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Chapter 10: Diner


The MCU is said to be connected to all the tv shows. I was only able to watch "Marvel Agents of Shield" from beginning to end. A few episodes in "Agent Carter". While I ignored all the Marvel shows in Netflix, aside from sometimes watching random Youtube videos of those.

If I had known this would happen I would have watched all those shows, even if I found some of those shows boring. I have basically no knowledge of the fundamental events happening on those shows. A silver lining to this is that all those shows are going to happen in the future. Giving me enough time to prepare. Or will they still happen?

My very existence has probably already caused a ripple in time changing the events in the future. If I didn't exist Tony and Jarvis would have directly gone to this diner without stopping first in the "Chess & Checker House". That one event could have already sent a huge change in the timeline.

'I'm really hoping that I didn't change all the key events happening in the future,' I thought while giving out a sigh.

We arrived shortly in a modest diner. The smell of coffee and the noise of people chattering in the background can be heard. We seated ourselves in the free seats in the counter. Jarvis seated in the far right while Tony seated himself in the middle, and I took a seat beside Tony.

"What can I do for you folks," said a large woman, as she is attentively waiting for our order. "Burger and fries," Tony and I said at the same time. Score one for building rapport with Tony.

"The three of us would like to have 3 set burgers, fries, and coke please," said Jarvis. "Ok, 3 burgers, 3 fries, and 3 coke coming right up," she said as she writes our orders down in her notepad.

"Where are you from Ethan, you said you and your parents were staying in a hotel room. What brought you in the city," Jarvis ask as he drinks his complimentary water.

"My grandfather's war buddy just recently died, so my grandmother wanted us to be there for him. She also wanted to have a "family bonding time" after the funeral," I said to him.

"Your grandfather served in the war. Ah, reminds me of my time when I served as an aid in the British Armed Forces," said a reminiscing Jarvis.

"What happened there?" Tony ask.

"I met my wife Anna," he said.

Based on what I could remember in "Agent Carter" Jarvis married Anna after World War 2. Anna was a girl of Jewish descent who was working in Hungary. The two of them later fell in love. Fearing the Third Reich, Jarvis went to the general he was working asking for a favor.

The favor was for the general to sign some documents that would allow Anna to enter the US. The general refuse Jarvis's request. When a man loves someone he'll do stupid things. So, he forged the signature of the general and that gave the chance for Anna to enter the US.

The British Arm Forces found out this later causing him to be discharged and a possible court-martial. Howard Stark heard of this and he used his influence to stop the possibility of a court-martial. This event made Jarvis extremely loyal to Howard Stark.

After that event, he became the butler of the Starks. If I remember correctly Jarvis doesn't have a child of his own with Anna. Maybe he sees Tony as the son he never had. Makes you wonder…

"Oh," Tony said.

"Do you just always take walks in Central Park?" I ask.

"Rarely", replied Tony.

"Then why did you decided to go to Central Park today," I asked Tony.

"You ask a lot of question huh," Tony said to me.

Before I could give a reply to Tony, Jarvis looks at me with a gentle smile and said. "Ethan, would you like to be friends with Tony? He doesn't have that many friends,".

"Jarvis. what-----," Tony protested.

"I don't mind. I like showing him who's the smarter one anyway," I immediately replied.

"Smarter, I think not, I know------," Tony protested my statement. Jarvis and I both laugh at Tony's behavior and the cute way chibi Stark not willing to accept defeat.

My laughter suddenly stopped due to my mother pinching my ear, painfully I might add. Which led me to squeal. Seeing this made Tony laugh at my pain.

"Ouch, that hurt mom," I said as I cover both my ears from her hands that are getting so close to me, to inflict me more pain. "HURT, HURT, your father and I were just sleeping. Then there was a phone call saying that you went out without anybody with you. Do you even know how I fe--," before my mom could finish her sentence she embraces me in a tight hug.

'Yeah, I totally deserve that,' I thought myself.

As mom was hugging me and berating me due to my actions, I saw dad introduce himself to Jarvis and Tony. Dad thanks Jarvis for supervising me and for telling them about my solo tour in the city.

'I wouldn't be in trouble if I didn't saw Tony, oh well you win some, you lose some,' I thought.

I didn't notice it due to the punishment dealt by my mother, but it looks like my grandparents came together with my parents in the diner. My parents and grandparents seated themselves in the free seats next to me. Before they could order something someone entered the diner, it was Howard Stark.

Aside from me, who reacted with a smirk in my face, my grandfather and Tony had their own reaction. Tony's reaction showed a small sign of happiness and longing. Understandable for a kid his age. Howard was always a busy man, it probably doesn't give him enough time to be a proper father. Or he could just suck at being a father, plain and simple. Who knows really.

My grandfather, on the other hand, his reaction showed great interest. Like he has been waiting to personally meet Howard Stark. Why, what purpose would my grandfather, a man who made a shit ton of money building malls want with a man who made even more money being a weapons developer.

'Hmm…..intriguing development I see,' I said in my head.

"Jarvis there you are," Howard said.

"Hello sir, how was your early meeting?" Jarvis ask.

"Boring, pointless, bothersome," Howard replied nonchalantly.

"Hello father," Tony said.

"Hello, Tony. Enjoyed your walk with Jarvis?" he asked.

"It was nice," Tony said with a small smile in his face.

Right after Tony said this Jarvis said, "He made a friend today".

"Oh…are you the new friend," ask Howard as he looks at me.

"I believe so sir, I'm Ethan D. Carter," I said to him.

After introducing myself, my grandfather introduced himself and the rest of the members of the Carter family currently seated near me.

"Charles A. Carter, are you the one who perhaps both Bush and Strauss mentioned ?" asked Howard.

"Indeed I am Howard, since we already met, I would like to talk about my proposal with you and you're opinion on the matter," said my grandfather.

The two of them both took a seat in a different area in the diner to have a private conversation. You could just see the disappointment in the eyes of my grandmother as she looks at her husband. He just lost a friend and grandpa went directly to a "meeting". While Tony was saddened that his father didn't spend time with him.

I on the other hand was fascinated with the one sentence I heard my grandfather said. The names "Bush" and "Strauss" in particular drew my attention. Both those names represented the Chairperson of two political parties in the US. 'Does grandpa want a political career?' I ask myself.

Knowing my grandfather he won't settle being an ordinary politician, is he aiming for "The Presidency"?

Damn it, I wanted to get close with Howard. Even if I could get just one strand of hair would have been an extremely fruitful day.

'Screw you, grandpa, for ruining my plan!' I shouted sarcastically in my head.


Hello people!!!

Before people Speculate:

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They only have the same last name.

They only have the same last name.

They only have the same last name.


King_Disturb King_Disturb

Hello, I'm back and hopefully staying.


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