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8.92% Master of none / Chapter 39: 39. Big news

39. Big news - Master of none - Chapter 39 by 1King_Rep1 full book limited free

Chapter 39: 39. Big news

Walker found his mother in the kitchen and told her to meet at the table for a family meeting saying it was important. Next he went looking for Lisa but her room however, was locked.

"I'm busy, don't come in!" She had heard Walker got home and didn't want him coming In. Was she really at that phase and didn't want anyone around? Walker was unsure after the past days of her not wanting people around.

"Family meeting at the table hurry up I won't start until you're there!" Walker yelled his excitement showing in his voice. Walker returned to the table where his mother and father both had worried looks on their faces. Upon sitting down Midnight moved to lay on walkers feet per the usual.

Lisa soon joined them looking a bit run down and tired. Walker could see the circles under her eyes.

"Today after a short quest my party and I went to the inner walls, more specifically we went and met the king within the castle." Hilda seemed to believe him and was frozen staring at him. Garret on the other hand was shaking his head.

"I know you have told better jokes than that before. But the king? It's too unbelievable." Garret was still shaking his head.

"There's actually more...a lot more. The day before my party went to guard the fields from giant locusts. We encountered another party getting swarmed and attacked by a jade locust. We couldn't just run and leave them so we helped. We got beat up a bit so that's why I had come home very late and didn't eat with everyone. We are all fine now, just some scratches because we were healed. But due to our actions we completed a quest more specifically a hidden quest. We all five obtaining a title, the hero title. Even Midnight here has it as well." Walker said the last sentences slower fearing he would give them all heart attacks. Waiting a moment for everyone to catch up he then continued. "And we asked the guild for protection leading us to be brought to meet the king who had received a titled quest to bless us as heroes. He also gave us land more specifically the amethyst mansion within the inner walls so we will be moving. If you don't want to you can stay here but they won't be able to post guards here in case undesirable characters appear..." he then trailed off seeing the shock on their faces reaching yet another level.

For a few minutes no one spoke while absorbing the information but finally was broken by the sound of Lisa moving her chair to get up. She walked up to Walker and firmly punched him in the arm "you could have died!! You idiot what would we have done!" After all the things he had just told her she was stuck on the fact he had gotten hurt and been reckless.

" she's exactly right you know, we told you we would be worried about sending you out as an adventurer and here you are telling us you threw yourself in to a near death situation. Honey we may have raised him too leniently". Hilda chimed in as well but she was smiling a bit giving away her true feelings.

" oh i almost forgot I brought these sunflowers back from the quest today! I know you like to add the seeds to your bread!" Walker had been waiting for the right time to present these to Hilda.

" buying your mother's forgiveness will not work. But I can't say going to live the comfy life sounds bad seeing as I wouldn't need to guard the outer wall any longer. I could apply for inner wall patrol." Garret had chimed in after thinking about an easier job and the relaxing days off in comfort.

" so umm if everyone is OK with it we should probably start packing so we can head there in the morning..." Walker again stirred up the room as they did not expect to move suddenly.

The conversation fell in to many questions involving Walker's day. This went on for a good hour until everyone had exhausted their curiosity. Realizing time was of the essence they all went their separate ways to begin packing their belongings. Even midnight ran to help but Walker suspected it was only to eat the things Hilda wouldn't need in the kitchen.

Time went on and through to late in the night everyone toiled away preparing for tomorrow.Lisa had insisted she didn't need help packing her room and Walker was left to help with the pots and pans.

Not much sleep was had in the home tonight either due to packing or excitement. But in time the morning did come. Unexpectedly Hilda had made a massive table full of breakfast surprising everyone. "Well we aren't going to move all the food with us, we can buy more for the new kitchen so let's eat and celebrate!"

They all dug in to the meal, Midnight soon found a profound love of bacon causing her to try and steal it from Walker who was fast enough to protect it and eat it quick. Lisa however had given in and shared hers with midnight.

Walker was the first to finish eating. "I'm going to run out to the stables and rent a carriage to help us move everything in one go. I'll be back soon!" With that he dashed out the door.

The energy he had was propelling him forward faster and fast. As he approached some large stables he knew were full of horses and a few other animals he noticed a man repairing a carriage which had lost a wheel.

'Emergency quest:

A man is in danger of death. Repairing a carriage is dangerous work , pull the man from underneath before the carriage tips and falls upon him. Speed is of the essence.



Walker saw this and glanced at the man underneath the carriage. As he worked, Walker noticed the carriage begin to sway slightly. Walker's heart jumped in his chest and he used all this strength to sprint to the man. Jumping and latching on to the man's leg Walker powerfully dragged the man to the side. Seconds later the carriage began to fall crashing on to its side.

The man Walker had just pulled from there stared in shock. He had just been under there a second ago...he had almost died! This man was late in age but still young enough to work. His black hair speckled with grey and a modest built body from years of repairing his own carriage.

He immediately grabbed and shook walkers hands "thank you thank you thank you. I didn't even notice it wasn't safe if not for you I would have been crushed just now! Thank you." The man had fallen in to too many thank yous due to his adrenaline rush.

"My name is Igor and if there's anything I can do to repay you just say the word now!" Sincerity twinkled in his eyes.

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"No need to thank me it was an emergency quest not to mention I wouldn't want to see anyone hurt. But there is something I can ask you for, can you introduce me to a carriage driver to help my family move?" Walker didn't need much but figured to ask an inside man for help to move along faster.

"Yes! That's an easy one if you're looking at a carriage  driver! I own three along with six horses in these very stables. I have a carriage driver system after all so it's part of who I am." Igor was proud to boast his achievments  even though he had almost been crushed a moment ago. "Just tell me where to go and I'll meet you there. I'll get a carriage ready immediatly!" Due to Igor's willingness and forward energy walker gave him the details and turned to walk home. As he walked he checked the quest he had received wondering if being a hero had anything to do with this sudden emergency quest.

'Emergency quest has been completed by saving Igor.


5exp multiplied by title to 50exp'

Walker smiled an extra pep in his step as he returned home.

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