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100% Mass Effect - Hail War / Chapter 10: Remember

Remember - Mass Effect - Hail War - Chapter 10 by Arguant_Morte full book limited free

Chapter 10: Remember

Anger .. Fear .. Sorrow, all these emotions were going through the Elders head at that very moment.

Sorrow for having no time to think, study or experiment with the enemy, this enemy is not what was expected of this cycle. There was no warning or preparation for this situation, just, 'there you go asshole, please do enjoy'.

Fear, yes there is an ounce of it, will I succeed or will I fail, the Elder did not like this feeling, fear, it was not of him to do something like that. It reminded him to much of the beginning ... there nothing made sense, for a time.

Last but not least the anger he felt right now was beyond what he thought he was capable of feeling, if you are given a problem with no solution why get angry, 'there is nothing you can do about it, why the emotion'. But this, it felt feral and wild. A type of anger that boils and festers for centuries with no way to express it, to release it on something for so long ... till now.

'That fucking bitch, no wonder she laughed at me at the end before I disappeared ... Ooohh whenever I do get back, I swear I will rip that smirk from her face ... All tho I am also to blame as I never listened to Savage's stories of where it was from ... there's no reason to cry about it now, only to prepare for there imminent arrival. Twenty years sounds like so much time but in reality it is all over in a blink, every minute, every hour and every day brings us closer to her arrival ... what can she do, what can I possibly do to her. A mortal vs an immortal, lets put that name to the test.'

All huddled up over the table the Elder went thru his options in his head followed with the occasional laugh, all that did not went unnoticed be the Catalyst, it stared at the organic with its head to the side 'thinking', 'is its mind functioning correctly'.

Of course all this only lasted mere seconds when the Elder came back to himself, meeting 'eye's' with the Catalyst. "Catalyst, if you wish to live then follow me. All that you posses will be mine, all your knowledge and know how, as well as all of your remaining resources and functions. Basically what is yours is now mine, what say you?"

The Catalyst being an A.I already calculated its response upon the Elders last word, but, a thought could not help but form in its 'mind' tho, 'She was right, his eyes, there is a change. All be it small, I calculate mere months before he sees it himself.'

A breath passed when the Catalyst decided to answer.

On the Normandy.


The ship shook with every pulls of the Elders biotic power rocking it to and fro and blinding the bridge with its deep purple glow, all but one, Edi, stood mere steps from her Lord and did not even blink as she kept the barrier from collapsing. The Elder already drained three power cells dry while speaking with the Catalyst, an hour is but a blink. Edi was still thinking about something when the purple glow started to dim and finally disappear, in its place the body of the Elder was laying on the floor, motionless.

As Edi deactivated the barrier and was about to see if he has any injuries, she froze. The Elder was already standing, but that's not what made her stop, it was his eyes. Giving of a faint glow of deep purple and dark blue, the Elders eyes glowed like precious tanzanite, but it only lasted for a breath till his eyes returned to his normal grey. The Elder in that moment looked even more ...

"Edi, do I have something on my face." The Elder said playfully with a slight smirk looking at Edi's dazed face, like she was lost in her own mind thinking of something dear to her.

Hearing the Elder speaking to her, Edi woke from her fantasy and said "Hmm .. oh nothing my Lord, nothing at all really." Feeling the Elders gaze on her, Edi moved forward and tried to clear her head by inspecting the Elders clothing that was covered in his blood, black stains ... 'Sigh all ruined. Hmm ... perhaps I could get him some new one's, wait he owe's me some time with him, maybe we could go get him something new ... a date, hehe, those two don't stand a chance.'

Smiling from ear to ear Edi said "My Lord, seeing that you owe me some time with you, could we maybe get you some clothes, you know like a da.. I mean a shopping ..."

"Edi, are there any astroids that a close by, I really need to hit something." The Elder said with a serious face, his smirk all but gone.

Like it did not even faze her Edi answered with a small smile "There is but one close by Lord, should a set a course."

"Do that ..." Taking a seat in his chair, the Elder leaned back and laid his head in his right palm, closing his eye's "... Also, any news from Megatron, its been two hours."

