from a distance, said, "Are you sure it's okay, Gwen?" Mary Jane asked as she looked at her childhood friend who was beside her.

Gwen narrowed her eyes and asked. "Why are you asking me that?"

"Well, Adrian is talking to Felicia Hardy, you know how she's a spoiled patrician." Mary Jane commented.

"And?" Gwen responded.

Mary Jane sighed and responded, "What if he falls into her trap?"

Gwen looked at Adrian's back and replied: "If he is smart, he will not fall into her trap." She responded and went right back to eating her food.

Everyone at school knows Felicia Hardy, she is well known for being a spoiled little patrician, she does everything she likes and the consequences of her actions never reach her.

"I think I will let Adrian know about her." Mary Jane said her thoughts aloud.

Gwen heard what Mary Jane said, but she ignored it. Honestly, she doesn't know why she is acting so petty towards Adrian, she has this irritating feeling in her heart, but as she doesn't understand what that feeling is, she just kept getting more and more irritated.


[N / A: For those who haven't read the comics, you may not know this, but Felicia Hardy was raped by her boyfriend when she was in college ... To be honest, I hate this part of Felicia Hardy's story, I think that the writer who wrote this must have a fetish for this shit, because he had several elements that could add to Felicia Hardy's story and narrative, but he chose **** to get attention ... I really hate **** crimes, I despise these acts, a friend of mine was raped and even today she is broken, she can't even talk to me properly, and every time I see her situation, I get angry !! These crimes must carry the death penalty, I really want all those bastards dead!]

(E/N: I feel you bro, a lotta authors just adds in shit like that for no reason or story wise benefits, and that just irks me. For example those who've read Against the gods know some of the questionable s*it Yun Che has done. Also author, I hope your friend recovers, and if she doesn't have one already then she should get a therapist or something.)

[N / A: Anyway, I'm going to keep Felicia Hardy's origin, but I'm going to change a lot of things that I hate ... When I took Felicia Hardy's character and read about her, I understood that most of the things that the writers added in was useless, they did it just to put a love interest in Peter Parker ... I understand that this sells very well, after all, everyone wants to read a story where two hot babes (Mary Jane) compete for a guy, right? But they destroyed a character that has a lot of potential, Felicia Hardy became just a woman who lives to provoke Peter Parker ... In the end, she married Flash and had a daughter with him, only to soon split up and marry one woman ... When I read the comic, I was like "What? What the fuck is this? ", The spiderman comics and Scott Summers comics are the ones I hate the most! They destroyed several good characters because of the protagonists, sigh ... Whoever wants to know more about her story:]

(E/N: and for those who wants to read the comic, well… Mister Editor came in with the clutch. Beep boopboop, boopboop beep… BOOM!


Edited By: Lasagna God

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