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50% Melissa (#The O'Dells) / Chapter 14: CHAPTER THIRTEEN: THE INTERVIEW

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"Hello viewers, you are highly welcome to this exciting episode of the show. For those who are first time viewers, this is CELEBRITY STAGE SHOW and I am your honourable presenter, Amanda Kenyon".

A middled aged lady said with a bright sugar smile.

"Our last episode was really educative as Mr Raymond the founder of Netcom communications came to tell us all about the foundation. It was so interesting yo hear. But today veiwers, this episode will be a bomb shell".

She demonstrated spreading her hands wide and letting her excitement show.

"You will surely give me a kudos after this program" she said with a smug look. "I'm bringing you a rare guest. A lady full of charisma, a confidente, a virtuous woman. You will be so surprise to see who my guest is. But before we bring in our guest, let's go on a commercial break. Viewers you can download the show on our social media platform displayed on your screen so as to follow th current. Stay tuned we'll be right back" she said with a bright smile.

"Welcome back viewers" she smiled. "Like I said earlier, last week show made me go in search of this rare celebrity. I'm telling you you will get a shock to see my guest. I really made great effort in bringing her here. I brought you a woman of valor, an epitome of beauty. A pride of her race. I therefore present to you, the beautiful vice president of D-foundation Miss MELISSA O'DELL" She introduced shouting the the name vivaciously.

Laughing Melissa was brought to view.

"All that for me?"

"You look glamouring" she praised.

"You look double that" Melissa said.

"No don't tease ma" she gave a fake shy smile.

"It's the truth" she smiled.

"Tell me who dresses you this elegant. I need to plead with whoever it is to make me look at least a little maid of a goddess like you" she said jokingly.

"Come off it Amanda" she laughed.

"Viewers I think Miss Melissa O'Dell will love to say hi. Isn't it?" She asked smiling at her.

"Sure" she nod. "Hello everyone I'm Melissa O'Dell and I'm very excited to be on this show with pretty Amanda. It's really a privilege to be here" she greeted with a bow.

"Miss Melissa....."

"Melissa will be fine or better still Melly if that seems too long for you like someone will say" she said.

"You will sure tell me that person later" she whispered and they laughed. "So Melly, let's Start with you telling us about yourself. We know your name, so tell us your nationality, Nativity, place of birth and where you grew up.

"I'm proudly American, nativity of Indiana, born in Montgomery and I grew up there".

"Do you reside there?"

"No I currently live in Boston".

"Melly, if you don't mind the viewers will love to know your birth month and year" she said politely.

"Yes I don't. I was born on October 7, 1995".

" That !makes you?"

"Twenty five" she replied with a smile.

"Twenty five!" She asked astonished.

"I look thirty right?" She smiled.

Amanda shook her head. "No you don't. I was only wondering how such young age got to be the vice president of D-foundation" she said still surprised.

"That I can't explain" she said.

"Let's move to your education. Where did you school?"

"My first level was at Montgomery topnotcher school and then I attended Montgomery girls high school. I'm currently attending the Mayer's college" she replied.

"Why still school?"

"Dad died and I was with the responsibility to take care of my younger ones. So took a break" she smiled stiffly.

"Oh so sorry about that" she said pitifully and Melissa nodded. "But the Mayer's is extremely expensive" she brightened up again.

"Yes. Foundation has the bill".

Amanda made an oh shaped mouth without any sound. "So let's move to family".

"Well I'm the first child of my parent. I have two siblings and I have a lovely family".

Amanda looked at her knowing that she still has some hidden pain in her.

"You said earlier that you lost your dad and when was that?"

"That's over a decade back" she said casually like it doesn't hurt her anymore.

"You should be in your early teen by then?' Melissa nodded. " I'm so sorry for your loss dear".

"It's all gone".

"So mum is fine?"

"She should be".

She replied when she didn't know what to say. Since she's not a politician she thought she's got nothing to hide.

"She should?" Amanda didn't understand.

"Well I knew my mum to be a caring and affectionate woman not until she left few weeks after father died" she explained dryly but her smile didn't fade.

"Are you saying your own very mother left you?" She shouted forgotten that she was holding a show because she was shocked. Immediately she recollect, she comported herself.

Melissa just gave a nod.

"My goodness!" She exclaimed but not loudly. "This is unbelievable that a mother could leave her teenage children to fend for themselves? How does she expect you to survive?" She asked.

"God took charge my dear" she said.

"Are your siblings males?"

"No. We are all females".

Amanda couldn't contain the pain in her heart for the poor kids trying to look for what to eat. Even those that has poor parent that look after them her still bullied not to talk of them that are like orphans. Tear flow down her cheek.

"C'mon Amanda, it's a long time now" Melissa patted her hand.