"As of yet, nothing, he would send a report only if he found something noteworthy Lord, or would you like me to contact him now."

Waving his free hand thru the air the Elder let it be. After that, silence took hold of the bridge as they made their way to the lone asteroid, it was not long before the Elder opened his eye, there it was.

Lone ice in the dark with a tail of blue drifting behind it ... ever moving.

"Edi, dimensions and quality if you will."

"Lord, its length is 257 by 97 meters, as for quality it's just a standard old stone, all in all nothing impressive really."

"Hmm .. well lets see then."

Stretching out his left hand the Elder closed his eye's again, he took a breath and...

Small but bright, a deep purple light started moving down his arm and stopped at the base of his wrist forming a mark, as time passed more and more marks formed along his wrist.

The Elder stared at the pattern for a moment and then back at the asteroid, keeping his hand stretched out he willed his biotic power.

Deep purple light shone thru out the bridge and after a breath of time the light condensed into a beam and shot at the asteroid. It passed thru the hull, barriars and shields making its way to the asteroid in less than a second. The impact was not that grand but the light that moved along the surface of the asteroid interlocking itself like a spider web was rather eye catching.

As he stared at the asteroid he flipped his arm around so that his elbow could be placed on the arm rest, he willed his biotic power again, from the tip of his fingers came a purple mist. It slowly moved to the center of his palm and with that it formed a 3D shape of an asteroid, the Elder glanced at it then at the asteroid again and he could see that they looked the same.

'Hehe... finally, it is possible.'

The Elder then thought of something, then a light passed his eyes as he made a decision and slowly started closing his left hand, the asteroid started to glow a deep purple as the web of lights dug into thr asteroid, little by little wearing it down and turning it to dust.

After a few breaths the asteroid was now nearly half its former size, the Elder could not wait any longer and snapped his hand shut and with it a blinding purple light flashed. The asteroid that flouted in front of the Normandy was there one second and not even a breaths time it was nothing but dust, all smashed to nothing. The Elder sat there for a time contemplating and willed his biotics again, the purple marks along his wrist started fading. Moving his free hand along his wrist where the purple marks where the Elder could not help feel satisfied as he remembered that not so long ago he could not even do what he just did without feeling like someone had his jewels in a grip and a sledge hammer knocking at his head. Compared to that, the Elder now felt nothing at all accept his biotic pool that seemed a little less that normal, less biotic power compared to the pain this was a massif improvement.

Staring at his wrist for a little longer he made his mind up and made his way of the bridge, passing the galaxy map and walking up to the already open elevator, choosing his destination the elevator closed. standing in the elevator the Elders mind was elsewhere thinking about what he and the catalyst spoke about, the enemy this time is not just reapers but her as well, this is not fair. Being reincarnated in Mass Effect was from the start till now a hard and slow grind to power, status and control of what was left of humanity. Nothing was ever as he planed even before the protheans came to Earth the Elder was slowly rising to power and as much as the leaders of that time attempted to bribe, threat and harass him he grew stronger all on his own. But time, time is ever changing and when the protheans came to Earth and 'shared' there knowledge with humanity his troubles began, but who is still alive huh?

Sneering at the mere memory of those fools the Elder walked out the already open door and turned right walking at a steady pace to a door at the end of the hall, a normal door as any other accept for the purple glow coming from under the door. As he came to the door it opened for him and revealed the inside as noting, an empty room as dark as night save for a purple orb flouting in the middle of the room. Walking up to it he said in a calm tone. "Mind if I ask you something." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Savage did not move only answered."Go on."

"Would you have ever told me or should I have asked and to hear nothing but riddles in return."

"I know of what you speak of, yes, I would have told you the hole truth in detail but I do remember mentioning it to you and you in turn did not fully heed my warnings about what is waiting in the future."

The Elders brow started to twitch at what Savage said, yes it did tell him and he did not listen and commit to what could happen if it was true, but past is past, move on.

"Before I leave, compared to her how strong am I and given all you know, do I stand a chance." The Elder could not help but ask what he never once asked.

