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75% Memories diverbero(divided) / Chapter 3: part 3

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Chapter 3: part 3

Thomas notices a theme park in the distance then smiles like a small kid who just received a lot

of candy he looks over to Jane and she smiles and asks "are you happy?" he nods his head once

again like a small kid to which she starts giggling that causes him to laugh he shifts next to her and

gives her a hug she then says "we not yet even there yet" and tells him to save the enthusiasm for

the rides and he nods his head no and continues to hug her .

Thomas looks at the rides as they pull up at the park and says he wants to ride that one or that one

then says no and points to the dead drop Jane nods her head no he says "why it will be fun" and she

accepts his stubborn whims as John parks the car and Thomas jumps out, Jane tells him to wait but

he already is headed to stand in the line she runs after him and tells him to wait while she clears the

park for them and with a disappointed face he asks her about all the kids that are here she replies by

saying that she never thought of that then says "fine we wont clear the park" but that they should at

least wait to get the VIP passes to which he smiles and grabs her hand and pulls her to the counter

he tells the teller "2 VIP passes please" and the teller shows him the amount and he looks over to

Jane who pushes him out of the way and speaks to the teller and says "give me your most expensive

passes" and hands her the credit card the teller then tells them to wait while they call a cart and

hands Jane a buzzer and tells her "whenever you need a cart just press this ma'am" she smiles then

takes it. Thomas impatiently tells Jane that they should walk and get the cart later then grabs her

hand and pulls and they run to the entrance, Thomas looks up at all the rides and has a big smile on

his face then turns to Jane and asks her "where should we go first?" and she replies "the dead drop"

with a smile and they head that way.

They clear the entire park in less then 3 hours,eats loads of snacks and sugary treats and have the

most amazing time of his life after which they head back to the car

Thomas admires how Jane hasn't even looked at her phone for the entire day as they walk he asks

her if he enjoyed parks before he lost his memory she answers by saying that he had a very different

definition of fun when she knew him the sighs

Thomas thinks then says "well it was his loss" and that nothing was more fun he also said that he

was going to come there everyday for the rest of his life ,Jane looks at him and laughs and he begins

laughing too.John opens the door for them and with a smile asks if they had enjoyed themselves ,

Thomas being all exited says that it was the best time he had ever had then enters the car John

closes the door and jumps in to drive he looks at Jane and asks "where to ma'am" she gives him a

address and Thomas looks at her with a curious look then says "another surprise" to which she

smiles and nods yes.

They pull up to a resort not far away and Jane tells him that they are spending the night there and

Thomas feels happy to be free without the worry of his even though he knows it wont last he

decides to enjoy his time with her and they head in to the room to relax before heading for a couples

massage session to relax he looks at Jane and sees how at peace she looks and decides to plan a

romantic dinner where they sit and laugh while reminisce about the day they had while enjoying

each others company before they head to the room to sleep.

Thomas feels at peace and hopes that nothing goes wrong from this point while still keeping a

weary eye of suspicion for something to go wrong, based on his past experiences every time he

feels happy something goes wrong ,so far everything was good as they sit together at the fire place

and begin to talk. Thomas has never felt more comfortable around Jane like he did that day so he

decides to ask some questions and begins by asking her about their son to which she replies that he

is happy and healthy then takes out her phone and shows him some pictures to which he looks and

smiles then goes on to ask how was his relationship with his son she then smiles and says that there

was no one he loved more than his son. Thomas then asks if that was the case why was he not with

him to which she sighs and looks down then tells him that it was for the best and that his son was

happy ,Thomas unsatisfied with the answer decides to drop the matter as he could see that it was

painful for Jane to talk about after a while they then head to bed and Thomas looks at Jane as she

caresses his head he then asks her how did they meet to which she smiles then narrates the story of

how she fell in love with him the first time she saw him which was in a meeting then tells him how

she loved the way he took control of an entire situation in a matter of seconds and how she had

never seen any person more capable of greatness and that is when she decided that he was going be

the person she married he listens then smiles then asks her "what changed" she sighs and tells him

that life changed then cuts the topic ,he then tells her as he falls asleep they should get their son and

live together as a family as he falls asleep she continues to look at him as he sleeps and a tear falls

from her eye.

