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Chapter 41: Conflict

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Entrance to Aricus Underground Ruins

Amid a tense atmosphere, dozens of Tier 4 players stood before the statue of the ferocious Crypt Demon. Either holding axes and swords, or accumulating magic, they were all keeping a close eye on the same spot, making the air extremely still!

The respawn time of the Level 45 Elite Monster the "Crypt Messenger" was in less than ten minutes. It was not surprising for the seven teams to gather there—not only was there a chance that the Crypt Messenger would drop Violet Accessory or Gold Equipment, but it also possessed the "key" to the lower third floor of Aricus Underground Ruins.

Compared to the lower second floor of Aricus Underground Ruins, the spawn and drop rate at the lower third floor was far more attractive.

Regardless if it was leveling up or looking for treasure, entering the third floor was definitely a good choice! However, such good luck could not be easily gained by everyone. Only the one with the key, along with his or her team members could enter; the upper limit of the key was only ten people!

Many advanced teams flocked to the place almost every day at this time for the transient "key". They were there to fight for a chance to get the key to the lower third floor.

However, with the presence of multiple teams, competition was inevitable...

This day, the number of people there for the key was a lot more than usual; there were even members of Bauhinia and Netherspirit's Claw League.

Equipment belonging to League members were much more sophisticated than those of normal teams and Clans.

For instance, the three League warriors standing nearest to the ruins' entrance were deployed by two of the teams to engage in close-range attacks with the Crypt Messenger. In addition, they were to interfere with long-range attacks from other teams.

Among the three, the weakest was already equipped with two Gold Tier Equipment. The rest were all equipped with Tier 4 Dark Violet Equipment, and one of them even had a Dark Gold Equipment.

These sort of players would not be killed immediately even when they faced a Tier 4 Boss alone, not to mention when they challenged a Tier 4 Elite Monster. As for the other teams' warriors... they did not have such luxury.

That was why, once they appeared, three normal teams that just got there quit the competition at once.

They quit, of course not out of fear of the Seven Great Leagues' power. In Kane Jungle, the influence of the Seven Great Leagues was not so terrifying to the extent that people would automatically give up an important opportunity. Nonetheless, the actual ability of Bauhinia and Netherspirit's Claw teams were truly a lot stronger than theirs. On top of that, they even used Magic Scrolls directly for long-range attacks. It would be like bringing disgrace to themselves if they joined the competition. It was better for them to move back and watch, and save each other's faces.

Among the four teams left, there were three that belonged to Bauhinia and Netherspirit's Claw. The last team was a normal Clan with a stronger ability. It comprised of two Priests, two warriors, and six Elementalists, demonstrating a certain amount of numerical superiority.

The other three teams looked and chuckled disdainfully at the Elementalists, who were sitting seriously on the ground, preparing their magic. Anyone with experience would have known that, killing the Crypt Messenger and snatching the key... could not be done by merely relying on a huge number of people! Only Elementalists with correct timing, good control, and powerful attacks were worth seeing.

Could average Elementalists grab the fleeting chance amid a Dark Mist? Did they dare to make a decisive strike in the presence of other players, particularly in the face of those from the Seven Great Leagues?!

Accompanied by contemptuous laughter, seconds ticked away...

The atmosphere on the field grew gradually tense as more and more people started to count down the time and gather themselves.


A team of eight emerged abruptly from the Ruins' entrance, planting themselves directly on the field.

The teams that were attentively waiting for the Crypt Messenger to respawn frowned simultaneously. But right before they started to reprimand them, they had to swallow their curses once they noticed the identity of three people in the team.

They were:

Netherspirit's Claw member, Crackpot, Level 44 Radiant Priest;

Netherspirit's Claw member, Sable Eclipse, Level 46 Shadoweaver;

Netherspirit's Claw member, Haohmaru, Level 45 Beastblood Berserker!

One team with three members from Netherspirit's Claw. Moreover, Sable Eclipse and Haohmaru each had a Dark Gold Equipment and two Gold Equipment. Just their equipment alone was far more superior than all of the elites among the present teams.

Regardless of whether it was Netherspirit's Claw members, or Bauhinia members, they all chose to wait attentively. At the same time, they were also highly prepared to snatch the Crypt Messenger that would soon appear.

Since the monster was about to respawn, they could avail themselves of the fact that the newcomers had no place on the field, and tried to get the best battle result of the Crypt Messenger to win the distribution rights of trophies, so that no one could say a single thing.

However, they had apparently predicted Crackpot's disposition incorrectly. When the Priest saw that the outside was already surrounded by dozens of people, leaving him no place to settle in, he quickly looked around. He waved and brought his team directly towards the one team that obviously did not have any League members.

"Get lost!"

Perhaps influenced by Slayer's Heart, when Crackpot said those two words, he sounded a lot like Slayer's Heart. He was arrogant, clearly expressing his stance of expelling the other team from the competition.

Unfortunately, the ten members of the other team, who were all members of the same League, resented his request. Not buying it, they glanced at the group and gave them a cold snort!

It was not surprising, as how could those who were able to go to the Ruins' lower third floor not have some capabilities? If they caved in just after being chased away by others, how could they still play the game, how could they keep their dignity in front of their Clan?

The person in front lifted his weapon directly, and looked at Crackpot as well as the six people behind him coldly. He was clearly showing his determination in not stepping back; the members behind him were also on standby for a fight.

Crackpot had apparently never met such a peremptory person in a League, as seen by his stunned expression. He then sneered, nodded, and said, "Good... Very good..."

One after another, the several individuals behind Crackpot got ready for action. Holding unfriendly faces, they seemed like they would fight immediately if the other team still refused to leave the place.

All of a sudden, the team confronting Crackpot felt a little powerless. After all, they did not dare to really offend League members. Once a fight broke out, it would definitely not finish in a short time; then, not only would they fail to get the key, they might even offend Netherspirit's Claw as well. Hard time would be waiting for them if it was the latter!

For a moment, the members of this team were a little anxious and regretful, yet due to the anger within them, they could not bring themselves to give in.

"Looks like it hasn't respawned yet! Finally, we've arrived just in time!!"

A voice came from the back this time, breaking the deadlock.

The players present were all stunned!

F*ck, what day is it? So many are here for the Crypt Messenger! Who are these people? One after another, dozens of people looked back, and coincidentally saw Slayer's Heart as well as his team of four. With a Tier 3 Aquamancer tagging along, they emerged from the shadows of the jungle...

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