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9.88% Master of Voracious Beasts / Chapter 17: How do Tamers Improve

How do Tamers Improve - Master of Voracious Beasts - Chapter 17 by Bad_Totodile full book limited free

Chapter 17: How do Tamers Improve


After Reading it all, Jomel felt helpless to the naming sense of this world.

He cringed.

The names and animals were sounds and look familiar to him, he couldn't take it anymore so he clicked back again.


o Types of Soul-Beasts.

o Soul-Beast Descriptions and Combat powers.

o Continents.

o legendary of Soul-Beasts.

o Soul-Beast Tamers.


This time he clicked the legendary beasts.


Legendary Soul-Beasts are Soul-beasts that are characterized by their rarity and their high base stat totals. They are very difficult to obtain because of their difficulty to locate, high levels, and low contract rates.

They have terrifying abilities and normal Soul-Beasts Tamers who don't have Legendary Soul-Beasts or that can't resist pressure would die instantly.

They massacre cities just for fun, even if they don't have pressure or control Ability, they can still overpower anyone with their strong physique and elemental fire-powers.

Below you will see and know the legendary beasts

Top-level Legendary beasts (Still not mythical):

*Restricted, Join Academy to look for more information*


Jomels face reddened.

He is infuriated.


He just let it be since he can't do anything about it, it's the same in his previous world. So he is used to this kind of thing.


o Types of Soul-Beasts.

o Soul-Beast Descriptions and Combat powers.

o Continents.

o legendary of Soul-Beasts.

o Soul-Beast Tamers and Combat forms.


Jomel Clicked the Races and Soul-Beast Tamers and Combat forms.


What exactly is Soul-beast Tamers...?

There is no precise answer to that question, however...

It is said that in ancient times when a Soul-Beast fell in love with a demi-human, the demi-human regarded the Soul-Beast as though it were a family member.

The Soul-Beast vanished that night. The Demi-human grew distraught and decided to leap off the cliff...

On his way down to the sharped stoned river, his back sprouted the Soul-Beast wings that he is caring for.

That day, he learned that his Soul-beast had not left him.

For a long time, the two have lived in seclusion and harmony. But one day, someone discovered his secret.

Since they were constantly afraid of the Soul-Beast at the time, the poor continued to seek a way to obtain control.

The demi-human died as a result of the Plan and siege while his Soul-beast was gone.

His secret had been revealed. They discovered that they would tame beasts if they reach an understanding. Until it evolved into what it is today.

There is no news about the demi-human Soul-Beast; they say it left with its master's corpse, some say it left because the deal was violated, and some say it left when his master's smell was gone, so it never bothered to return, but the Soul-Beast who left cursed those beings who practiced Soul-Beast Taming.

If the beings or Tamers started to practice that method, they will die and be killed by the curse, and those who surpassed a level 30 have no way of training into becoming a Tamer.

They won't be able to stay longer on the Lower Realm.

In antiquated times, standard creatures on Domain one can as it were remain depends on their lifespan.

They should begin tamer since it has been on this Domain for five hundred (500) years. It's impossible to level up, but they can look for Sou-stones.

Still, no one cared because they did not want to be persecuted by Soul-Beasts and eaten like animals as they had been in the past. As a result, the Soul-Beast Taming spread like wildfire.

It is currently used by all races in the Realm


What does the Soul-Beast Tamers do..?

Soul-Beast Tamers are Tamers and Warriors, but most of all Soul-Beast Tamers Steal. Soul-Beast Tamers steal the ability of their beast to Transforms into their humanoid Combat form.

Once a Soul-Beast Tamers dies on the battlefield but his Soul-Beast lives, His Soul-Beast won't be able to transform anymore into their Beast Combat form.


Humanoid Combat form- A Combat Form is not a natural organism, but rather a mutated host infected by parasitic Soul-beast Soul implanted by a will Energy.