Thomas wakes up to the sound of a knock on the door he looks around and sees that Jane is gone,

he stands up then looks in the bathroom and once again cant find her, he heads to the door and

opens it to see one of the resort staff with a platter of breakfast for one outside the door he takes the

food and places it on the table then tries to call her with no answer he quickly gets dressed and

heads out to look for her, he goes straight to the car and asks John if he saw Jane and John tells him

that she called for another car and left earlier that morning. Thomas gets in and tells him to go to the

office then tells John to rush ,Thomas wonders why she just left with no word or note , he calls the

office and the receptionist tells him that she is in a meeting and cant answer the phone right now

then asks if he would like to leave a message for her, Thomas cuts the call and urges John to rush


As they reach the office Thomas climbs out and rushes inside and heads straight to her office he

sees that she still isn't yet there and waits for her as he sits down he thinks what could he have done

wrong and decides that it was probably just an important meeting he waits for an hour while

constantly asks the receptionist how long will she be every 10 minutes ,he considers interrupting the

meeting then decides against it , last thing he wants is to make her upset ,he then waits until lunch

time and Jane walks in ,he quickly stands up and rushes to her and asks her why she just left to

which she ignores ,he then looks at her and notices how distant she seems unlike the way she was

the day before, he then asks her if something happened or if he did something to make her act this

way ,she once again ignores him and heads to sit down at her desk ,Thomas follows her and in a

slightly frustrated voice asks her to answer him .Jane then looks up then stands and tells him to tell

her where was he before he came back from that trip and follows up by asking him who was Alex

and why did he feel responsible for her death Thomas unable to answer just stands there ,she then

sits down and tells him in a cold tone to leave and that she is busy.

Thomas contemplates telling her everything but instead decides tells her nothing, he worries that Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

something might happen to her if he tells her so he then says that he will see her at the hotel and she

once again ignores him, he then walks out in Thomas dazed in a confused state wondering why she

was acting like this, he heads to the car and tells John to take him to the hotel.

Thomas walks into the hotel and goes to the desk to get the room key the woman at the desk tells

him that his wife has refused them to give him a key and hands him his bag, he once again finds

himself alone and with nowhere to go except back home so he leaves with his bag and heads to the

car and tells John to take him home, he thinks if he should try and convince Jane to take him back

but knows that she wouldn't and even if he tells her everything she would still leave him so feeling

defeated he decides to let the matter rest even though it saddens him he admits that he was already fantasizing about living as a family with his wife and child then realizes it was exactly that just a

fantasy and that his curse is to be alone most likely forever as nothing ever seems to work out the

way he wants ,he walks into his house and falls to the floor and just lays there feeling the cool of the


Thomas spends the next few weeks in a drunken state of depression and loneliness never leaving

the house and only seeing John occasionally when he brings in the groceries

Thomas keeps going over the events in his head and tries to figure out what happened as he

continues to spiral out of control and eventually starts destroying his house with a sledge hammer as

if to exact revenge on the house ,he destroys almost everything except his office which he hasn't

entered since he left the bag there when he returned ,to Thomas its almost as if it does not exist and

is just a blank wall he continues down this path of destruction he also tries to call Jane everyday

without fail but she never answers which he then eventually gives up on too .

Thomas sitting in a pile of rubble hears footsteps approaching and without turning his head tells

who he thinks is John to leave him alone, the person does not leave, he then turns around in anger

and before he can lash out sees a tall well dressed man and slightly surprised looks at the man and

asks who he is, the man looks at him then looks around and begins walking around then says "a

friend" Thomas replies by saying that he has no friends the man then smirks and tells him that he

wouldn't remember him but that he was one of his only friends then walks to Thomas and tells him

that he heard how he lost his memory and apologizes for not being there. Thomas asks him if he

knows this then why did he come, he replies by bluntly telling him that just because Thomas

doesn't remember him does not erase their friendship then holds out his hand to help Thomas up

Thomas ignores the gesture and stands up then tells him that he does not want any friends and that

he should leave ,the man then tells him that he saw Jane.Thomas stops then continues walking ,the

man then continues to tell him that he also saw his son mike ,Thomas then stops and turns ,the man

then asks him if he was going to ask how his son was Thomas then about to say something decides

not to then heads to the table and picks up a bottle and starts to drink, the man then tells him that he

should get himself together or does he want his son to see him like this.