She also was trying not to allow tears flow to her eyes as she remembered what they went through trying to survive.

"I can't just help it when I begin to imagine what you went through in your early years. I really would have been though" she dabbed her wet eyes.

"Sure it was".

Although Melissa was really glad to share this pains to the world but still it still left a scar in her mind.

Are your sisters still schooling?"

"No they are both through. They work now" with her smile you will know she is much proud of them.

"How come?"

"Well I had to work after high school and they are still much younger so I let them school while I work because all of us can't be illiterate".

"Wow! Viewers don't you agree with me for giving her those fantastic names. She's worth more. Look at a rare sacrifice. This sure a lesson for us all to learn from" she said with enthusiasm.

Melissa smiled at her words.

"Melly, I just work up one day and all the news I hear about is that D-foundation just got herself a beautiful angel working for them. I was like who might this be. At first I thought it was one of those usual female business mogul but I was wrong. Can you tell us how you came to be D-foundation's vice president with such background. I'm so curious an si know my viewers are too".

With the lady's look you will know she is indeed curious.

"Well I was seated in my house when a letter came for me from D-foundation ordering me to come which I went and I was given the job" she said shortly

"Did you know why the letter came to you?"

She couldn't believe that someone just sit in their house and a great opportunity like that then drop by.

"Never knew".

"Did you try to know?"

"Yes but never got an answer" she shrugs.

"Interesting" Amanda said. "So how is working for the foundation?"

Melissa rolled her eyes and smiled. "Let me just answer that with a word. Extravagant" she laughed.

"Wow! But I heard some company plead with you to come to them promising to pay you double of what the D-foundation pays you. Why refuse?"

That was the truth. After Melissa was made known to the world by reporters and also her skills of making money, lot of companies came to persuade her with mouthwatering salaries but she declined.

"If not D-foundation, none of them will know anything about Melissa O'Dell. Moving away from D-foundation is like betraying a benefactor. They brought me to the picture and I'm not ready to leave until I'm dismissed officially" she said with strong assurance. "Even if they offer me the world" she added.

"D-foundation got so much luck indeed" she said facing her screen. "Tell me, how do you cope with your workers. I'm sure most of them will be older".

"We've got well trained workforce. They respect and obey me as it ought to be. They never for once belittle me" she said with pride beaming in her face.

"Speaking the truth, not all will totally adore your presence".

"My father told me something. He said if everyone you know adores you then you are nothing but an hypocrite and that's not a goodly attribute" she gave a smile shaking her head slowly.

"That means even if they are uncomfortable, they don't have a choice than to succumb since you are superior" she asserted.

Melissa gave a nod. "You are right. They've gat no choice" she agreed.

"May I ask who you are closer to in the company?"

Melissa chuckled at her question. "Thinking of who I work with, I think I'm closer to the president since I assist him".

"You think?" She laughed.

"Didn't you ask a question that you already know? So I'm thinking too" she mocked.

"You caught me there" she burst into laughter.

"Hm hm" Melissa laughed.

"So how do you and the President relate?"

"Quite fine".

Although Amanda wasn't satisfied with her answer, she still let go.

"I'm coming back to that. Viewers, we have to take a break. Well be right back.

"Welcome back. Still here on the show is Miss Melissa O'Dell. The vice President of D-foundation" she entwined her fingers as she speak.

Then she turned to Melissa.

"I got to hear that it was when you got there that the company begin to rate part of top ten in the world. How is that possible?"

Melissa smiled. "What do I know about running a business. Everything I know was given to me by my the sagacious President. I don't take credit for what I didn't do. It was only a coincidence that when I got there things changed drastically. Things is always changing for the company even before I came to view. The owners are lovers of good works. They are so hardworking and God blessed their hand work. My boss does it, while I just assist" she said with zest.

"Hmm, talking about the president. We've heard a lot about Dr Kmetko but can you just tell us in few words about him?"

"With the little time I've spent with him, I've known him to be goodly man, intelligent, hardworking, patient and very disciplined man. He's not as proud as some people think. He's one of the wonderful persons have know and will still know" she rhapsodizes.

"But I do wonder how he do possibly run two big companies at the same time. What's giving him all that invincible strength" she pit her hand on her lips like she was truely baffled.

"Just like you I wonder too. But one thing I know is that, through Christ we can do all things. Moreover, he hates anything calls mistake. That's the reason he works to make it perfect. I myself try to run at his pace so I won't create him more trouble" she replied.

"So how many branches do the foundation have now and how many countries does it exist?"

"As you know, D-foundation is a conglomerate with different services and products involved. Let me tell you the country we exist instead and I think that should be 15 countries where we are dominant of 10 and I tell you we ain't stopping there" she replied ambitiously.