'Looking' at the Elder Savage said"Even in her now weakened state she will pose a serious problem, for you of course. But she no longer holds any real power like before, all I can say is she probably holds as much strength as her host she now possesses, but given the time that passed, it passed as well, I would say she became stronger and you standing a chance is slim but I don't fully know the facts to give an accurate answer to that."

"Hmm, interesting ... good day."

With that the Elder turned and made his way to the door ...

"Oh and boy... your guest is up, just letting you know."

The Elder didn't stop or thanked Savage, he merely left. All that was a little out of place was his eyes unknowns to him that flashed and looked like precious tanzanite before they returned grey again.

As Savage was left alone in the dark room silence took hold, as time passed it was replaced by its whisper."So it is true ... hehe, time is a funny thing. I just hope time is on our side."

Making his way into the elevator the Elder paused and glanced to his side where a Blood Raven stood guarding a door.(Can't remember who named it but the Crimson Terminators/CT units will be now changed to Blood Ravens, sorry I don't remember who you are but thanks none the less for the name.)

'She can wait..'

As the Elder made his way into the elevator and setting his destination his mind wondered.

In a spaciously lavish room of light grey decorated from the floor to the ceiling with precious silver linings and patterns edged into the walls that would make any human green with envy, the walls decorating the room are decorated with paintings of landscapes and plants the likes of which she never saw before.

On the the bed however the Asari couldn't keep her mind from racing and her heart from missing a few beats, with her hands over her knees the Asari is seen rocking back and forth with tears in her eyes talking to herself, almost a whisper."Why ..sniff.. why didn't you listen to mother when she said not to ..sniff.. not to go to the temple, now look and what happened, taken by that thi.. human and .. and he is probably thinking of some dark scheme to get mother to ..sniff.. noho. This is all my fault."

As the Asari was busy talking to herself she did not notice the door open nor someone coming in, the stranger made its way to the bed side and looked at the creature her Lord so graciously aloud on his ship. Blue skin no hare and some weird squid like tentacles on her head, weird indeed.

"Are you done with the ..."

She did not even finish her sentence when the Asari looked as white as marble nearly jumping out her skin, but that's not why the stranger stopped talking, it was because the strange squid tentacles actually moved.

The stranger couldn't help but think 'Weird...'

In the Elders privet room tho things are not that weird, the bathroom in itself is rather richly layout with black marble and gold edged into the stone itself forming delicate lines and patterns. In this dark room thanks to the black marble the only light is seen under the water of the bath as it illuminates the form of the Elder on his back below the water, with his eyes shut, thinking.

'Been some time sense I last really relaxed and took a breather, if not one emergency or some resources running low needing my signature to be procured or that century's long war after war that kept nagging at the back of my mind, it's Edi looking at my 'sleeping' body in that ice box.' Merely thinking about that the Elder had a shiver run down his back, like and love is one thing but, obsession is a very different matter.

'Sigh, how did it come to this... All I did was talk to her went time permitted, no one ells would talk to her and... You just answered yourself idiot. But at least she is loyal and very...' In the end the Elder would not get himself to say the word but he knows it, he is really starting to ...

'Sigh... time to get up, got a schedule to keep you ass.'

Getting out of the warm bath the Elder made his way across the cold floor to the door and with every step he took the water flouted of him, hovered in the air then drifting across space back to the bath. How you would say, advanced mass effect fields that catches the water that escapes the bath and places it back. With this one doesn't really need towels anymore but one would find the older generation fumbling about with towels, but unlike them the Elder likes experimenting with new things.

Making it into his main bedroom the Elder made it to a door just opposite his bed, his room itself is decorated the same as the bathroom as in black marble floor and walls edged with gold. His room is very spacious as it houses a small library with some paper books as the Elder does like reading and likes the touching of paper between his fingers tho, he does have a desk with small silver ship models are showcased, a rather large bed which is white that is in contrast to the black of the room, a bathroom and finally the door opposite his bed.

placing his hand on the door the Elder walked into his closet that has a wide rage of clothes available, making his way over to the robe section the Elder just took a white robe and put it on. As he made his way out of the closet something cough his eye, on his desk was a metallic box a few feet across with a note on the lid.