Thomas pauses then puts the bottle down and turns to the man and gestures to him to explain ,the

man then says that his son was with Jane and that he brought him with him

Thomas feels a bunch of emotions then clenches his fist and heads to his room, the man then tells

him that he will be waiting for him and walks to the table and smells the alcohol Thomas was

drinking then takes a sip and begins to walk around and just as he is about to enter the office

Thomas appears looking dressed, the man smiles and they walk out together to the mans car, as they

drive off they both sit in silence until the man tells him his name is Steve and he has been his friend

for years and that he been busy with some projects, that's why he hasn't been around Thomas

listens but just barely, to him its all uninteresting Steve then asks him if he exited to meet little

mickey .Thomas ignores everything else and instead focuses on the nickname, he feels a hint of

jealousy that Steve knows his son and he hasn't even seen him yet.

He wonders how he will feel when he sees his son the last time he tried to visit his son he almost

died ,as they reach the hotel Thomas climbs out and walks in with Steve by his side and as he walks

in a little boy runs towards him and hugs him and Thomas feels warm again this is why he is alive

this is the reason that he is not alone, he holds mike for a minute then looks at him and starts tearing

up mike wipes the tears off then smiles ,mike then pulls Thomas to Jane and screams mom in a

exited tone, Thomas looks at Jane with regret after what happened but she acts completely normal

and gives him Thomas hug he can clearly see that she was just putting up an act for they son but

nevertheless Thomas feels happy to finally see her ,they all sit down and Thomas talks to his son

and listens to all his stories, they order ice-cream and eat together until Jane stands up and tells

mike that its time to go.Thomas then stands up and asks her where they were going and that they

just got there, Jane does not know what to say then Steve quickly tells mike that he has to go back

to school .Thomas looks at Steve, then at mike ,then Jane and realizes that mike was only there for

the afternoon and was leaving today he then asks Jane if he could go to the airport she tells him that

she was leaving with mike an that there was no need but in sweet but swift tone ,he decides not to push further and instead is grateful that he at least got to see his son at all, then kneels down and

gives his son a big hug and greets him and Jane leaves with mike.

Thomas and Steve sit in silence for a few minutes then Steve tells him that they should leave,

Thomas stands up and they walk out together to the car ,as they wait for the valet to bring the

car ,Steve smiles then starts to talk about how much mike has grown ,they then stand in an

awkward silence until they get in the car and drive off, Thomas notices that they aren't going to his

home and asks Steve where is he taking him, Steve just says that he needs to pick up something

then follows up by telling him that he knows Thomas has nothing else to do.

Thomas says nothing and they continue driving until they arrive at a building that looks like an

apartment building ,Steve parks then climbs out and tells Thomas to join him ,Thomas gets out of

the car and they walk towards the building ,he looks at the building and wonders what are they

doing there, he knows that there's no way Steve lives there and begins to get curious as they

enter ,he then follows Steve into the lift and they head up to the penthouse.

Thomas follows Steve into the penthouse and looks around he notices similarities in the décor it

reminds him of a few of the safe houses he been to ,as he enters in he walks to the couch and lifts it

up and sees once again guns just as he saw them in the previous safe houses ,it was clear that this

was one of his safe houses and then wonders why wasn't it on the list of co ordinates, his mind

starts having wild thoughts once more, Steve looks at him then asks him how he remembered that

the weapons were there ,he tells Steve that he doesn't and says nothing more, Steve then tells him

that this is their safe house and that this is one of many that they have around the world ,Thomas

asks him how many do they have ,Steve looks at him and smiles then points out how much he is

talking and calls him Thomas chatterbox then tells him more than a hundred ,Thomas shocked to

hear this sits down, he then looks at Steve and asks him about paradise island ,Steve smiles then

says that "you have been busy" and completes the sentence by telling him it was just one of three

islands that belongs to them, he then heads to a wardrobe and takes out a bottle of antique whiskey

then sits down and pours 2 glasses ,Thomas gulps it down and Steve pours him another glass then

takes a sip of his and looks around and tells him that this is his favourite one because its situated

exactly in the centre of the city then stands and walks to the window and looks out then goes on to

ask him if he would like to know something about himself, Thomas looks at Steve attentively his

mind racing Steve then tells him about how they met and how before he met Thomas he had

nothing to his name and that the only reason he is where he is who is because of Thomas then takes

another sip and tells him the Thomas he knew was a man who could do anything for someone he

loves then. Thomas looks at how he said it with sincerity,pain and love. Steve then drinks the rest of

his drink and places down the glass ,he then tells Thomas that they should leave or they would be

late .

