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78.57% Master Sage: From Weakest To World's Strongest / Chapter 11: Chapter 11— What happened that time: Vast Meda Forest

Chapter 11— What happened that time: Vast Meda Forest - Master Sage: From Weakest To World's Strongest - Chapter 11 by MikeM full book limited free

Chapter 11: Chapter 11— What happened that time: Vast Meda Forest

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In a certain Mountain, there atop of it, a mansion stood alone.

"Are you sure I can get that thing there, master?" I asked.

"Of course, Just remember to say my name. They might not believe you so since the last time I was there was a few decades ago and you were still wasn't with me that time so  Just show them my insignia. They'd give you the books you need!" My master replied.

My master is a very important figure, I had heard that he now lives away from the rest of the world to ponder on what he has learned, Or something. I don't really know. I call him master but, he's actually my Grandfather. His name is Ezralor. Ezralor the magus of Light, and there's more title he was more known for. I've known many things about my grandfather, though, I can't tell anyone about it.

"okay, I'll find this book for you!" I said to him as I walked out of the house. Before I went out, I grabbed my sword from the door way and ran. After walking for quite a while, I looked back and saw the absence of our mansion, or rather, I wasn't able to see it anymore. It has been hidden away. My grandfather, he has the power to wield the light. That is, his magical element was Light. Nonetheless, he has an old friend who was proficient at magic, that friend of his thought how to conceal things and even hide the appearance of inanimate object, masking and deceiving ones visual perception.

The mansion from before can hide from ones very eyes, and, what's more amazing is that my grandfather can make it looked entirely different. In this world where magic is common thing and as usual as the magic particles in the air, there are those who wield it in a higher degree.

I was thought that magic cannot exist out of nowhere. It has a source, as there is a source of all living things. There is also source for magic. You call those source, energy. Nonetheless, not anyone can wield magic. When one is born with the ability to bend the elements and the laws of universe into his will, that is magic. Whether you cultivate that magic to be strong or be idle and let it be weak is up to a person. And those who use it in a certain degree are called magus. I'm not a magus though, I'm a swordsman. I have magic in me, a non-elemental magic allowing me to be many times stronger than your average man or even many times stronger than spell casters. Well, technically, we should still be called magus since we incorporate magic on our swords but, people just called us swordsman or magic swordsman, and the spell casters are the one called magus.

My Grandfather however, through the help of his friend, managed to transcend the boundary of elemental restrictions to a certain degree. Though, if the master was to say it in his own words "my ability to perform magic is comparable to 1 of my friend's 100." He said as he laughed. I didn't doubt his words, after all, he's friend is— anyway, I was task on a mission. And it was a matter of secrecy. As for what it was, I am tasked with retrieving a book. The book of sun, one of the 8 celestial fragments. I must seek that book and return it to my Master's hands. Though, it really is quite simple. The celestial fragment's aren't something even masters of this world could hear. Only very few People knew about it.

Anyway, this place I lived in is rather dangerous.

This mountain we lived in belong to unclaimed dangerous area. Home to countless monsters and beasts. Where mountain ranges are everywhere. This is the Vast Meda forest. It was once property of a small nation, however, during it's fall, they relinquish ownership of this land because of it's danger. No country has also sets it's sight's on it since it is known that nothing can be found here. A utopia for monsters and a forbidden region for Humans. That is, except for me and my master since I've basically memorized the place. There are also monsters here I can't hope to defeat but I know how to avoid problems.

This is located South of Genesis Kingdom and East of Zelotr. And the mountain I lived was near the border between Meda forest and Aventil Kingdom.

After slowly taking my time walking for an hour, I hastened my speed and run towards the foot of the mountain.

