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Chapter 3: Chapter-3 : Quirk Awakens

I was lying in my bed as sweat rolled off my whole body as it spasmed.

The process through which my body was going wasn't particularly painful but was very uncomfortable, this was of me awakening my super spider powers.

The whole process went on for hours as I had to lie down in that situation without moving too much.

I don't know when I lost my consciousness during the process, but when I woke up, it was like my whole body was on steroids, I felt very powerful, unlike any other, but what was baffling was what I was 'seeing' now.

It was like my whole sensory system was changed, I could see and feel things in many other ways.

The amount of information my brain was processing was huge, I knew that, but even then it felt like it could do even more.

I got off my bed while trying not to disturb others who were sleeping in the bunk, I opened the gate ever so slowly and moved towards the backyard of the orphanage, luckily no one was awake right now and I could test my powers finally.

In the backyard, there was a huge rock which I presume would be at least a ton, I tried lifting it, and to my surprise, it was more easier than I thought it would be.

If anyone saw this scene they would be baffled as well, seeing a four year old lift a rock of at least a ton.

I dropped the rock and moved towards the tree, my 'vision' had still not stabilised this it was quite difficult to navigate through the field, while trying to calm myself down, I focused on the nest on the tree.

I was able to 'see' it in five ways, first was due to my normal spectrum vision, second I think was due to echolocation, third due heat sense, fourth and fifth being due to me seeing infrared and ultraviolet spectrum of light.

These five were giving me an observation power way beyond many others, but I was still not accustomed to it yet.

Confirming that I had received my powers, I thanked the ROB in my mind again as I moved inside, it was 04:30 AM, everybody was asleep.

I felt like I was forgetting something, then I suddenly remembered the main powers of the spiderman, the wall sticking and web forming.

In the hallway, I clinged towards the wall and tried to crawl on it, and was successful in it, I was able to stick to the surface and move on it, though I wasn't proficient in that, it was still awesome.

Then came one of the powers that made spiderman the spiderman, spider silk formation, in marvel series it was achieved by artificial means, but I was pretty sure I would be able to produce it organically.

I flicked my wrist as a thin line of spider silk came out of it and attached to the ceiling, I gave it a small tug, the silk felt like it was very strong, I tried swinging on it and boy did it felt good, it felt truly natural, like it was all part of my nature.

Going back to the sleeping room in excitement I put a 'little' more force than necessary and the whole gate came crashing down on me creating a lot of noise.

And what happened next was only solvable by plugging my ears, sound of a baby crying came from their room, and like being influenced by him, all the babies started crying in a chorus awakening the whole Nest.

"Sigh" There was nothing much I could do now except ask for forgiveness from everyone.

2 whole hours went in trying to quiet those screeching demons, after that it took me another hour trying to make up for this morning. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Right now I was sitting in front of our head Matron, her name was Hana nohara, she was a 58 yr old grandma, her quirk was 'Soothing Voice', she was quite a singer in her times, one of the few best actually.

"So Kira-kun, can you tell me how that all started, and I don't want any of your excuses" She said with her compelling voice while looking at me in the eyes.

I didn't have anything to hide actually, I was already of 4 yrs age and should be awakening my quirk anytime soon. So I told her the truth.

"Well actually this morning when I woke up I suddenly felt different, it was like I was full of strength and could lift a mountain, when I got off the bet I suddenly felt more different than before, I was able to stick to the wall and shoot threads out of my hands, but when I was opening the door, it suddenly cracked and fall off... " I said while trying to cover up for the mess that was created this morning, blaming it all on accidental quirk usage.

She scrunched her eyebrows and gave me a sceptical look, then she said "Ki-kun, come here for a minute" while making hand gesture for it.

I complied as I went there, suddenly a warm hand touched my head and ruffling my hair "It's okay Ki-kun, it was just a small accident, at least no one was hurt, and it looks like you had awakened your quirk today, go and be ready, we will leave to visit doctor for your quirk analysis"

Suddenly a smile bloomed on my face, she truly is a lovely lady, like a real family.

I went back to my room while getting stink eyes from everyone on the way.

I reached my room, and my other three roommates were ready to pounce on me to take revenge and tickle the shít out of me, it was their way of taking revenge.

But this time I was more agile than them and was able to sense them easily so I dodged them and went straight to the locker and took out my clothes for outgoing and ran towards the bathroom, giving the three of them time to understand what happened to them.


Three hours later

Head matron was sitting in a room as I was taking my quirk test.

The way of quirk testing was very primitive and straight forward, they just sent me to a white room and told me do do anything I could, I did that.

After half an hour of performing different tasks in the white room, like running with my top speed, high jumps, squats to quirk emulation, quirk usage, application and strength.

15 minutes later, my results came in, in form of the quirk certificate.

Name : Kira Sogaru

Age : 4 yrs 0 months 1 day

Birthday : 20-05-2020

Parents : --- NA

Guardian : Hana Nohara

Quirk : Spider Physiology

Type : Mutant / Emitter

Category : Fighter / Non destructive

Brief : Grants user a spider like physique and abilities. Enables the user to stick to any desired surface along with spider silk emitting ability through his wrist in extension with superhuman capabilities including strength, stamina, senses, dexterity, defense and endurance.

Quirk potential : A+

This was the evaluation of my quirk, this certificate would be stored in government database with non disclosure pact.

Doctors that did the analysis are also not allowed to disclose this information, it was prohibited and was punishable upto 30 yrs of jail.

Seeing the results, both me and grandma Hana were delighted, she looked at at me with soft eyes as she ruffled my hair and said "let's go back little Kira, I will treat you with your favorite pizza today"

She was like the caring grandma I never had, I just ran towards the door not knowing how to express myself, "yeah, let's go"

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