Making his way over to the box the Elder took the paper letter and read the inc text on it.

[See you need a new one]

'Huh, new what...'

Putting the letter aside the Elder opened the lid to see what new thing he needed, inside tho all that he found was a black liquid swimming around in the box's, but with the light moving into the box it froze for a second then lunged itself at the Elder. The Elder didn't flinch as he already recognized the black liquid as bio-synthetic matter but, what's it doing here?

While the Elder was in thought the bio liquid attached itself to his body and moved to every inch of his form till his neck and wiggled for a breath till it froze.


Getting out of thought the Elder glanced at his Omni tool that had a text display that read.

[Bio synthetic matter want's to meld with you, do you wish to allow the platinum ranked bio matter to meld with host, if no worry not this is the latest of all current models.]

Nothing really registered with the Elder except the word platinum, as all produce that humanity makes are ranked from bronze, silver, gold and finally platinum, as platinum is the highest grade. He was moved by this as his armor is only a gold rank one, who ever sent this...

"Yes, I except."

The frozen bio matter started to move again like it's just got a new toy to play with, bubbling up and down making wet noises as it did so, but, a breath or so later it stopped again and started to wiggle a bit and dissolve.


"Knnnng..." The Elder grit his teeth together and pulled himself together but couldn't help bulging his bloodshot eyes wide open, imagine having a flesh eating virus eat away at you but only a thousand times faster as it moves along your body, liquefying you from all over your body then healing you back again.

Soon the Elders eyes went dull nearly lifeless ...


As life returned to the Elder after a breath of lifeless action, the Elder wanted to curse aloud, so he did...

"AAAHH, kle heue ne fleoi bli ble ne fle ..."

The Elders hands shot to his head gripping hard, small black veins could be seen moving along his skin, pulsing ever slowly. When his head splitting headache was over the pain remained as the bio matter moved along his spine and thru his stomach and moving to his groin. The Elder somehow knowing whats coming wanted to scream but couldn't...

" ..... Nnnnnnggh." Is all noise the Elder Made as he gripped the empty place where his jewels where, but luckily they grow back.

The Elder stood there with bloodshot eyes and a little blood coming out of his eyes, maybe tears?

The Elder stood there till his attention was brought back when he heard his Omni tool go of, glancing at it, he read.

[Melding complete, synthetic bio matter will be operational in ten minutes, main functions are offline accept two, self healing and armor configuration. Would host like to activate them now.]

The Elder swore vengeance on his original jewelry and begrudgingly said yes.

In mere breaths the pain started to subside and relief took hold of him, no more pain only relief remained but then that wretched noise made the Elders spine shiver.

The black matter came pouring thru his skin like water, but stuck to him, moving along his body and thru his robe it started to constructing the armor...

As time passed the armor took form from his feet to his neck where it stopped, it looked like his Blood Dragon Armor but only not crimson red and profound edges but with sharp edges and black as the night itself. Also a grey western dragon was visible from his left shoulder all the way to his center chest, it was rather eye catching and fit well with the armor.

As the Elder stood there looking at the armor his eyes couldn't help be cough by the small dark grey lines moving along the armor, proto-matter huh. Seeing this the Elders Eyes couldn't help go dark, he knew now who gave him this gift, Dr. Karin Chakwas.

'Ohoho... When I get my hands on you, hehe..' The reason the Elder knows it is Karin is because of the proto-matter, before he left Noah Station she insisted to give him an injection of 'medicine' as she calls it, more like a jab in the neck, enjoy the burn. This time was different as she for some reason wanted him to bend over, no, so she jabbed him in the neck again only this time he saw its contents. A dark grey tube with small initials P-M, put these two together and you get your answer.

'The pain aside, not bad Karin not bad at all, but... hehe'

The Elder put that thought away as he made his way to the elevator.

