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96.66% May the rest of my life be sweet to you / Chapter 1276: Chapter 1276: whose child is Chapter 96

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Chapter 1276: Chapter 1276: whose child is Chapter 96

Author: The first love of a rainy day Machine Translation

Yan Wei was shocked. "No, how could I be the one who poisoned you? I'm Yan Wei? Don't you remember me? "

Du Rui's eyes were fixated on Yan Wei's small face. He seemed to be trying hard to figure out who the woman in front of him was.

"What are you doing in my room? " He thought of another question.

"I'm taking care of you. You fainted after being poisoned, " Yan Wei said.

"That's right. You're my girlfriend. I remember you now, " Du Rui said loudly.

He couldn't say that he had memories, but he couldn't say that he didn't. It was similar to the photos. They were all taken one by one. However, there were many images of the woman in front of him in his memory. They were images of her since she was young.

"that, right, " Yan Wei stammered. For a moment, she couldn't find words to explain her identity. Moreover, she had to stay here to continue taking care of him. She could only tacitly accept her identity as his girlfriend. When du Rui recovered, she would explain the whole matter to him.

"Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something? " She changed the topic.

Du Rui touched his stomach. "I am hungry. Get me something to eat. "

Yan Wei immediately called the maid and asked the maid to bring some porridge for du Rui to drink. Du Rui had not eaten much in the past few days, so he could only start with porridge.

The maid quickly brought a sea of porridge.

Yan Wei scooped it into a small bowl and fed it to the man bit by bit.

Du Rui drank two bowls of porridge in a row and seemed to have exhausted his body. He lay on the bed and continued to sleep to replenish his energy.

Yan Wei saw that Du Rui had fallen asleep, so she took the bowl and chopsticks out and handed them to the maid.

In the corridor, Yan Miao walked a few steps to Yan Wei and lowered her voice, "how was it? When he woke up, did he realize that the money was missing? "

Her heart was in a mess. She was afraid that Du Rui would come to her to ask for money.

"Damn, you still dare to come here? He has a little amnesia now and doesn't remember much about himself. Why don't you hide? If you let him see it and make him remember to give you the money, think about how he will treat you! " Yan Wei deliberately threatened Yan Miao.

Yan Miao's heart thumped, "it wasn't easy for me to get a few tens of millions. You have to think of a way to keep my money. You can't let him think of me! "

"I will think of a way. I advise you not to come over. This way, even if he finds out about his bank transfer, he won't know who it's to, " said Yan Wei

"Alright then! This is all we can do now. I'll hide for a few days first. Remember this, if you dare to harm me, don't blame me for not recognizing you as my daughter! " Said Yan Miao fiercely.

The space between Yan Wei's brows sank. She wished that Yan Miao would not acknowledge her!

"Alright, I got it. I'll try my best to make him forget about you. "

After hearing Yan Wei's words, Yan Miao left with satisfaction.

Yan Wei returned to her room and looked at the man who was sleeping soundly. Her lips were pursed into a straight line. Du Rui had forgotten that the person who had poisoned him was the night star soul. This was not bad. This way, Du Rui would not look for the night star soul to settle the score.

Where was the night star soul She took out her phone and called the night star soul. However, only a mechanical female voice could be heard from the phone, "the number you have dialed is switched off! "

Yan Wei's heart sank to the bottom. She was afraid that something had happened to the night star soul.

A plane flew out from the sky above the palace. From the tail tag of the plane, it could be seen that it was Gong Mochen's private plane.

As the plane landed at the airport of the palace, Gong Mochen and Qin Sheng alighted from the plane.

"Dad! Mom! " Lian Lian went to welcome her parents.

"Hello, uncle and Auntie! " GAIA also went over to welcome his guests.

Gong Mochen did not even glance at GAIA. His tall figure walked in front of his daughter. "Come Home With Dad! "

Lian Lian hesitated for a moment. She wanted to leave, but where was Willam?

"Dad, can you stay for a few days before you leave? ''Shee said.Shee wanted to wait untilWillamm returned safely before leaving.

Qin Sheng held her daughter's hand. "How many days do you want to stay? Do you want to agree to this marriage? "

"Mom, what are you talking about? How can I agree to marry him? I just want to shoot the remaining scenes of me here. " Lian Lian gave a reason.

"Uncle, Auntie, I want to discuss my thoughts with you. I think I am the most suitable man for Lian Lian! Only I am worthy of her. " GAIA said.

"whether you are worthy of her or not has nothing to do with us. We only know that our daughter will not marry into the Royal Family! " Gong Mosen said coldly.

It was not that he and Qin Sheng had never been to the palace. They were used to the intrigue of the Palace and did not like their daughter marrying into the palace.

Even if Lian Lian had agreed to it, they would have opposed it, not to mention Lian Lian did not agree at all.

"Uncle, why do you reject me so much? I was the one who saved Lian Lian back then. I took care of Lian Lian and let her find you, " GAIA said quickly.

"You helped me find Lian Lian. I can thank you, but this and my daughter marrying you are two different things. If you want to thank me, I can give you money or other things, but Lian Lian can not! " Gong Mochen said aggressively.

GAIA's brows sank, "but I only want Lian Lian, I love her. "

"But, I don't love you! I will only stay until the film is finished. Don't think too much, " Lian Lian said bluntly.

"Lian Lian, let's talk again! " GAIA held Lian Lian's hand.

"There's nothing to talk about! Since CEO Gong is here to pick up his daughter, let them go! " The empress dowager's voice came from behind.

GAIA turned his head and saw his mother, "mother, we've talked about this. "

The empress dowager walked in front of her son and lowered her voice. "But that child has been lost. Our plans have been ruined. What use is there for this woman? "

"What if we find her? My people are looking for her. We can't completely ruin our plans, right? " GAIA said.

"What if we can't find that child? Do you still want to marry Lian Lian? " The empress dowager questioned GAIA.

"wait a few more days. I will find that child! " GAIA said to his mother in a low voice.

Qin Sheng looked at the mother and son who were whispering. It was obvious that the empress dowager would not allow Gaia to marry Lian Lian.

"Hehe, it has been so many years and nothing has changed. You have to listen to your mother about everything, " she said coldly.

The child from back then appeared in her mind. She would never have thought that the child would be entangled with her daughter in the future.

GAIA's expression changed. "I only respect my mother. I can make my own decisions about Lian Lian and me. "

"I think forget it! Your mother doesn't like Lian Lian at all. You better not make her angry, and we don't want Lian Lian to marry you at all, " Qin Sheng said.

"However, Lian Lian will need to stay in the palace for a few days. I hope that uncle and Auntie can give me a chance to prove my sincerity. If you don't agree to marry Lian Lian to me when you leave, I will let Lian Lian leave, " Gaia said.

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