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The vow - Missing Silver - Chapter 5 by Princess_debbs26 full book limited free

Chapter 5: The vow

Few hours in school, and I felt on the edge, tired, weak, I just didn't get me. I don't understand what is wrong with me but I felt very weird.

I was barely aware of my surroundings, of what was being taught and even the people in the class. I felt nauseous.

I stood to take permission to the bathroom, I couldn't hold it anymore, I threw up. I wasn't surprised about the fact I threw up but the fact I was throwing up blood, Janet and Linda who were both in the class with me came to me and held me as I threw up.

I notice the whole class's attention was on me, some went as far away from me as I disgust them while some just froze but I noticed one particular guy staring at me like I was food, how I noticed all this as I kept throwing up, was beyond me.

I started feeling light-headed, the guy staring at me was about to pounce on me, I became dizzy, I think I see Lucien but his eyes are red like my dream and he looks scary as hell.

He is moving very fast before I knew it, I heard a crash and screams I looked up to see Lucien had thrown the guy across the room and Lucien was standing between and the guy.

"Stand down or you are going to regret it, she is mine," Lucien growled animalistic.. Then I saw Daniel come pick up the boy and left.

It was then I notice the crowd at the entrance of the classroom. And in front of the crowd is Nicolette and Freya, Nicolette was looking at me weirdly while Freya was looking like she wants to murder me. Lucien turns to look at me, bends, and immediately Linda and Janet leave my side as he told them something I didn't hear. He hugs me to his chest and I felt calm immediately as he rubs my back.

He carries me in his arms bridal style and walks out of the classroom, people part for him and stare while whispering among themselves. As he was going I heard Janet's shouts.

"Where are you taking her to?"

He stops and without turning he answers.

"I am talking her home."

I doze off after that, when I wake up it was already dark. I noticed I am in my room. I sit up and I also noticed my clothes have been changed by someone, and I had also been cleaned up, I don't look bloody like before. And I am also on blood transfusion.

'You are awake.' Lucien said. I turn to look at him in surprise, I thought he would have left after dropping me off.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I wanted to make sure you were alright, although my doctor already checked you and said you will be fine."

"Your doctor?"

"Yeah the family's doctor, you had both your friends and Martha worried."

"Where is Mrs. Jackson?"

"She was here with you, till I offer to stay, so she could go back to the diner."

"What did the doctor say is wrong with me, because what happened today has never happened before to me."

"The doctor said you digested something poisonous and your body was rejecting it."

"So you are saying I was poisoned?" I asked, my mind immediately goes to what I thought earlier, Nicolette poisoned me.

"No, I am saying you ate something poisonous."

"I would never eat anything poisonous on my own accord, it means your sister or her guard dog poisoned me cause I started feeling weird during our 'conversation'."

"You don't have any evidence, so you can't blame her on assumption. It is not done that way."

"Why am I surprised you are defending her? Of course, as her twin, you are going to defend her."

"I am not defending anyone, am just telling you the plain truth, and besides Nicolette don't go about poisoning innocent people just because she was said no to, she is more matured than that."

"Why are you here exactly?" I asked because I don't know why I am happy about what he did today, protecting me, taking me home, calling his doctor, and even staying with me.

'I am here because I want to, no other reason.'

"Why did that guy attack me?"

"That is something I don't know."

"But you defended me."

"I wasn't going to let him attack a defenseless lady. Was I?"

'The doctor, did he say anything about the poison causing weird dreams and allusions?'

'No, not all.'

" I am sure I saw his eyes turn red" I whispered.

We were quiet for some time. Lucien was staring around the room. While I was pretending to stare at my hands as I sneak a look at him.

"You look beautiful when you are asleep," Lucien said catching me by surprise.

"You were watching me sleep?" I asked while trying not to blushing.


"Do I only look beautiful when I am sleeping?"

"No, you look beautiful all the time." I couldn't control myself from blushing.

"But you are more beautiful and so cute when you are blushing, you should blush more often,"

Lucien says while smiling.

"Linda and Janet were here also while you were asleep, they do care about you."

"Yeah, they do, even though I just met them yesterday." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"You just met me yesterday and here I am I in your bedroom, it doesn't matter the time you meet."

"You are just a very likable person."

"You are one of the few that thinks so."

'Really? Although when I first heard about you, I wasn't expecting you to be friendly, you are."

"Wow! That's a first."

"Why did you say I am yours? I remember hearing you say that.''

"Because you are." He growled.

I looked at him sharply.

"FYI I am not anybody's property," I said with a duh tone.

"Not for long. You will be mine sooner or later, it is a simple fact, don't tell me you don't feel the instant connections between us."

"I do feel the connections but I didn't know you felt it because you looked angry with me yesterday like I did something."

"I was not annoyed with you but with the connection between us, I won't lie I didn't want it at first but the way I reacted today made me know it is undeniable so I am not going to, I am going to pursue you till you accept it."

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