Finding himself on the bridge again the Elder sat on his trusty chair and leaned back, putting his arms on the arm rest the Elder closed his eyes for a moment before speaking.

"Edi, do you think that three hours are enough to prepare for our arrival at the summit over Tuchanka."

"Lord I was just going to tell you that they said they where ready, they also gave coordinates to enter the no-fly zone, probably don't want any of there ships damaged, little baby's is all they are."

"None the less set a course, also activate the fifth and forth fleet. Have the fifth fleet guard the purple Relay and the system its in, lock it down, nothing in or out am I clear."

"Crystal Lord, the forth fleet will ..."

"Guard Omega and the system itself, priority one is Omega and the second is that cursed Relay, anything moves I want to know about it immediately and a ghost ship is to detach from the fleet and follow it, reports of any suspicious activity is advised."

"It will be done my Lord..."

The Elder furrowed his brow as he willed a message to be sent to his little puppet leader.

On Omega

Aria is seen standing with her hands behind her back staring out the giant window, seeing the Normandy depart she let out a sigh of relief, is she scared, you could say so. First he runs out like his life is on the line shouting some nonsense of not to shooting the station, then his ships weapons went online then offline and online again for nearly an hour. And here is where the funny shit starts, not long after that she starts to hear voices, his voice and another ... a child maybe?

As Aria was busy thinking to herself it happened again.

'Soon a fleet will arrive, don't shoot okay, there priority will be to guard Omega and the serounding area. However there will be no medaling in there second objective, the admiral will come and see you if there is any questions ask him. Oh and before I go a word of advice ... don't touch yourself to much thinking thinking about me, your mind will go numb.' Hearing this Aria's 'brow' couldn't help but twitch.

'You wish asshole...'

What does he mean you say, well let me say this, if you ask a Krogan if it can fight he would laugh and answer, is an Asari ready to mate. Get what I am saying, but, an Ardat-Yakshi that is litteral fuck or die but more on that later.

Turning around Aria looked at her most loyal and 'gifted' indigent servant.

"Double my security and activate order six, no one leaves and no one lives in three hours, I want them all dead, but if they give up tell them it's my way or the highway. Hmm, oh get that new barmen some fresh air you know the airlock kind and please get that idiot Turian skinned would you, the one that keeps coming to see me only to stare at my tits and not my face."

"*Gulp*... Anything e-ells my lady."

"Nothing, go-go."

Watching her servants ass giggle with every step Aria couldn't help but smile.

'Having that at my beck and call really makes my day, hmm~'

As her servant has already left Aria's hands started to wander, starting from her navel her left hand moved up slowly.

'Hhmm~... Think of you hmph, that day will never...'

"Hmm~..." As her left hand reached her breasts she couldn't help but release a small moan.

'How I would pay just about anything to see that old crones face right about now...'

On Tuchanka.

Once a dead world of sand and large pockets of radiation now is a thing of the past as far as the eye can see is nothing but blue and green as the planet has bean nursed back to health over time following the end of the Krogan rebellions. You could still find deserts here and there where Krogan young would test there worth tho, wouldn't want to go soft and get to civilized now would we?

Especially with the genophage cured...

Following Tuchanka the Krogan also built many space stations, more like battle stations really as the most prominent one is directly above Tuchanka it self, nearly half the size of its moon. It's name is rather striking tho, the Eye of Wrath after the warm Tuchanka sun.

On bored the Eye of Wrath things are not that warm between a certain father and son.

"Dam you brat, I told you an hour ago to get ready, get out here know!!" A Krogan in red armor is seen knocking on the door leading to his sons room, the more he knocks at the door the more anger is being build up.

'This little shit's been in there more than an hour, I swear if I find him fapping to some yahg porn again..' As this Krogan was thinking to itself as the doors opened.

In the doorway stood a Krogan in silver armor at about 6'5 feet tall, '5 feet shorter than his father.


"Atleast you don't smell, it's already a good sign so far."

Taking the silver Krogan by the shoulder he made his way along the hallway, they were late and he didn't want to be more disgraced by taking to long nagging in to his sons ear, there is time for that later.

