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27.27% Missing Silver / Chapter 9: Werewolf and Vampires

Werewolf and Vampires - Missing Silver - Chapter 9 by Princess_debbs26 full book limited free

Chapter 9: Werewolf and Vampires

"I will keep saving you cause you are my damsel"

Silver smiles weakly at me, whatever happened to drained her energy, I carry her to bed while snuggling her to sleep thinking of what just happened.

Martha said she was in transition, but transition into what, at the back of my mind I know the bitter truth of what she was transiting to, but I refuse to believe it, because It will be disastrous if it is what I am thinking, I hope I am proven wrong when I ask a till stunned Martha to tell me everything she knows about Silver's family.

I know that Martha's stunned face is supposed to confirm what I am already thinking.

Immediately Silver's breathe even to signify she is asleep already, I gently raise her head from my chest and place her gently on the pillow.

Martha who seems to be thinking snaps from her thought with my movement, I signify for her to follow me outside the room, she reluctantly follows, I quietly move downstairs to the dining room, looking outside the window. None of us spoke until I broke the deadly silence.

"What is she?"

"Lucien, you already know what and you also know you can't be with her."

"Martha! Damn it! What the hell is she? I need you to say it.."

I growled changing my eyes to its predator's form, changing its color to blood red, and my fangs come out. Martha flinched because she was rarely at the receiving end of my deadly nature, after all, she is my godmother, my mother's best friend.

"She she is a were…" I didn't let Martha complete her statement knowing truly well what she wants to say, before slamming my fists on the table, breaking it to pieces, knowing fully well what Martha wants to say, that Sliver is my enemy, a werewolf. I pick a chair and throw it to the wall.

"Lucien please! Calm down! you are going to wake Silver." The thought of her waking up and seeing me like this, calms me down. I rest on the wall and slide to the ground, closing my eyes, feeling my fangs retract to the gum.

"How come she doesn't smell like one?" I asked refusing to call Silver a werewolf out loud because I don't want it to be true.

"She is spelled to weaken her true nature, that why she hasn't gone into transition yet, the spell has to be gone for her to change like the others."

"So her wolf is in war with the spell that why she vomited blood not that Freya try to harm her,"

I growled remembering that when I brought Sliver to Martha that day, she was quick to push the blame on Freya, probably to keep the fact that a werewolf is in the land of there sworn enemies, Vampires.

But I doubt that is the only secret about Silver that Martha is hiding.

"I didn't lie about that, Freya was trying to use magic to get into Silver's head disrupting the spell already put in place."

"That reminds me, you mentioned that you have been keeping the herbs you gave Silver for years, it means you have known her for a very long time. How long have known her for."

"Since the day she was born," Martha says as she swallows.

"Why did her grandmother make you are guardian knowing fully well she will have to live in a town full of Vampires that will kill her immediately she is discovered, it doesn't make sense."

"I think it is because there is no one else to be her guardian and because Silver already passed the age of transition a year ago and she didn't turn, so we thought she is latent."

"You thought she is latent or you thought the spell you place on her made her latent?" I growled at the fact that Martha and Silver's grandmother is the cause of Silver's pain.

"The spell was placed a long time ago when she was born before Silver's grandmother found her in front of their door. Silver was adopted."

"So you are saying, that, Silver's biological parents used magic to make her wolf latent, then abandoned her in from of her adopter grandmother's house."

"I guess so."

"How did you know she is a werewolf then?"

"Because I smelt magic on her, so I investigated and confirmed what she is."

"Then remove the magic."

"I can't," Martha whispers.

"What do you mean you can't?" I growl, I have been growling a lot since this conversation started.

"I can't because whoever cast the spell is a very powerful witch, more powerful than I, only Silver can break the spell, at it would only work if she willingly wants to"

"Then how was Freya's parlor trick able to disrupt the spell."

"Because the spell was placed 17 years ago, so it is weak already from Silver's body fighting it and besides the spell doesn't protect her from magic, Freya was trying to get in her head, or the magic did what it could to protect her."

"So I have to watch Silver in pain constantly. She doesn't know of the supernaturals in the world neither what she is right? "


I didn't speak trying to process all the information I just heard. Martha breaks the silence.

"You do know you can't be with her."

"Then why am I attracted to her."

"That's what I don't know, werewolves and vampires have always been enemies and never been mated to each other. I don't know why Silver's wolf choose you ."

"So what I am feeling is her werewolf's pull."

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"Have you been seeing each other without me knowing? because I would have stopped it."

Martha asked while I became angry at the fact that Martha is against I and Silver being together.

I had been using my vampire ability to conceal my presence around Silver a secret from Martha, also keeping the gossips from reaching her, because I felt she would be against it.

After all, Silver is her ward not because we aren't meant to be together.


"Why didn't I know about it?"

"I thought you will be against our relationship because of the monster I am."

"Please, Lucien let go of her, please. You are not a werewolf so you will be able to resist the pull, you will put a target on both your backs if not, you may be able to protect yourself and her when you are around what of when you aren't there, she will be killed, if you truly love her, let her be. Please."

I looked at the ceiling knowing fully well that what would happen, once people find out about it, they try to stop the relationship from going further through any means including killing her. If she dies because of my stubbornness I will forever regret it.

I sign, stood from the floor, went upstairs looks at Silver sleeping peacefully, peck her check then jumped out the window to the forest without looking back.

My fangs elongate, the feeling of killing someone came, I smile like the monster I am, fully on predator mode, going to look for my prey.

People are going to die this night because the night is still young.

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