"Roar!!!" I stopped in my tracks as I heard a huge roar. I stopped in an instant that it seems my feet drifted as it cling to the friction. I looked over my right shoulder, and there, a few meters from where I stood, was a giant tiger. Well, it's a race of monster beast that's one of the stronger predators, they are ones of those monsters in the Apex of the predator hierarchy. This tiger isn't anything special, aside from the fact that it's fangs are so hard and strong, many famous blacksmith has used this part of the beast for creating weapons. This thing doesn't have any dangerous ability. Of course, given, any beast is dangerous on its own. Of course not everyone can slay this bastard.

Damn it, I should have used my danger sense. I'm so stupid, I'm so confident in this route I didn't make sure if there's danger lurking nearby.

I looked around the place as I searched for a way to escape. If I fight here, I'd be in a disadvantage. The space is too small for me to fight. Given that this is his home, I'm sure this thing can fight here just fine!

I said earlier that I know how to stay out of trouble, not every time though, at least, this monster is something I still have a chance of slaying.

As I stared Into the monster beast, I saw it drawing closer towards me. I'm a swordsman so close combat is my specialty, still, I need to get out of here first. There are trees in my every direction, I'm Just gonna run for it when the time comes.

He growled many times and as I heard it, it was as though something crawled into my skin. The tiger jumped at me and as it did, I rushed, and slide below it. I immediately stand back up again and started running. The tiger immediately rushed to chased me not even sparing a second. I sliced down the trees besides me in an attempt to slow this thing down, but to no avail, the tiger wasn't even slightest but affected, or slowed.

I looked over the side of my eyes and saw a wider field. At least, enough for me to safely right there within taking the risk if being trapped myself. I immediately turned towards the direction and stopped as I reached the area. I looked back and the monster beast was there ready to devour me.

The monster beast stand as though trying to hit me with it's claws, I dodge it around and turned once again as I swung my broad swords towards it. Slice!

Blood drips from it's nose and cries of pain was heard. Still, the beastly nature in it's eyes are still there. I'd be devour if I didn't move,  so I'm going to make use of my agility and kill this monster.


After five minutes, the beast died in my hands, I took its fangs and stash it in my bag. As well as the monster core inside it. Now, I've lost my route. If I go back now, I'd encounter other monster. I can't fo wasting my strength here.

I rushed towards the direction of the forest, taking with me was the tiger monster beast. I knew a safety area in the inner part of this vast forest and so, I camped in this area. I started a fire using the dried branches scattered everywhere. I also skinned the tiger and cooked it.

Using the fire I started, I grilled the monster beast and ate it. It taste just like how a meat is supposed to be. It's not tasty though. I wish I could have brought with me some seasonings. Well, it's not like I expected to be stray from my path. When did that tiger start roaming there? Tch, if it weren't for that guy, I could have used that short cut. Now I'm here between these high mountain ranges and cliffs. This forest is so big it's comparable to a small country. The only reason nobody occupies it is because if it's geographical state and the monsters living here. It would cost me about a week to get the hell out of here. Anyway, this part if the forest is probably the most safest part. I need not worry here, so I took my rest and slept.


It was morning when I woke up, however, the sun wasn't up yet. I started to move so as to not waste any time. However, before I moved out, this time I used my danger sense. An area wide range skill allowing me to sense anything within 150 Miles radius. That's right, this skill is very useful and very important most especially when it comes to wars. My ability allows me to expect anything, avoid or intercept something. However, 150 miles is the limit and it takes a huge amount of mana. This  I used it every hundreds of meters. Before using it again, the mana I consumed has already returned. Thus allowing me to be efficient in evading something or choosing the best route.

After a few days of walking and resting, I managed to walked more than half way through this forest. Of course, sometimes I still had to fight whenever I had no choice or sometimes I just deliberately pick a fight just to gain food.

When I returned, I'm going to use that secret route for sure. If I hadn't met that tiger then, I could have entered it. Anyway, after a few days of walk, I'm sure I'll be able to reach one of the roads leading in and out of Genesis Kingdom. From there, it's just smooth sailing until I reached that place.

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