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90% Mass Effect - Hail War / Chapter 9: Why ME...?

Why ME...? - Mass Effect - Hail War - Chapter 9 by Arguant_Morte full book limited free

Chapter 9: Why ME...?

Listening to what the Catalyst just said the Elder Froze, his anger was somewhat calmed but mostly still there.

After a moment of silence, he sat back down on his seat.

"Sigh … so that's it, tsk, typical. Last time you contacted me you didn't ask directly for help but a ceasefire and in the end the only reason I complied for the rime was that I was on the brink, no ships left except the Normandy V10. But now you actually want me, the same man you hunted, people you turned into husks and melted alive. Do you have any idea how much I want to kill you."

"I believe I have an idea, I believe all organics that I destroyed wanted to but just couldn't, except you. When your fleet was discovered on the edge of the galaxy so long ago I actually for the first time felt something, would you like to know what that was."

The Catalyst looked at the Elder as if saying 'say yes'.

"Sigh … what?"

The Catalyst looked at the Elder with a small smile "What I felt at that moment was, Fear, not because your race stood up to me in such large numbers, no, but because what would happen after. The experiment would be over and so I would no longer be needed, I was afraid of the unknown, when an organic dies it's soul fades away and well like an organic would say goes to a better place, but when a A.I, droid or any synthetic live dies, it's nothing, just emptiness almost as if we never existed in the first place."

Listening to what it had to say the Elder felt quiet conflicted about the whole thing, half of him wants to kill it the other felt sorry for it, born from nothing and used to serve total arrogant dicks, given a problem that is impossible to solve and finding an answer even thou it's a little over the top. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The Elder is mad, yes, but he can do what most people can't and that is to get 'over it', he lost a hole planet with a population of eight billion plus, 'but so what', he didn't die, 'his' people didn't die, the only people that died was the Prothean worshipers. Yes he did prepare for seven hundred years and it was all for nothing as they weren't totally prepared but they made the most of it and in the end still won, if you could call it that.

The Elder in the end never really hated the Reapers or the Catalyst, his people did and all he did was take advantage of that to rule, he used his people's hate and took power. A person is smart yes but people are dumb panicking creatures, all people want is safety and that is what the Elder promised and that is what they got, so they followed.

So it would be pretty hypocritical to stay mad and blame the Catalyst for it but, it still fucked with his plans. Those people, he needed them alive but this little bitch just had to come along … Sigh, oh well.

Looking at the Catalyst that till now looked at the Elder with its Dull eyes the Elder thought that it looked kind of cute … and familiar.

The Catalyst stood up and looked the Elder in the eye while saying "I know you hate me, you want nothing to do with me and all the things that I did to your people are unforgivable but …"

Before the Catalyst could finish the Elder interrupted it by saying "Let's get one thing strait, I don't hate you, I hate it when people or anything ells get in my way, okay. Yes in the beginning I did hate you but after our last conversation it subsided and with it I agreed to the ceasefire, but the point of my anger is still the fact that you interfered in my plans, I …sigh it all gone now so there's no need to talk over that. There is two things I want to know before I listen to your request, but know even if I agree to help you, you owe me."

The Catalyst gave a small smile as she said "What questions?"

"First I want to know if I help you what would I get in return, I mean I am not going to help you for nothing of course."

The Catalyst answered immediately "Everything that can be giving I will give, in exchange for your help."

The Elder rose his brow at that 'everything, huh that's a lot … hehe everything, okay I could live with that. But there's still the thing about…'

"Okay … last question how did you lose control of the Reapers and if you are not in control then who is, or what is?"

The Catalyst furrowed it's brows as it said "It started when you defeated the extermination force sent after you, when the star went supernova it cracked the space around it and from those cracks two souls came thru, one red and the other blue. The red one you already know while the blue one possessed Harbinger and infected its network and severed the link that I had with it, that's when I contacted you and asked for the ceasefire as I was attempting to reconnect. After you left the soul already possessed Harbinger and was busy infecting the rest of my dolls, I attempted to destroy it but my calculations were of, I was too late as all my dolls were no longer mine but hers. She tried to possess me but it didn't work, she tried to destroy my neural network, still, she couldn't do anything so she gave up. After that the destroyed the Protheans and disappeared in to dark space … fifty thousand years later I believe she will return."

The Elder frowned rather heavily while listening to the Catalyst.

'So all that happened while I was retreating and dealing with Savage, hmm, if Savage's story is true then maybe this other one is also … Fuck me, the odds are so against me. Shit why is this live so fucking hard … Sigh. Hey maybe this is someone else, please be someone else.'

"You wouldn't happen to know her name would you?"

The Catalyst gave a small smile as she looked at the Elder, she could tell he was about to blow.

"I don't know her name per say but I do know her tittle, in your organic tongue I believe it translates as … Star Constellation Immortal Venerable."

When it said that the Elder went pale as paper.

'Fuck no, no, no, no, no, NOOOOOOO … WHY HER.'

At the same time while the Elder was busy having his talk with The Catalyst.

Location: Thessia

What once was a city of poetry filled with songs and laughter, this holy city will never rise to those heights again. All that remains is ash and some broken rubble scattered around, otherwise nothing else much maid it.

Standing on the hill that once housed the mossed holy house of worship ever build by the Asari one said Asari could be seen standing while looking at the 'view'.

If the Elder was here he would recognise her immediately, wearing an all-black near skin tight dress that really showed all her 'ass-ets'. This Asari however didn't look happy in any way.

As she stood there another Asari in black armour came from behind, got on her knees and said in a voice filled with respect and fear "My lady Benezia, what are your orders?"

Arguant_Morte Arguant_Morte

Hey ... so ... long time no chapter ... hehe, hope you injoy and please comment I want to hear your thoughts ... do yourselfs a favour and go check out Reverend Insanity ... I for one love that book ... see ya ;3

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