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Chapter 1148: Chapter 1148 There's nothing wrong with falling in love with you

Author: The first love of a rainy day Machine Translation

The moonlight shone on the girl's fair little face. Half of her face was covered by the parachute. Her long eyelashes had water droplets hanging from them. She had a perky nose, a small vermillion mouth, and a sharp beautiful jaw.

If he had not been bitten, he thought that she would have been miserable tonight.

However, he had been bitten, so tonight, she would be even more miserable!

He grabbed the parachute on the little woman's head. Instantly, his eyes narrowed. The other half of the girl's face was revealed. The red birthmark was on her eyes. It was so ugly that he wanted to vomit!

He actually kissed such an ugly girl!

"ARREST HER! ARREST HER! " He roared angrily.

A few guards jumped into the water and arrested Yixin.

Yixin was finally brought to the shore, but he was also pressed to the ground.

The man walked out of the water, and the water droplets rolled down his strong muscles, making his masculine charm overflowing.

"What bit me? Ugly, what did you put in there? " He lifted the girl's Chin.

"I'll give you a chance to say it again, or I'll make you unable to be a man for the rest of your life! " Yixin said loudly.

"You dare to threaten me? There are many imperial physicians in my palace! Go and inform the imperial physicians, " The man said.

"Go and inform them! However, if you cut off the part bitten by my adorable pet, you will die from the poison! So, you understand. You still have three minutes to decide whether you want to save your life or Die, " Yi Xin said loudly.

A small red snake with green stripes crawled out of the water and crawled to Yi Xin's side. It climbed up the woman's body with ease and wrapped itself around her neck. It raised its small head and spat out a red core, as if it was provoking the man.

The man was sure that this was the thing that bit him!

"where's the imperial physician? HURRY UP! " He urged. He had never seen this kind of snake before, so he was a little unsure if what the girl said was true.

The imperial physician arrived within two minutes. However, because he was afraid of hurting GAIA, he took a minute to remove the man's swimming trunks and examine the man's wound.

"Your Majesty, this poison has already spread. We are still not sure what kind of poison this snake has. We need to test it! About that, we need time to test it! "

The imperial physicians touched the cold sweat on their foreheads. They had not seen this damn snake before, and they were not gods. How could they know what this snake poison was and how to cure it? However, they could tell that this snake poison was very toxic Because the red and swollen areas followed the bite wound and spread in minutes. The speed was faster than they had imagined.

The man kicked his imperial physician away. "A BUNCH OF TRASH! "

"You're not trash, you can cure it yourself! Why are you blaming the imperial physician? " Yi Xin choked.

"You're courting death! " The man walked towards the girl without any clothes on. His large hand grabbed the girl's wrist, but the snake rushed towards his hand.

He quickly let go of his hand. He did not mind his long life!

"which one of us is courting death? To tell you the truth, this snake of mine was bred by myself. Other than me, no one can detoxify it. So, I plan to just watch you die. Tsk Tsk, " Yi Xin said.

The man's eyes narrowed, and his legs seemed to be numb. He could not move even if he wanted to.

"Tell me your conditions, " he said coldly.

His face darkened. This was the first time in his life that he had been threatened by someone, and it was a woman from god-knows-where.

Yi Xin was not anxious at all. She looked at the man's face and said, "If you want to beg someone, you have to have a begging attitude. Have you ever seen someone beg someone with a black face? "

"Then what do you want? " The man asked.

"Let them let go of me first and let them slap themselves a hundred times, " Yi Xin said.

"Didn't you hear me? HURRY UP! " The man ordered.

The guard didn't dare to delay and immediately slapped himself.

"Is it done? The Antidote! " The man's voice was a little anxious.

Yi Xin stood up and stretched her arms and legs. "What's the rush? I HAVEN'T EATEN YET! "

She walked to the big dining table by the pool. It was full of delicious food. She took a bowl of shark's fin soup and ate it without hesitation.

The man was so angry that his blood was going against the current. He was about to die, and she was still in the mood to eat!

"detoxify me first, then you eat. "

"You want me to detoxify you with just a bowl of shark fin ladle rice? Tsk Tsk, this is too insulting to your status, isn't it? Tell me Your name first! " Yi Xin asked.

"GAIA! "

"GAIA! Oh Oh, I know where I am. You are the king of the Middle East, GAIA! " Yi Xin sucked in a shark fin silk that was boiled to the point of Q-BOMB.

"Now that you know who I am, why aren't you giving me the antidote? " GAIA said angrily.

"Now that I know who you are, we can negotiate the terms. ". "Let me be clear, I did not want to fall for you at all. This is the so-called unpredictable weather. Also, you were the one who kissed me just now. Don't make it look like I kissed you. You are not young anymore, so it should not be your first kiss, right Therefore, you can't settle the score with me after this!"Yi Xin said.

GAIA suppressed his anger and said, "alright! Hurry up and give me the antidote! "

"There's no proof. What if you don't say it? Write me a guarantee that no matter what I do, you won't take my life and won't punish me. Also, you have to provide me with food and lodging, money, and everything I want! " Yi Xin said.

GAIA was so angry that he rolled his eyes. "Alright, did you hear that? ! Go write it! PUT MY NATIONAL SEAL ON IT! "

Yi Xin suddenly thought of something. "Oh right, you have to find a plastic surgeon for me to remove my birthmark! And help me find my parents. "

"anything else? " GAIA was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

"anything else? Oh right, write down a clause. If I'm not satisfied with anything, I can add more items for you to do at any time! " Yi Xin said.

GAIA's throat felt sweet. "Add them all! "

He ordered his subordinates, his eyes flashing with a fierce light. As long as he was fine, let's see how he would take her life!

But now, he couldn't even move his hands.

Yi Xin finished the Shark Fin risotto in her bowl, stood up, and pointed at a few guards.

"You guys carry him to the bed. I'll detoxify him, " she ordered.

The guards quickly carried Gaia to the big bed in the room. GAIA seemed to have become a stone statue and couldn't move at all.

Yi looked at her masterpiece with satisfaction. She took out a box of silver needles and a dagger from her backpack. She used the silver needles to stab several of GAIA's acupuncture points to stop the poison from spreading.

She swung the dagger at the man.

"Ah! "

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