"That's huge. Fifteen? Trust me baby you've taken the world" she praised.

Melissa smiled because Drew always say they've done nothing.

"We've not but that's our aim" she said confidently.

"I heard you are partnering with Nokia? What for?"

"So as to get them brand a phone in our name and we sell out" she replied.

"Wow so soon we are going to have a phone in the foundation's name?" She asked giving an exciting sound.

"It's already at your door step dear. We launch it next week" she replied.

"I can't wait sweety" she said in jubilee. "There was also a news that said you were into fight with one of your partnering firms. Everyone was confused because we didn't get the real gist. Do you mind?"

"I wouldn't say it is a fight but a rejection of bad character" she gave a calm reply.

"Care to share?"

"I was actually the one who went into deal with them. We sealed the deal concluding on the costi but when I travelled they tried to manipulate everything to their own favor. I got to know about it then I took the job from them. If they can do such treachery thing before starting the job what will they do on the job. We must protect the reputation of our company. So ever since they've been posting lies about us especially me" she explained.

"I thought as much" she said with a plain look. "So has this beautiful lady been taken. I mean do you have a fiance?"

"No I don't" she replied.

Amanda didn't believe her. "Is it that men aren't interested or you aren't because I can't just imagine a belle like you not hooked?"

"Hmm..." She tilted her her left and right. "Let's just say I'm calming down" she smiled.

"I sometimes heard a rumour that you were kinda going with Dr Kmetko".

"Amanda rumor will be rumour. Dr Kmetko and I doesn't have any other relationship except work" she replied.

"It was said that you two kissed publicly" she gave the look that she meant what she heard.

"What!" Melissa exclaimed laughing. "Never heard of that. I don't think you know who we are talking about. Dr Kmetko is very disciplined and kind of shy...."

Amanda cuts in. "Shy! Are you kidding me?" She didn't believe her.

"No I'm not. There are some things he can't do outside. I don't think he can even kiss his own girl outside talk less of me. It is really really, I mean really really not possible" she said laughing at herself.

"Why so much really?" She laughed.

"Because of how sure I am".

"Tell us the greatest rumour you've heard about yourself?"

"That I was the Uganda President's side chick" she replied shaking her head slowly as if she couldn't still believe it.

"Oh I heard about that" she said like she was trigger by her answer.

"It wasn't a nice experience my dear. I just suffered because of political issues that doesn't concern me" she said with pressed lips.

"Wasn't it later found out that it was a spy from the opposing party that went to plant wrong evidence of you and the President, just to trigger his jealous wife" it wasn't like a question it ought to be but a narration.

"Yes I just got beaten for nothing" she said with feign sadness.

"You didn't sue her?"

Amanda was not in the same book page to let them go.

"Although I felt so bad and humiliated, the reward I got was worth it" she smiled profusely.

"And that is?"

'The whole government compensated me by agreeing to let our company build there. It's a rewarding one" she boasted.

"Viewers, after this commercial, Miss O'Dell will tell us her most embarrassing moment. Stay tuned.

" My most embarrassing moment was a week after our mother left. My sisters and I have exhausted the money she left for us. Because I was too shy to beg from my neighbors, I trekked to a far distance to see if I could get a job that will pay me even if it is what we will use to feed" she pauses.

"And how old were you?"

"I was twelve moving close to thirteen".

" Geez!"

"Please don't cry this time" she pleaded with a sweet smile.

"I won't" she raised her hand.

"Like I said earlier I trekked from our neighborhood to another to avoid gossip. Luckily for me I found a food stall where the woman confirmed that she needed assistance but she said I was too small. Just as I was trying to convince her that I can work? I heard my name and a woman who is a distant neighbor popes out of nowhere. She didn't even try to know what I was pleading for, she just concluded that I came to beg for food. Then she began to tell the stall owner that she should please be nice because our dad just died and our mum left us. She didn't even try to say it gently. She shouted that everyone around heard. I felt so ashamed. Even more when they begin to gather food and money for me. I cried as they did it. Although the food really helped but it was a shame" she narrated.

"I didn't think the woman intended to embarrass you" Amanda said.

"Yes. She only spoke out of pity. She's really a good woman. With her little she made sure we are not hungry. She later realised I wasn't begging and she apologized. Even got me a job to wash plate at her friend's restaurant" she replied.

"You really had a tough vhildhoo. I'll still cajole you into coming back to come and Share the whole of your childhood story' she said with focus.

"Will be glad to share" she smiled.

"Your best exciting moment?"

Melissa grinned. "That should be the first time I met Dr Kmetko" she laughed. "It's a day I'll never forget".

Amanda almost jumped off her seat. "C'mon gist me baby" she said as if she just won a lottery card.