Successful creation of a Combat Form requires a host with sufficient biomass, calcium storage, a strong mind power to control his Soul-Beast Form.

Or else once the Host is defeated or run-Out of Will Energy, the Combat form would fade and they would revert to their normal form.

The infection is not the Soul-Beast but the Soul of the Soul-Beast Tamer. After mutation begins, the infection Form attaches with one of its Soul-energy from the Soul-Beast Tamer's spine to the Soul-Beast Spine.

Which it uses to establish a neural connection that allows it to command the Soul-Beast's nervous system, thus rendering for it to command the Soul-Beasts.

During the infection process, the host's internal organs are liquefied, and the nutrients from them are used to develop the Soul-Form.

The Soul-Form can be controlled by the Soul-Beast Tamer. The Soul-Beast Tamer can command it to every part of its body, according to the Soul-Bast Tamer's choice.

A Soul-Beast Tamer becomes a Combat Form after the Soul Form of the Soul-Beasts enters the Soul-beast Tamers body.

Transformation involves brutal mutation that makes the host more suitable for combat, just like what happened to Jomel when he Contracts with his crocodile.

This process is presumably very painful and terrifying, and will eventually kill the host; though, in certain circumstances, the Soul-Beast Tamers will remain alive, depends on their Will-Power.

Once fully transformed, the Infection of Soul-Form can be controlled over by the Soul-Beast Tamer's body and changes the physical appearance of the Soul-Beast Tamer to better suit its own needs.

On rare occasions, this effect may be weakened by time in stasis for the Infection of Soul Form, allowing the host to regain some control immediately, but still depends on the approval of The Soul-Beast Tamer.

Combat Soul Forms retain the Soul-Beast Tamer's previous attributes, therefore they can wield weapons, and drive and board enemy vehicles.

However, Infection Soul Forms do require their Soul-Beast Tamer's to still be alive for Soul-infection Combat transformation.

A few say that a few dead has been reasonable for change into a Combat Shape; disease shapes can taint as of late expired has and reanimate them in much the same way as they would living Soul-beasts Tamers.

Although the brain tissue remains dead, the victim's biomass and calcium saves are adequate to warrant infection.

But they would be a mass-murdering beast, and to be slaughtered on sight.

Soul-Forms communicate utilizing Soul, Will Vitality, pheromones and have one establish behavior; to progress the Soul-Beast Tamers body, and to reinforce their nearby controlling insights and levels.


The combat form is just doubling the beast's combat power while transformed into their smaller humanoid version.

Their combat humanoid form will be doubled.


Level 25 beast with a 60 combat power will become Level 25 beast with 120 combat power.


There are two types of combat forms for tamers such elves, humans, etc.

The forced one is common.

The second is if the soul-beast chose their tamers.

The first one is if the tamer had a combat power of twenty-five in a level twenty-five while the tamer's beast has sixty combat power in a level of thirty.

Their combat power will be added.


Human: 25 combat power.

Beast: 60 combat power.

In combat form: It will be an 85 combat power limit in overall statistics. Like range attacks, defense, melee attacks, defense, speed. etc.

25 + 60 = 85. ]

The second one is the best if the soul-beast itself chose its tamers or submitted to a tamer willingly.

This is just like a usual combat form of a beast, ignoring the tamer's combat power.

If the tamer had a combat power of twenty-five in a level twenty-five while the tamer's beast has sixty combat power in a level of thirty.

Their combat power won't be added.

It'll ignore the tamers level and combat power.


Tamer: level 25 with 25 combat power

Beast: level 25 with a 60 combat power.

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The Level 25 beast with a combat power of 60 will have 120 combat power but is controlled by the Tamer.

It's like Beast combat power of 120 will go to Tamer's combat power.


Of course, it has advantages and disadvantages, like if the beast is higher level than the tamer, the tamer's combat form will be limited or he cannot transform into combat form if that higher level owned beast restricts the tamers.

So it is best to cultivate tamers and Beast relationship.

The friendship.

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