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Chapter 39: Aquamorph—Hidden Attributes

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

You've learned the Tier 2 Water Element skill, Aquamorph! You can use this skill to liquefy your body into water. Its attribute allows you to pass through some small objects, and your speed will not be affected. In this state, you are unable to deal physical attacks. You can use this magic again to restore back your physical body.

The late system notification only came in once Qin Ruo realized that his body was in Aquamorph state.

Unfortunately, the system notification did not mention that it had invisibility or any other attributes. Instead, this skill had a restriction which prevented him from dealing physical attacks. Its attributes also pretty common. In addition, he did not even know how he could morph into water. This made Qin Ruo a bit disappointed…

Of course, the situation was not that bad!

After he learned the skill, the elderly elf did not utter a single word. He teleported them to the nearest town, and by then, the night screen was down. It was not as bright as daytime. A few people came out from the warp portal, but all of them did not notice Qin Ruo, who was in his Aquamorph state.

Qin Ruo could only feel himself swaying. Before he could adapt to the environment of the safe zone, there was a person, who seemed to ignore his existence and was about to bump into him. Subconsciously, he screamed all of a sudden and extended his hand to stop the person. As a result, the moment he made contact with the other person's body, his "hand" was split into two, as if the hit had smashed it apart.

His body experienced the same thing after he was hit by the person. He could feel his field of vision increasing greatly. It turned out that people were "passing" through his body, and his head was in a squeezed state. It had become more than twenty centimeters higher!

This scene happened very fast, that Little Kitten and Gold Digger Babe did not notice it.

However, that person who passed through Qin Ruo seemed to have some kind of tactile sensation. He looked strangely at his back, and touched his cold neck. His face was filled with suspicion. After he was questioned by his teammates about his strange action, he shook his head. "… Um… It's nothing."

From the beginning to the end, Qin Ruo did not dare utter a single word from his mouth.

After the person ensured that there was no "entity" behind him, he left while touching his neck with an inexplicable feeling. At this time, Qin Ruo's feeling of disappointment was all gone. He held back his shock and excitement, disabled Aquamorph and quickly called out to them.

"Come with me!"

After the two girls saw Qin Ruo appear and heard his voice, they quickly caught up to him. In fact, before Qin Ruo took the initiative to reveal himself, both of them did not realize that Qin Ruo had been there all along. It was only when they saw him, that they eventually discovered that the faintly visible outline earlier was actually Qin Ruo.

This was a huge discovery!

As a Bowmaster, Little Kitten had a pair of sharp eyes. She could even detect Tier 4 Rouges within a thirty meter radius while they were in stealth mode. However, earlier, she had no idea that Qin Ruo was in fact right beside her.

Is this the Aquamorph's attribute? Does Aquamorph really have a stealth effect? With all these thoughts in mind, the two girls suddenly got excited! They finally started to understand why Qin Ruo stubbornly chose the skill. If an Elementalist had the ability to be "invisible", he or she would surely not be an ordinary Elementalist anymore. In fact, such an Elementalist was equivalent to a dual-class player!

Contrary to what those girls were thinking, Qin Rou did not think of something such as dual-class player. All he thought was only about how he could fully utilize this Aquamorph when he was in danger. He also hoped to discover a higher level of control and develop higher tier of skill in using Elementalism by using the Aquamorph. 

The earlier incident where he had a "close" hit with another person gave him an idea.

Although the system did not clearly indicate that "Aquamorph" had any stealth ability, this did not mean that it could not be considered as a stealth skill. This skill, with the transparent property of the Water Element, would be very useful in some special occasions as it could give people the illusion of "non-existence". The key question was, how could he make the "camouflage" effect better to deceive everyone's eyes and ears?!


"So, you are in hurry a moment ago, just because you want to bring us here to appraise the equipment, huh?"

Gold Digger Babe grumbled, clearly dissatisfied. A short while ago, she thought Qin Ruo discovered the strength of his Aquamorph which excited her. It turned out that… they were headed for the appraisal shop.

Seeing how her sister was in a sullen and depressed mood, Little Kitten smiled and said, "Okay, stop it. You may not want to know, but I want to know the attributes of the two Gold Equipment…"

Once the Gold Equipment were mentioned, the expression on the little Bandit brat's face finally became pleasant. Her eyes widened and she lined up quickly in another queue. The other two were stunned and realized afterward. This little brat must have gone to appraise those Blackflame Shackles.

Qin Ruo smiled bitterly. He was really excited and he wanted to closely study Aquamorph as soon as possible. But remembering the two waiting girls who had helped him complete the quest, he rationally decided to work out all the stuff on hand first, then study his new magic skill. He thought it would be better that way since he would feel ashamed if the two girls had to wait for him for a long time.

When it was Qin Ruo's turn, he took out the Blue Equipment one by one from his backpack, while Little Kitten covered him. The result was "very common".

Either way, Qin Ruo did not pin his faith on the Blue Equipment to have the highest grade. Next, he quickly collected the equipment and began to lay out the Violet Equipment. Compared to Blue Equipment, the attributes of the Violet Equipment were obviously stronger, but they were still not good enough to make him happy. Until the appraisal of the Dark Phoenix Spellbreaker Sword, which was dropped by the Skeleton Knight and could be equipped by a Level 37 warrior, the more-than-40-gold-coin appraisal fee system notification eventually made Qin Ruo unconsciously reveal a trace of surprise.

However this time, Qin Ruo had become a little wiser. He did not even look at it. He shoved it straight into his backpack. After that, he handed over the first Gold bracer.


The old man in the appraisal shop was very cooperative. A flash of gold light, without attracting any attention from other players, and his job was done.

Qin Ruo put the second one on!


This time, the two Gold Equipment finally aroused the interest of most of the players in the appraisal shop. Nonetheless, Qin Ruo did not give them the time to react. He instantly shoved the equipment into his backpack, turned around, and swiftly left the appraisal shop without turning back.

After he turned around, Qin Ruo spoke to Gold Digger Babe, who had her Blackflame Shackles examined, and Little Kitten, who was next to her. The two girls had to catch up with his at the same time as if they were sneaky spies.


Once they teleported back to Savis Town, Qin Ruo opened his backpack in excitement. He glanced at the three equipment that had just been appraised.

Dark Phoenix Spellbreaker Sword:

Violet Tier

Attack 43-48

Movement Speed Reduction by 5%

Attack Speed Increase by 5%

Additional Special Effect: "Spellbreaker", 30% chance to destroy enemy's Magic Spell

Limited to Warrior Class

Requires 72 Strength

Requires 43 Agility

Level Requirement: 37


Spellbreaker? Destroy the enemy's magic? What is this skill?

This term puzzled him. He decided to ask Slayer's Heart when he came online. Following that, his eyes swept across the remaining two equipment, a bracer, and a staff, glittering with gold light.

Blackflame Staff:

Gold Tier

Magic attack 23-25

Dark Element Magic Damage Increase by 5%

Dark Element Magic Effect Increase by 5%

Increase Fire Element Magic Damage by 20 points

Limited to Elementalists

Requires 23 Strength

Requires 25 Agility

Requires 80 Intelligence

Level Requirement: 35


Pyromancy Bracer:

Gold Tier

Increases Defense by 15

Increases Magic Defense by 7

Fire Element Casting Increase by 8%

Fire Element Damage Increase by 3%

Increase Fire Element Magic Damage by 20 points

Limited to Elementalists

Requires 25 Strength

Requires 26 Agility

Requires 60 Intelligence

Level Requirement: 35

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