"I was inside the foundation's building. I was in so much hurry to leave because I was late for my casual work, then I mistakingly hit him. He didn't even wait for me to apologize, he just bawled at me. I was more pissed of that I retorted. I'm still surprised at how I talked to him. I was even ready to beat him up" she said laughing.

"Beat him up. This is serious" she laughed out loud.

"It was later I get to find out who he waa'.

" were you not scared of losing the job?"

"Of course I was super scared but what could I have done. The did has already been done. I just wait there silently for my judgement" she winkednher eyes severely.

Amanda grinned. Then she became serious again.

"If Dr Kmetko walks up to you today and ask you out, what would be your reply. A sincere one".

" He is a every lady's dream man. So who doesn't want good thing?"

She tried to answer the question without sentiment so as not to land herself inside trouble.

"No one. Then I should also look for a way to hook up with him. Do you think he will take a second glance at me?" She asked checking herself out jokingly.

"What kind of question is that" she laughed. "I'm not in his mind to know the kind to lady he wants or wishes to be with" she shrugs and they both laughed.

"Melly, you tried to avoid my question. You answered for all ladies not yours. You definite answer us needed" she said letting her know she wasn't smart enough.

"You caught me" she giggled.

"You should know I will" she boasted playfully.

"Well, I haven't sat down and thought about it".

"Seriously" Amanda was flabbergasted.

"Yes seriously" she said nodding.

"Most ladies would have thought about it one thousand and one times every minutes" she said still surprised.

She has never heard of someone who said she hasn't thought about getting hooked with Dr Kmetko.

"I don't give myself false hopes. I love my heart so much so I guide it jealously form unreal thought. My own thought is what will be will be" she said with pride flickering in her eyes.

"Are you saying you will decline?"

"Well since we aren't one that sits to pally, I'll decline" she said proudly.

"You two don't get along?"

"Nothing serious. It's just boss and employee thing" she quickly said.

"Let me give you a gist" she whispered like no one would hear. "The first time I saw you two together, I thought you were his fiancée. I said you two couple looks cute. It was my husband that told me that you are not his wife but the new vice president of D-foundation" she said with a serious look.

Melissa smiled at the picture displayed on the screen. She could remember vividly how Mayfield was on their neck saying they must take picture together. She and Drew didn't know that the picture will come out so beautiful because the smile they had on was nothing but fake.

"We took this picture at the company's thanksgiving" she said smiling at her fake smile.

"You two look newly wed. I'm been sincere here".

Melissa widen her look. "Amanda please pity my poor head. I don't want his woman to come deal with me next morning. I don't even think of him that way. I'm hiding my poor head" she said smiling at frowning Amanda.

"Are you scared?" She said with a thick voice.

"Not scared. Terrified" she feign fear.

"What!" She laughed.

"If you know the battalions of women that are on the queue for him, you will not say what you just said because you will be scared for me".

"Look at how serious she is as if she is saying the truth" she mocked.

"You think I'm lying? Be his girl for a week, I'm so sure if you come out alive, it will be with one leg, one hand or one eye. Then you will understand my fear" she overemphasized.

"Stop Melly, you are cracking me up" she laughed heartily.

"You take my words for joke? Go experiment".

"Viewers..." She laughed. "Oh this is really funny" she laughed again. "We can go on and on with Miss Melissa O'Dell but our time is winking at us. So Melly so gibe a word of advice to people in the house who are likely going through what you went through".

"Be good, stay strong. Put your hope on God and He will sort you out" she said with a smile.

"Yes don't give up. Help is coming" Amanda added. "Thanks Melissa we learn a lot from you and also catch lot of fun" she smiled professionally at her.

"You're welcome".

" we are bringing this show to a close and once again this is Miss Melissa O'Dell form D-foundation. Can you please say bye to our lovely viewers".

"It's nice talking to you all and Amanda it's really a joy to join your show. Byeee" she waved happily.

"Oh Melly is going but I don't want her to. I know likewise you too. I'm gonna cry" she said feigning sobs and dabbing her eyes with handkerchief.

"Amanda don't cry" Melissa patted her. "So that your husband won't think I'm trying to take you away from him".

Amanda burst into laughter. "I love this lady" she said still laughing. "Thank you so much for your audience. We really do appreciate. We will sure have you back" she said to Melissa who bowed. "Thanks to all my viewers for watching this episode and if you want to review, you can visit any of our social media platform displayed on your screen. You all do know I love you so see you next week, same day, same hour and same station. I remain your humble, Amanda Kenyon" she said then looked at Melissa. "Let's say a together bye"

Melissa nodded.

"CELEBRITY STAGE is saying byeeee!!!!!"

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