Thomas feeling better about Steve decides to go with him in the hopes of getting some answers

once more and so they head out and arrive at a night club where Steve greets the bouncer and

whispers something in his ear then hands him some cash and they enter, Thomas looks around and

feels out of place he seems to hate the loud music and follows Steve who greets a bunch of people

on their way to a private room, Thomas looks at Steve and how everyone seems to naturally like

and respect him and feels oddly envious of him they then take a seat and a bar hostess comes with

some drinks Steve flirts with her then follows her out telling Thomas that he will be back soon

Thomas sits and sips his drink while waiting after a few minutes Steve returns with 2 women and

introduces them to Thomas as Tara and sarah, Thomas politely greets them back ,he looks at them

and sees how they are still only in their twenties and clearly just looking to have fun he thinks how

people are so easily manipulated the second they see money ,Steve looks at him and asks him what

is he thinking he replies by nodding his head as if to say nothing then tells Steve that he should

leave and stands up and starts walking out Steve rushes behind him and tells him to stop then tells

him to relax and have a few more drinks and that they will leave soon ,Thomas grudgingly accepts

and sits back down. Steve continues to talk to the women as Thomas just sits and drinks his mind

clearly elsewhere ,he stands up then says he needs to use the restroom and leaves as he walks out he

notices the bouncer heading towards Steve but pays no mind to it he then returns to the room and sits back down as Steve is still talking and flirting with the women who are laughing and giggling

Steve then looks at Thomas and reaches in his pocket he takes out 3 pills and offers one to Thomas

telling him that he will feel much better if he takes one Thomas refuses and Steve smiles then says

"more for us" the women laugh with Steve and Thomas smiles awkwardly, Steve then takes a pill

and swallows it then puts one one his tongue and kisses one of the women giving her a pill then

does the same thing with the other woman ,Thomas looks at this and decides to finish his drink then

leave ,he starts sipping on his drink then everything becomes blurry.

Thomas finds himself in the darkness of his brain only this time it wasnt dark it looked like he

was in some corridor filled with endless doors that he tries to open but are all locked he continues to

look around until he sees a door that is slightly open he walks towards it and enters slowly ,he looks

around and sees a beautiful painting of a beautiful woman unlike any he has seen before ,he sees a

chair in front of it and sits down to admire the painting mesmerised by it, he feels happy and smiles

while he just looks at it until he notices that red paint starts leaking out of the eyes looking like

blood he gets shocked and jumps up the painting then lights itself on fire and starts burning he tries

to stop it but cant even touch it he quickly runs out of the room and the door shuts behind him he

tries to open it but it was now locked just like the rest he doesn't know what to do after looking

around some more he realizes this is some kind of memory palace and the painting he saw was

probably some kind of painful memory.

Thomas opens his eyes and finds himself in the bed with a woman next to him he looks over at

her and remembers her as one of the woman that he met with Steve the night before, he quickly gets

dressed and runs out of the room ,he notices that he is in the apartment that he came to earlier with

Steve and concludes that Steve must be in the other room he walks over slowly and opens the door

he looks around and only sees the other woman still sleeping he closes the door and heads to the

living room to find a piece of paper and starts trying to draw the woman from his memory the first

memory he discovered from his past he manages to to draw a rough drawing of the painting and

tries to replicate every detail he can remember. Steve walks in whistling and holding what looks like

breakfast then walks over to Thomas and in a fun tone asks him if he had fun, Thomas stands up

and holds Steve by his collar, Steve tells him to relax, Thomas asks him why should he then tells

Steve that he knows that he drugged him and says "the last thing I remember is having that drink"

Steve smiles then tells him he needs to relax and let go, Thomas releases him and Steve places the

food on the table then hands Thomas cup of coffee and a tablet .Thomas looks suspiciously and

Steve then tells him its just for the headache ,Thomas takes it then sits down ,Steve sits next to him

then apologises and tells him that he just wanted Thomas to have some fun ,Thomas can understand

where Steve was coming from and continues to sip his coffee ,Steve then looks at the time and claps

his hands loudly after which the girls come out he then says "ladies breakfast is served" and points

to the food on the table and the ladies take a seat, Steve then tells them that they should help

themselves and that him and Thomas were leaving , Thomas then stands up still feeling light headed

and they greet the women then leave.