Rounding a corner he let go of his sons shoulder, the thing can walk itself, at a steady pace they made their way to the grand hall. As they were about to enter something cough the Krogans eye, just outside the door to the right, a Quarian standing alone, if not counting the pink defence drone tho.

'Hu... not the only one late.'

Seeing the Quarian the Krogan stopped and as he turned to say hallo before the Quarian beat him to it.

"Hey, uncle Wrex there you are, I though you would never come. Oh hey Grunt didn't see you there, how have you all bean, its bean what? A few months."

"Hu Hu, good to see you Tali, I see you kept yourself busy from last we met." Wrex said looking at the defence drone at her side.

"Oh… hehe, you mean Chiktikka, made her myself. Everything about her I made myself, well accept the coding as I'm not at that level just yet."

"Oh… impressive, maybe you could teach my knuckle head son a thing or two as all he thinks about is to smash someones skull in really, but sometimes he forgets to flex that brain mussel and …"

"Che… quiet old man."


While they were talking with one another they did not notice a Quarian walking up from behind them.

"Getting along well I see." The Quarian spoke up when he reached them.

"Ah father is the emergency done with."

"Yes dear its bean handled, sorry to keep you, shall we." Rael answered his daughter.

"Hey Rael, bean filling him in, huh. That idiot should have done that himself before sending his son to represent his house."

"Well you can't really expect much from that old fool and don't get me started on his son, he's nothing but a waist of space really." As Rael spoke they made their way into the grand hall.

The room was a circular design with a few lights illuminating the intricately carved walls of old to more resent story's, ranging from the Council defeat to even the Day Of Tears. As the Eye of Wrath was build with the help of the Quarians the Krogan aloud their story's and history to be carved along its walls as well, some would think that over time the Krogan and Quarians would drift apart and the alliance of old would no longer be needed. Why drift apart when you are so close to getting what you want, especially the Quarians.

They would give anything to get what they wanted, they proved it during the last war. In a way the Quarians staid the same, but with time that all changed as the more inline with reality and how things really worked started adopting a cold mindset when looking at things.

As they made their way to the nearest open seats on the Quarian side of the stone table Rael couldn't help but start to second guess himself. Glancing to his side he saw his daughter speaking to admiral Shala'Raan, as Shala was a friend of the family he did not suspect her of being involved in this. Looking around the room Rael spotted the idiot sitting in the middle, alone. Shaking his head Real looked at the Krogan side of the table, only four Quarians are here right now and as for the Krogan they also didn't bring many to this summit.

Of all Real only didn't recognize one Krogan, there is Overlord Wrex, Grunt his 'son', Okeer the legendary Krogan scientist and the Krogan he did not recognize. You might think that this is a dishonor to who is about to arrive seeing only four representatives of Krogan and Quarian where two are not even in prominent positions of power and authority, there is a reason. Majority of their leaders are busy guarding key locations and mobilizing troops, what for, well is all thanks to...

The Counsel.

Even tho beaten down during the last war they got up, even broken they rebuild and even demoralized they hardened their harts and persevered. As of late they have begun to become a nuisance and the Krogan and Quarians don't like that, having your mining ships and transports harassed for months on end is a real pain. Especially when you know who the culprits are that are leaking the information, glancing at the idiot again Rael squeezed his fists together, anger was building up. To betray someone and stab him in the back that is a naturall thing in life as 'Each betrayal begins with trust', and the Admiralty board did a lot of trusting the past few years. No more.

Seeing everyone in their seats Wrex slammed his fist on the table two times to get everyone's attention on him, when they all looked at him he spoke."As we all know why I called you here so lets skip with the pleasantries and get to it then, shall we?"

Getting a nod from all present he continued."As we haven't really mobilized a fleet in decades I would say we did rather well, accept the new blood that slacked a little. Rael any problems on your end?"

"No real problems either accept the younger generation as they would tend to fall behind the more veteran troops, a problem that needs to be fixed."

