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10.18% MCU: The Inheritance of the 3 sannins / Chapter 11: MEDICAL NINJUTSU 

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ETHAN'S POV (7 years old)

It has been two years since that meeting with Tony in the park. My mother gave birth to a pair of twins. The first to come out was named John Carter, while the other was named William Carter. Just looking at them you will see the resemblance with my father. Mother strongly denies it though. She believes that the twins resembler her more than my father.

The first year was interesting. My parents decided to take care of the twins when both of them were home. They soon realize how hard it is to take care of a newborn. For them taking care of my younger siblings was really hard compared to taking care of me. 'Obviously, I was a reincarnated person, after all, what do you expect', I thought.

Most mornings you could see the tired look in their eyes. Bernard had been telling them that we should allow him and the maids to help, even if not every night. Both of them strongly refused that idea. They wanted to experience, in their own words "real parenthood". 'What about me, I'm your child. Aren't you experiencing real parenthood', I thought. I have to admit even I laugh at that.

Anyway, I'm 7 years old now. I have received two letters from Tony so far. The first letter was mostly about Jarvis forcing him to write the letter, and a short paragraph basically questioning me how I'm doing. The second letter was Tony showing a touch of his future egoistic self. The kid was bragging about the new engine he designed. 'Don't worry Tony I'll do something better in the future just you wait,' I thought to myself as I was reading that letter. The second letter contained a message that he would be studying abroad for boarding school. I sent him a letter wishing him luck and telling him not to brag so much. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I on the other hand had been very busy. My chakra capacity had now me reach mid-Chunin. I have learned some e-rank level Justus. I particularly like the "Bunshin no Jutsu" and the "Henge no Jutsu". It's the perfect skill to prank people with.

I made a regular clone and henge into a black silhouette. The clone will then run around the mansion during the night. Sometimes, when a brave maid tries to follow the silhouette I dispel the Jutsu. They will suddenly see a puff of smoke, which will lead to them being scared shitless and run the other way. Not going to lie, one made actually cried due to this. I stop doing it since, but the damage was done. The maids now think that the mansion is haunted.

My parents and Bernard doesn't believe them. Most of the time they just give the scared maids days off, believing that they were tired.

When I was 6 years old, I went to the forest one night to try to tree walk. I chose a random tree and channeled my chakra at the bottom of my feet. It was hard during the first 3rd steps, but I slowly got the hang of it. It seems like sticking leaves in my body using chakra had paid off.

Three months before my 7th birthday was the start of the beginning of my medical ninjutsu training. At night I would leave a regular clone in my bedroom pretending to be me sleeping. I would then travel to my secret little lair in the forest roughly 2 kilometers near my house.

My hideout is placed underground, a modest little lair. I use earth Jutsu to dig in an open field. A few holes were placed at the top to allow air to flow. On the walls, you could see seals written on the dirt itself. The seal produces light to provide illumination for my hideout. A basic seal, and portable light bulb.

Today was the same tedious task, I had caught squirrel for today's medical practice. This squirrel is now named Alvin5, yes I named it after "Alvin and the Chipmunks". All the other "Alvins" unfortunately died. "You better do well now Alvin5," I said to the creature. I place the squirrel in the center of my lair. The squirrel was not moving due to a needle coated chakra I placed on a nerve in the back of its neck.

"Okay, easy…easy…I only need a small incision to practice with," I said to myself. I am trying to cut and inflict a wound on the squirrel using "Chakra Scalpel Jutsu". This is a form of medical technique that forms one chakra into a small sharp blade in the person's hand. In the anime, the person who showed a high-level mastery of this technique was Kabuto, due to him being able to use this skill in combat.

I slowly cut a horizontal wound starting from the armpit up to the hand of the squirrel. Blood was slowly flowing out of the wound, "here we go Alvin 5, I promise I won't treat you like the rest. I'm sure you'll live", I said to the paralyze squirrel. I hover my hand in the bleeding wound and my hand glowed green, I was using the Healing Hands Jutsu.

Based on Tsunade's knowledge, medical ninjutsu either uses yang or yin chakra to heal. Yin chakra relates to one's spiritual energy and Yang relates to one's physical energy.

The wound was then slowly closed off right in front of me. "There you go, good as new. I told you you'll live," I said to the paralyzed creature. Okay, round two. I use "Chakra Scapel Jutsu" to inflict an internal wound in the stomach of Alvin5. This was an even harder healing operation to do. Since you can't see the wound inside the body more precise chakra control is needed when using "Healing Hands Jutsu" is required.

Too little chakra and the healing process will be slow. Which will then lead to the patient dying or in this case the squirrel dying due to internal bleeding. Too much and you will be wasting chakra. The first problem can be fixed with blood transfusion though. The squirrel needs to survive with my Healing Hand Jutsu cause who has squirrel blood in storage anyway.

The squirrels I used didn't die cause I failed in healing the internal wound. I actually healed all of them, but I was using too much chakra each time. All the previous "Alvins" died because I keep on using the same animal for practice. Cut the flesh, heal the flesh, inflict an internal wound, heal the internal wound, rinse, and repeat. Then they die eventually. The squirrel can only take a few of this practice session before their hearts totally give up.

"I will remember all the past Alvin's who has greatly improved my skill set," I said out loud.


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