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99.43% May the rest of my life be sweet to you / Chapter 1416: Chapter 1416 I want baby and you 116

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Chapter 1416: Chapter 1416 I want baby and you 116

Author: The first love of a rainy day Machine Translation

Wen Xin's stunned gaze landed on everyone's faces. It was as if she had been struck by lightning, causing her to lose all consciousness.

Nangong ye had pursued her only to win against Ouyang Mo. just a few words from Ouyang Mo had already caused her to be unable to react in time.

Nangong Ye's fist fiercely swung towards Ouyang Mo. "what the F * Ck Are you talking about? "

Anger shot straight to his brows. He could see Wen Xin's absent-minded expression. He could imagine how much of a blow such a blow would be to this girl!

Now, he even wanted to beat Ouyang Mo to death!

Ouyang Mo didn't expect Nangong ye to suddenly hit him, and his face was hit hard by Nangong ye.

The burning pain swept over his face, and he raised his hand to hit Nangong ye "Why don't you dare to let me say it? Is there a word I said false? Didn't you call Sikong Yi, Hao Feng, and the others here to prove to you that you won the bet? "

He roared angrily. Even if Nangong ye won the bet, he wouldn't let Nangong Ye have Wen Xin. He wanted to tell Wen Xin all the truth and let Wen Xin know the Truth About Nangong Ye!

"Stop Fighting! Hurry up and pull them away! " Sikong Yi stretched out his hand to pull the two men who were fighting.

It was normal for boys to fight. They would fight when there was nothing to do, but sometimes it was for fun and sometimes it was for fun. This time, he could see that Nangong ye and Ouyang Mo were fighting to the death!

He quickly called his brothers to pull away the two men who were looking for death. He was afraid that they would really kill them!

A few noblemen ran over to pull away the two men.

Nangong Ye's long legs kicked at Ouyang Mo relentlessly. "BASTARD! I'll F * CKING kick you to death! "

He looked at Wen Xin's absent-minded appearance. He was so angry that he wanted to beat her to death!

"You deserve to die! If you don't love her, why did you really sleep with her! " Ouyang Mo emphasized the words 'you don't love her' very heavily, as if he was afraid that no one would hear him.

A few boys grabbed Ouyang Mo and Nangong Ye's arms and pulled them back, preventing them from kicking each other again.

"enough, stop hitting. For a woman, you hurt our brotherhood. Is it worth it? " Sikong Yi lectured the two of them.

"Who is his brother? From now on, we are only enemies! " Nangong ye roared angrily.

"The same goes for you! " Ouyang Mo also said.

The two of them clamored and refused to submit to each other.

Wen Xin finally pulled herself back to reality. She looked at Nangong ye with her eyes hidden. This was the man who had kissed her all over her body and asked her to call him.

"So, you only pursued me to win the bet. You gave me a villa, money, and a kidney for my mother? "

Nangong ye felt suffocated. He couldn't deny this. "I, I chased after you to win against Ouyang Mo. "

"Wen Xin, did you hear that? " "Do you think you've climbed up the ranks of the rich and powerful? " "Not only did you harm yourself, you also harmed me. If you hadn't betrayed our love, now that I have the rights to import and export goods from five countries, our family's crisis can be solved, and I can marry you! " Ouyang MO roared His entire game of chess had been lost because of one wrong move!

Wen Xin's eyes closed slightly, and she blinked away all the tears in her eyes. She walked towards Ouyang Mo step by step.

Suddenly, she reached out and slapped the man's face. The heavy slap landed on the man's face.

Ouyang Mo was hit hard. He looked at the woman in shock, and his eyes were bloodshot. "It was you who betrayed our love, and you still want to hit me? "

Wen Xin's lips were cold. "If you really love me, why would you use me as a bargaining chip? In your heart, I'm just a bargaining chip that you can use? "

Ouyang mo was speechless. "I, I have no choice. Actually, if I told you about this matter, you would also help me, right? "

"I won't help you! No matter how difficult it is, I won't betray my lover! " Wen Xin said.

Who would have thought that the person who betrayed her was actually Ouyang Mo!

"I, Wen Xin, you know about my family's company. I really have no choice! Besides, even if I'm despicable, Nangong ye only treats you as a toy! He's also not a good person! Don't be with him! " Ouyang Mo said He would never let Wen Xin be with Nangong Ye!

Wen Xin bit her lips hard. "I know what I'm capable of. You don't have to tell me. "

Nangong ye struggled to break free of his arm and rushed towards Wen Xin. However, his arm was grabbed by his good brother, so he couldn't break free. = =

"Let go of me! " He roared angrily.

However, Sikong Yi and the others didn't dare to let go at all. They were afraid that the furious Nangong ye would continue to hit Ouyang Mo..

Wen Xin walked towards Nangong Ye. She looked at the man coldly. "I came here because I felt that the things you gave me were too valuable. I did not fall in love with you. I just felt guilty towards you.

"things are good now. You don't love me either. For the sake of the bet, I did it for my mother. We are even. We don't owe each other anything! "

She finished her words and walked past the man. She did not look at him again.

"Stop! Don't you love me? " Nangong ye questioned.

"I don't. " Wen Xin said coldly without turning her head. Even if she was betrayed by her lover and treated herself as a bargaining chip, she would not let anyone see her defeat.

The woman's cold words were like a knife stabbing into Nangong Ye's heart. He was really moved by Wen Xin, but Wen Xin did not love him. She only gave him what he wanted for what he had given her.

"Ah! " He roared angrily. He waved his arms and shook off all the people who were holding onto him and rushed back to his office.

He had won against Ouyang Mo, but he had also lost so completely!

Sikong Yi watched Nangong Ye return to his office and motioned for his good brothers to let go of Ouyang Mo..

"I didn't expect Wen Xin to be your girlfriend! Ouyang Mo, YOU'RE ASKING FOR IT! You can leave now! " He waved his hand to signal Ouyang Mo to leave.

Ouyang Mo ran out of the building to look for Wen Xin.

He drove his car to catch up with Wen Xin who was riding the little red car. The car stopped beside Wen Xin and he got out of the car to block Wen Xin's path. "Wen Xin! Don't go! "

Mou Ran stopped his words. The girl's face was full of tears and it stung his heart.

"You're crying. Who are you crying for? Is it for me or for Nangong Ye? " Ouyang MO roared angrily.

Wen Xin's lips curled into a cold smile. "I'M CRYING FOR MYSELF! For my stupidity, to actually believe in love. Thank you for teaching me. So the person who hurt me the most is actually the person closest to me.

"Senior, I don't love you. I only loved you back then. "later, when you appeared in front of me again, I really tried very hard to love you and let us return to the past. But I realized that I couldn't do it at all. Perhaps the last time we broke up, I already took back my love. "

"No I know that you still love me "Wen Xin, help me find Nangong ye and ask him not to force ME TO END MY COMPANY "If he cancels this bet, let's pretend that nothing happened, okay "When the crisis in my company is over, I will still marry you! " Ouyang Mo said.

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