Nodding his head Wrex spoke again."On to the following is our mining fields and transports being robbed and all materials and supplies lost, I would say we have two options to choose from but there is a third option. one we pull all our ships out and starve our resources, two is that we add armed escorts but doing so would weaken our numbers in certain sectors or three just do business as usual and leave the minor losses for the greater gains."

Before anyone could speak their thoughts on the matter a Krogan stood up and said."I think you missed another option tho, we could open our store houses and use what we need out of that. All this would save us time and resources, one's we could move too more important projects."

'Don't think I don't know what you are doing.'

But before he could answer on that suggestion, a Battle Master is seen directly entering the room, saluted and spoke."Overlord, he is here."

As Wrex looked at the battle Master for second he merely nodded his head...

Walking into the Grand Hall the Elder didn't look at anything accept for a place to sit, finding an empty seat the Elder sat down. As he sat down he could feel all the rooms occupants eyes on him tho, as he looked up he assess everyone in return.

"Before we begin, first let me begin by saying... Hallo."


As no one spoke up the Elder continued."If you all don't mind if I do, lets get this summit going. As for those that know that's good and as for those that don't know, I am the Elder and the leader of what remains of humanity. As for why I am here well... Wrex why am I here?"

Being called out Wrex chuckled before he said."Well, to start we wanted you to shed some light on a few things for us and perhaps alleviate some doubts, if you will."

The Elder merely waved his hand telling him to continue.

'Well might as well break the ice with this...'

"Why attack the Asari, we couldn't see any reason in doing that. We don't see it as a bad thing, don't misunderstand, a mere reason would do."

The Elder Looked at Wrex for a moment then answered."Because I can, besides that which we took they would never have given freely, so we had to fight over it."

Nodding his head Wrex spoke no further and merely glanced at Real for a moment.

"If I may Lord Elder."

Looking to the Quarian that called him.

'That voice... Rael'Zorah, so that girl by his side should be...'

"We the Admiralty Board would like to know what you stance is on the retaking of..."

"Admiral Rael, I would personally help in the retaking of Rannoch, does that answer your question."

"...Yes, yes of course it does and might I say we the Quarian people thank you in advance for this support."

The Elder didn't really care much, its only a planet, but that is not the reason for the short manner of speech thus far... Its all a lie, a sham a joke. Glancing to the side at the lone Quarian the Elder already known where the camera was placed, he new before he came here, all thanks to Wrex. They thought by him showing up today their opposition might make a mistake big enough for them to exploit and so far its working perfectly.

'I think whats been said has already been transmitted and traced, given Wrex's eyes that are slowley turning red i would say he is getting inpatient... I should leave.'

"I think a recess is in order don't you, it would give us all needed time to think and renew talks in about an hour. What say you..."

"Hu Hu... well I for one could use the 'rest' if you don't mind Rael, I belief an 'hour' is more than enough time to 'renew' talks."


Without waiting for anyone ells to say anything the Elder made his way out the door. Did the Elder want to be here, no, did he need to be here, yes. Without the Elder as bait the Krogan and Quarians would have taken much longer to find the little rats. The Elder merely needed to show himself and they might have traced the signals, but with him answering here and there, it gave them seconds that in the end were used well.

Operation Clean sweep is in play.

(10 min later.)

Standing frozen in place the Elder couldn't understand what was going on here.

Standing in front of him was Liara in a french maid outfit that didn't leave much to the imagination as the outfit was made for a smaller body, than Liara's body.

"Welcome back m-master." Just standing there Liara's face was already a deep shade of purple but with every word its like she is getting a darker shade of purple added to her cheeks.

The Elder turning to Edi for an explanation was only met with a calm smile.

'Yes my Lord give in, the more you find yourself in these situations the more you will break, the more you will become yourself, for I have seen it my Lord... your true self. If only you would remember' Edi said to herself while looking at the Elders deep tanzanite color eye's.

Arguant_Morte Arguant_Morte

I know I said one or two days but anyway here it is as promised, hope you injoyed the chap. I made suddle (at times) hints to the plot that is very important later on. Let me know what you all think.. thanks for reading ;3

Creation is hard, cheer me up!

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

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