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27.5% MCU: The Inheritance of the 3 sannins / Chapter 22: UNIVERSITY-3

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Chapter 22: UNIVERSITY-3


I had already completed the "Strength of the Hundred Seals" 3 months ago. Tsunade's seal allowed her to remain looking young, mine won't. It only acts as chakra storage. At least I had secured my survivability. Orochimaru's survivability capabilities were extremely different than Tsunade. Orochimaru has modified his body to such a degree that his true form is no longer human. Throughout the years of modifying his body, his true form has become like a snake. I for one don't like to change my genetic makeup to such a degree that people will argue that I'm no longer human. I'm still planning to do some of the genetic enhancement though. Mostly muscles and bone enhancement to allow me to stretch my limbs and increase my flexibility.

Right now I didn't cut my hair, I decided to have man bun....(My body my choice)... Right now I finally have the clones to increase my work efficiency. New seals, new jutsu to make and a lot of studying to do. Incorporating the knowledge of Orichmaru and Tsunade to MCU's available medical treatment and research took a lot of my time. I am really impressed with the genetics knowledge of Orochimaru, in some areas his knowledge surpasses the genetic knowledge of modern medicine. Well, I guess experimenting on live subjects could do that to you.

The first year of university has flown by quickly. I intend to graduate three years from now. Tony Stark will graduate at the same time as a Summa Cum Laude. I intend to be in the news with him. The Stark family is more renowned than the Carter family, aside from the death of my grandfather of course. Me being in the same caliber as Stark would be good PR.

I was chilling in my apartment writing some seal ideas when Ted came knocking at my door. I opened the door just enough for my face to be seen.

"What do you need?", I said to Ted.

"Hey Ethan, there having a party tonight at River house lets go," Ted said with much enthusiasm.

"Why should I go", I said to him.

"I don't want to go alone, please", he said to me pleading.

"No, I don't want to go"


"It sad that your only friend is a 15-year-old in college"


"Oh, look a beautiful bird just flew by"


"I wonder where it's going?"






"you're so annoying"


"you really need more friends"


"fine, I'll go with you", I said reluctantly.

"Yes, two friends out to party tonight. Fathers lock up your daughter's cause were coming", he exaggeratedly said.

"If any daughters come at me she'll get lock up alright", I said to him with a deadpan expression.

"Kinky nice," Ted said with a double finger gun pose pointed at me.

"... Why do I even know you…." I said to him.

"Hahahhaha. The party is at 7, we will be there at 6:45 pm sharp. We need to be early," he said.

"Going early to a college party. Even I know that's not right," I said to him.

"Whatever, see you tonight my underage genius friend," he said as he left my apartment.

"You're a bad influence, you know that right", I said to a now leaving Ted. Ted didn't bother to respond and continued walking.

'…Relaxing for one night might be nice. The clones have been bugging me about their so-called "rights" lately. Fine one night off it is,' I thought to myself.


Ted picked me up in his car. One thing that I found extremely interesting ever since I got reincarnated was the attire. Especially now, 80s attire is colorful, to say the least.

We arrived at the party, or should I say the place where there will soon be a party.

People were still making some last minutes preparations.

"Hey guys, you came early," said one guy. I think his name is Joe. I don't really care. I only cared about people who were talented. I already have a list of people I would like to join me in my future company. Ted is actually on that list.

"Hi Ethan, you look dashing tonight", said a blonde girl.

The one thing that mostly happened to me in the first year of college is that the girls keep hitting on me. Due to me being part of a wealthy family and already in college at the age of 14 they see a bright future if they marry me.

Cue Brooke, the very first girl that tried and still tries to manipulate me. She has been doing little things to me so that I would have an interest in her. Showing a few cleavages her and there. A couple of hand touching and a few brushing of her breast in my shoulder. Brooke is a solid 10 I might add.

I'm pretty sure that if she tried this with other men she would have already succeeded. Too bad for her I'm not like those weak-willed men. Ted on the other hand says I'm lucky, I strongly disagree.

"We are early indeed", I said to Joe completely not paying attention to Brooke. This made her falter for a brief moment but only people who would have been taking notice of her could have a chance to see it.

"I know, anyway if you guys want to drink there is beer in the kitchen," Joe said and he looks at me and said "Your underage but since your already in college I believe that it would be fine to make you drink. What happens at this party, stay at this party. Right?" he said to me, I just nodded in response. Ted drags me to the kitchen to get some beer.

"Cheers to your first alcoholic drink ever," he said with a grin as he raises his beer bottle.

"Cheers," I said to him as I hit his beer bottle with mine. I took a sip while he took a big mouthful. Technically this ain't my "first beer bottle ever", this is my first beer bottle in this life though.

As soon as we drank our beer a guy that we didn't know came to talk to us.

"Hello gentlemen, I'm Steve, college of business", Steve introduced himself.

"Hello", Ted said warily.

"I happen to be in possession of some extremely valuable stuff. Would you two gentlemen be interested?" Steve said to us.

"Ok, I'll bite. What is it, drugs? Extasy, marijuana, what?" Ted asked. Ted's response got me interested. Looks like he wants to have a fun night.

"Please gentlemen, those stuff are ancient. I would like to present to you the drug of the new generation," he said as he took something in his pocket. "Vertigo, gives you quicker and more fulfilling high," he said.

"Vertigo, I never heard of that drug before," Ted said with interest.

"Obviously, this drug is new in the market. I got a guy who personally knows the maker of this drug. Trust me when I say this, this drug is one of a kind," he said

Throughout the entire sales speech, I never said a word. I stared at the drug in his hand. The drug has a green shade and looks crystal clear. Impressive for a street drug if you ask me.

"Nah, not interested man. Good luck though," Ted said after much thought.

"How much for a gram," I said.

Ted was shocked when I ask Steve for the price.

"50 dollars per gram," he said.

"Ok here," I said to him as we did our transaction.

"Looking forward to your patronage," he said.

I didn't plan on taking the drug. I wanted to see the effect of a hallucinogen in a microscope. If I wanted to study drugs in the laboratory of the school I needed to get it approved. Too much hassle if you ask me. This way I can see the effects of a hallucinogen more quickly.

"Man, give me that. I'll throw it away," Ted said with a determined voice.

"Chill, I don't want to take this. I'm going to study it in the university laboratory. Maybe give it to some mice to study," I said to him.

"You can order that in the school you know", he said.

"Only legal hallucinogens, I want to study this so-called new hallucinogen. Besides asking the University will take too long, 2 weeks the latest and a month or 2 the longest. This way I can study this next Monday," I said to him.

"Fine, but if I see you snorting that thing I'm taking it and throwing it in the sea," he said.

"Yeah whatever," I said to him.


Anyway, I would like to thank people who gifted me their power stones.

As of right now, I had made a pat.reon account for those who wants to have early access to my chapters.

Thank care and God Bless.

King_Disturb King_Disturb

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