They sit in silence as Steve drives them until he pulls over to the side then takes out a phone from

his pocket and hands it to Thomas then tells him that he needs to go and if Thomas finds himself in

some trouble that he cant take care of he should call him but that it would only work once so only

use it in case of a emergency then to destroy it.Steve then goes on to tell him that beating himself up

and drinking is not a permanent solution Thomas smiles and says that he probably wont drink again

for a while ,Thomas sees a car pull up in front of them and Steve tells him that his ride is here,

Thomas takes out the drawing from his pocket and shows it to Steve then asks if he knows her ,he

glances at it then looks at Thomas and smiles he then tells him that he doesn't know much except

that there was a woman that Thomas was with last year and she looks a bit like that, he added by

telling him that Thomas only mentioned her once to him and called her Lola then jumps out and

before he leaves he stops and tells Thomas that all questions have answers and sometimes the

answer lies in the question then leaves and Thomas watches as the car drives off.

Thomas heads home and pulls up in the driveway he looks at his house and sighs,he then heads in

he goes to his room and grabs some clothes and puts it in a bag he then goes to his office and grabs

the bag with his items and leaves ,he takes the car and drives to the apartment he left earlier ,he sits

in the car and waits for the women to leave after which he heads up and sits on the the coach he

looks at his drawing and says Lola he repeats the name again and again ,he looks at the bottle then

decides to pour a drink he stares at the glimmer of light reflecting on the drink, he then takes a sip

then takes the bottle and glass to the sink and empties it out he throws the bottle away then takes out

his phone and sends a message to Jane telling her that he has moved to the apartment and if she

wants to see him that she should come there he then takes out the phone Steve gave him then puts it

down on the table and smiles thinking how not even two days ago he wouldn't even care if someone

killed him but now he is more determined then ever to find himself once again.

He hears someone opening the door and wonders who has a key to the place he goes to the door

and opens it and sees the girl that was with Steve the night before she seems shocked and was

clearly not expecting him to be there he asks her what does she want she replies by saying that

Steve told her she can crash at the place for a few days he can clearly see that she was lying but

feels pity for her as she seems to have no place to go ,he tells her to wait there then brings his phone

she looks scared of getting caught Thomas seeing this smirks then asks her what is her account

number and that he would send her some money to which she gets offended and tells him that she

wasn't there for some kind of hand out and just needed a place to stay for a few days she then tell

him her name is Tara and begs him to let her stay, after she pleads and pleads he tells her that she

can stay for just a few days and she enters with a big suitcase he looks at it, she then says that its

mostly empty he once again sees that she is lying and tells her that she is a terrible liar and she

looks down regretting her words ,he then tells her that is she is going to stay hear that she should

stay out of his way and then tells her which room she should take.

Thomas finds himself with a unwanted guest named Tara he found out that she is a normal girl

who has had a tough life and was living in some boarding house while attending university she also

has no parents and grew up in the foster care system and is known to party with rich men for money

he probably knows more about her then she knows about herself but decides not to get involved

with her past ,Tara was also a bit of a slob that he had to keep cleaning after she always made a

mess she was supposed to stay for a few days and it had already been weeks ,she comes home late

every weekend but stays in to study during the week, she also works at two part time jobs to pay for

her tuitions and dreams of becoming rich one day but on her own two feet, he thinks of offering to

pay for her school but is scared of getting screamed at and accused of trying to give her handouts

she gets drunk quite often and calls him to pick her up, he thinks that this is probably what its like to

have a sister she even has no regard for his privacy and constantly tries to get him to date friends of

hers but Thomas knows that she has a good heart and is probably one of the kindest people he has

ever met and just makes bad decisions so he decides to let her be.

Thomas has been searching for Lola and has spared no expense in trying to find he has already

met with many private detectives who have had no luck till now, he hasn't been able to get a proper

picture of her and that makes it hard to get any information he has met multiple women who

resemble the drawing but none so far have been the mysterious Lola ,as Tara keeps calling her

weeks eventually turn to months and he still has had no luck the only thing that has changed is he

no longer finds himself in the darkness or the memory palace when he sleeps he just has normal

ordinary dreams. His only lead is a drawing that he drew from a memory that he lost, even as he

thinks about it he finds it absurd .Thomas thinks of calling Steve but remembers how he can only

use the phone once and knows that he could need that life line another time, he also has had no

contact from Jane but occasionally looks at how she is doing from far ,he really wants to see his son

again and makes himself a promise that when he has all his answers then and only then will he visit

his son. Thomas continues to hire people to look for Lola and even has her picture circulating in

government agencies and gets regular updates on the search he feels as though he has searched the

entire globe.

