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Chapter 69: 66 - Everything for the family.

On the way home, Nat asked me in a neutral voice without taking her eyes off the road: "Did you make any friends today?"

"Yes, I made a friend." I answered, smiling.

Nat narrowed her eyes: "Is this friend a girl?"

[You fucked yourself.] Venom laughed.

I pursed my lips when I heard Venom laughing at me. "Yes, she is a girl."

When I answered that, Nat just made a 'Hmm' sound and didn't say anything else.

Seeing her like this, I remembered the words she said to me earlier: "Remember that feeling, this is how Leona and I feel when women look at you." [N / A: Chapter 53.]

Remembering what she said to me that day, I looked at her and saw her with a neutral expression, saying nothing, I approached her and kissed her on the mouth.

"Hmmf?" I felt her being surprised for a moment, but soon she returned my kiss.

I kissed her for a little while, after all, she is still driving.

I pulled away from her juicy lips and I saw a trail of saliva that connected to our lips, she looked at me with an amused look: "What was that?"

I snorted and said, "Didn't you like it?"

Realizing my joke, she said with a smile: "I didn't say that."

I looked at her seriously and said in a serious voice: "Don't be too jealous, I won't date any other girls. You and mom are enough for me." I wanted to make my thoughts very clear.

Nat snorted: "Don't be jealous? Could you say those exact words if any man was talking to me intimately? "

... No, I couldn't, I would be jealous if I saw her talking to another man intimately. But isn't she being irrational? Didn't she say to make friends? Women are complicated ...

"See? Your expression told me all the answers I wanted, you should control your expressions more, after all, didn't I spend my time training you? " Nat said with false disappointment.

"I'm just like that in front of you and mother." I answered in my defense.

Nat just smiled and said nothing. "We are going to maintain a healthy relationship, okay? I am jealous of you and you are jealous of me, I will try not to overdo it if I see someone close to you." I said.

If I see a man near her, I just have to eat his head.

"Adrian, you are making an evil smile ..." She commented with a smile.

I am? Oops.

I'm thirsty, I look for a bottle of water in the car, and then I find a bottle of water in the back seat of the car.

She smiles maliciously: "And to answer your question. Yes, we will maintain a healthy relationship, but don't judge me if some of your friends disappear suddenly. " She said in a neutral voice.

*Cough! Cough!*

I spilled my water on the car, then I looked at Nat with a strange look.

"What?" She asked with an innocent face.

"Just don't overdo it." I said with a sigh.

She snorted, "You too."

After this serious and somewhat playful conversation, Nat and I were quiet, we just enjoyed each other's presence.

A few minutes later, I could already see my house, Nat drove towards the front of the garage and turned the car off, shortly after she and I got out of the car, while we were walking towards the entrance of the house, I asked curiously: " Nat, do you know OSCORP? "

"Yes. OSCORP is a multi-billion dollar multinational corporation, located in Manhattan, New York. It's annual turnover is US $ 3.1 billion, the president of this company is called Norman Osborn, according to Leona's investigation, he may be involved in some business with the Kingpin. " She responded in a neutral tone while looking at me as if she's waiting for something.

"$ 3.1 billion, huh? that's a lot of money ... "I said my thoughts out loud. "Who's the Kingpin?" I asked. (Has my mom investigated OSCORP yet? She's quick.)

"Wilson Fisk, or better known as Kingpin, he is a mob boss who is involved in all sorts of crimes in New York City, he works with anything that gives him money." Nat explained in a neutral tone, we stopped in front of the door, before I could open the door, she took my hands and looked at me in the eye:

"While in the dark he controls the entire New York underworld as a criminal empire, on the surface he poses as a charitable businessman and philanthropist, he is an intelligent and manipulative person." She explained and continued to look me in the eye.

Kingpin, huh? A criminal empire, huh? Without realizing it, I sported an evil smile.

"Venom." I called my faithful companion who adores heads a lot, a slimy goo came out of my body and soon Venom's face was floating in front of me.

I noticed Nat looking around for witnesses, but soon I ignored her, I wasn't going to call Venom out if I wasn't sure I wasn't being watched.

"Did you hear what she said?" I asked, still smiling.

Venom chuckled: ["Of course."]

"And what are we going to do next?"

["We are going to eat a lot of heads!"]

My smile grew even more with Venom's response, but I have to correct my friend. "My faithful friend, you are thinking a little low."

["What do you mean?"]

"Think with me, he is the King of Crime, he has an empire of criminals, what would happen if that empire was taken over?" Before Venom could say anything, I said, "We would have an almost unlimited supply of heads, and not only that. We would have subordinates and a lot of money. " With connections from the underworld, I could find mutants more easily as well.

I don't know how the underworld works, but I have two ex-agents with me, they could teach me, I could use this opportunity to solve my money problem and in the future solve my problem of powers, I don't want to have criminals as subordinates, but I can't be that naive, I can only use criminals who have committed heinous crimes like **** or child trafficking as disposable parts, I can even use them as my food.

The rest of the criminals, I would use them to expand my influence, I would also use them to find more mutants, the more mutants I find, the more powers I can accumulate.

My plan is not quite ready yet, the plan also has a lot of holes, but I have time to think, I will discuss this with Nat and Leona later, I need their opinion.

I thought about it all in just a few seconds, I know that when I became 50% alien, my whole body in base form was raised to the maximum of the human limit, I basically became Captain America, consequently, my intelligence too has been enhanced, I just wasn't using it, I was just acting on instinct like Venom, but I can't do anything about it for now.

["Subordinates, power, wealth and more heads to eat, I like it, hahahahahaha."] Venom said showing that he had intelligence too.

Was this bastard hiding this from me? No, I just didn't realize, as he said before, I influenced him, and he influences me.

I just smiled wickedly at Venom's words.

Nat looks at me and said in a serious voice, "You are going too fast, Adrian. You have to think- "

"I know, Nat. Don't worry, I won't make a move now, I will discuss a reliable plan with you and mom, you are the people I trust the most, basically, you are my right and left arms." I interrupted her.

Nat was surprised for a moment, but then she smiled contentedly: "Good, I thought you would act without thinking again, if you had acted without thinking when I told you about the Kingpin, I as your master would be disappointed. " She said with false sadness as false tears fell from her eyes.

I pursed my lips in response to her joke and entered my home.


When Adrian left.

'When I told him about the Kingpin, I wanted to know his thoughts, I never thought he would make a decision to steal Kingpin's empire.' Natasha thought with pride.

To be honest, Natasha is very stressed these days, why is she stressed? Well, suddenly she knew that there were beings that could erase the earth in the blink of an eye, when she heard about it, she almost freaked out, but as a trained agent and because of the presence of Leona and Adrian, she calmed down, soon after she started to think about what to do.

Currently, her family needs power, a power that no one would dare to challenge, but she also can't lose sight of her goals, she needs strength to protect her family, call it wanting to control her own destiny, she doesn't likes it when her life is in other people's hands.

Natasha unconsciously put her hand on her belly and said in a low voice as she looked up at the starry sky: "All for the family."


Edited By: Lasagna God

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