Until one day when he is sitting and thinking and remembers the painting more specifically the

red paint falling from her eyes and quickly jumps up ,Tara looks at him and asks him what the

matter is and he says he got it then picks up the phone and tells the person on the other side to

compare the picture to women who have died in the past 10 years and sure enough he got a match

he heads to his computer and opens the attachment Tara curious as ever looks over and says with

excitement that he found her then looks again and with sadness says that she is dead ,he pauses then

continues to read the file ignoring her ,he then calls someone to get the jet ready and leaves before

he goes he grabs his go bag and walks to the door ,he then stops and tells Tara goodbye and that the

apartment is hers for as long as she needs it before she can say anything he rushes out and drives of

to the hanger while he is driving he calls someone and asks if they have received the file ,after

confirming he tell them to find out where she is then cuts the call and he rushes to the hanger.

Thomas sitting in the plane waiting impatiently to receive a destination finally receives a phone

call and finds out where she is ,he then tells them to send him all the information and then destroy

everything ,he cuts the call then gives the pilot the destination and they leave while in the plane

Thomas goes through all her information, he finds out who she is and where she came from, he also

finds out how she died and where she is buried ,Thomas smiles to himself as he looks through the

pictures and information he received, he finally found the literal woman of his dreams the woman

who he has spent months looking for, he cant believe it he closes his laptop and puts his head back

finally feeling a sense of relief then thinks of what he is going to do when he reaches and how will

she react when she sees him, what answers would she have for him, he reaches in his pocket and

pulls out his worn out drawing and smiles then talks to it and says "I finally found you" then holds

it close to him.

The plane lands and Thomas filled with bursts of energy exits to the blinding light ,he wishes he

could run to her and tell how much he has looked for her at the same time wondering what

happened between them ,Thomas rushes as fast as he can and finally arrives at the cemetery and

looks around passing multiple graves until he sees her name written here lies Lola died at the age of

25 beloved granddaughter he then looks to the left and sees her grandmothers grave who died

shortly after he then looks around for a good view point and waits, he waits for 2 days with no sleep

until he sees a woman dressed in black walking towards her grandmothers grave with flowers in her

hand he tries to get a good look at her face and even though he cant he knows its her he can feel it

in the fibre of his bones this was the woman he had been looking for this is the woman that even

death couldn't stop him from finding her,he follows her from afar as she walks and stops to enter a

café and just as she turns he sees her face or a side of it and his heart starts thumping he wonders if

this is what love at first sight means and smiles with happiness ,he waits until she leaves and

everything slows down as he gets a proper look at her face she then continues to walk as he follows

her, she begins to walk faster then heads into a alley he rushes to not lose sight of her and as he

turns round the corner this woman who was no taller the 5ft 3 pulls a knife to his neck then looks at

his face and drops the knife and turns around and begins to run Thomas realizing that a woman with

a history like hers would obviously know if someone was following her ,he thinks that he should

have approached her in a different way and smiles then touches his neck and laughs as he looks at

the little blood.

Things clearly didn't go as planned and so he headed to the hotel nearby and went to wait for her

to come to him which he was certain she would ,he then goes to sleep still having only normal

dreams ,he opens his eyes to find Lola looming over him with a gun in her hand and she speaks and

asks him to give her one good reason why she shouldn't pull the trigger, he then sits up slowly and

lifts his hands up and then tells her that he lost his memory ,she laughs sarcastically he smiles then

tells he "its true" she looks at him then lowers the gun and he lowers his hand ,she then asks him if

he lost his memory what was he doing there , he then puts his drawing on the bed he looks at it then

tells her that he has been looking for her, she asks he why and he replies by telling her that she

should be the one to tell him why ,she then ask him "what now" what does he want now that he

found her. Thomas thinks for a second then tells her that he wants to get to know her and that he

wants to be with her, she laughs sarcastically then puts the gun in her bag and starts walking out, he quickly stands up and follows her ,she turns around and asks him what is he doing and he replies by

telling her again that he wants to get to know her, she pulls out the gun again then says "if you

follow me ill have to kill you" he looks at her then smiles and tells her if she was going to kill him

she would have done so already ,she puts the gun away then walks out as he follows her he runs to

catch up to her then asks her "so where to" she blatantly ignores him.

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