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5.92% MMORPG: The Elementalist / Chapter 42: Do You Want a Fight?

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Chapter 42: Do You Want a Fight?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Brother Heart!"

"Boss Heart, you're here for the key too?"

Slayer's Heart walked towards them, smiling.

"Hehe, we happened to gather a set of Gorefiend Spider Demon parts. That's why we came here to take part. Whether we win or not, it all depends on luck. Please, do go easy on us later on."

The situation was totally different from when Crackpot and his team appeared. Once Heart's team showed up, many greeted him simultaneously, and Slayer's Heart seemed to know many of them, replying with a loud voice.

Except, in one of the two teams in confrontation, Crackpot was looking at Slayer's Heart with a displeased expression. He was exuding an even bigger air of viciousness than earlier.

"Slayer's Heart?"

In a low voice, Sable Eclipse asked, "That's the Berserker who's constantly finding fault with you?"

"That's him!"

Grinding his teeth, Crackpot nodded.

Sable Eclipse and the other Netherspirit's Claw member, Haohmaru looked at each other. After which, they scanned Heart's team with a slightly complicated look on their faces...

They were both originally leveling up in another place. It just so happened that a recent quest required Crackpot's help. Thus, they agreed to help and back him in intimidating Slayer's Heart; they did not think much of it as just involved killing a person from Bauhinia League. As long as they did not take the initiative to attack him... Bauhinia could not do anything about them.

However what they did not expect was the presence of four highly-skilled, beautiful girls, and this made the situation harder for them; who would be willing to find fault with such pretty players?

As if seeing through their thoughts, Crackpot coldly said, "Those are women with boyfriends; all insane ones. Don't even bother thinking about it! It's better to just kill them all, and the Aquamancer, that little piece of trash, what an eyesore! Kill him too."

Sable Eclipse and Haohmaru shrugged. The latter then said, "It's fine to fight, but we aren't responsible for active attacks; after this, apply Life Link on me. Sable will cast a Dark Barrier on him, while you find ways to provoke him."

Seeing the both of them agree, Crackpot secretly sneered. Sable Eclipse and Haohmaru's abilities were not any weaker than Heart's. It would then be a seven-to-six fight, and there was still a piece of Tier 3 trash in the other team. This time, he would be so dead!

Right when they were about to move, the team that was in the confrontation with him turned suddenly around. They then walked towards Slayer's Heart and said, "Brother Heart, I'll quit. This place is yours. Don't give in to that group of bastards."

"Okay, thank you then."

Slayer's Heart had clearly seen the situation there as well. He bluntly accepted his offer, taking the problem over from him.

Once the team quit, they quickly entered the jungle without stopping. They left the vicinity of the Ruins behind, probably not wanting to have anything to do with Netherspirit's Claw.

Yet, he did not know that his suggestion had indirectly given Crackpot a chance, a chance that allowed him to confront Slayer's Heart head on.

The two teams wanted to grab the place left by the team that was originally there, and a new deadlock formed at once, suddenly enrapturing the other three observing teams. They earnestly wished for them to begin a fight! With the elimination of these two strong opponents, their chances of getting the Crypt Messenger's key would improve a lot.

Some of them even had evil thoughts.

"… What's even better is some of the equipment drop. That would be terrific!"

Who knew, the anticipated battle never occurred…

Slayer's Heart ignored the annoying attitude of Crackpot and his team. He went straight through the crowd and entered the field; Burning Rose and the girls as well as Qin Ruo all looked steadily forward. They passed by them as if they did not exist.

This move put Crackpot, who was all prepared to get beaten, slightly out of sorts, so he turned to look at Slayer's Heart.

Has this guy changed? Or... has the big guy seen through my tricks? Usually, he would have swung that axe over me!

"F*ck you, coward!"

As the respawn time neared, Crackpot tried his best to provoke Slayer's Heart. However, the guy dared not insult Slayer's Heart too directly, because such behavior would be treated as a provocation by the League. A guy like him still did not have the guts to challenge Bauhinia… If it did escalate, no one in Netherspirit's Claw could defend him.


Crackpot's insults were naturally heard by everyone there, and everyone knew who he was talking about. Nonetheless, Crackpot deliberately tried not to face someone squarely, somewhat causing him to be regarded with contempt and scorned by the others.

Slayer's Heart frowned, yet he did not get angry and attack people as everyone had expected. Instead, he ignored the other party, just minding his own business. In a low voice, he ordered Burning Rose and the others to get prepared near the Crypt Messenger's respawn point!

"Qin Ruo, you get ready too."

Being dismissed as a support member, Qin Ruo was now assigned as the main force for long-range attacks on the Crypt Messenger like Burning Rose and iLittle Arrow.

Slayer's Heart and Little Apple were still the main forces for close-range attacks, while Violet Orchid was in charge of status and dispersing Darkmist.

After they were done setting up, Qin Ruo had become completely at ease, because he knew that even though Slayer's Heart was not nice to Crackpot at all, he would not act impulsively. He would not forget their main purpose of entering the Ruins this time. Regarding other matters, they could wait until he was done with the Crypt Messenger since it was not too late to save his face.

Qin Ruo did wait any longer, and just like Burning Rose as well as iLittle Arrow, he began to stand ten meters away from the respawn point and got ready, charging up...

Crackpot was originally speechless. Running out of more vicious insults to provoke and hurl at Slayer's Heart, he was greatly disappointed. But when he saw what Qin Ruo was doing, again, he clamored at once.

"F*ck! A Tier 3's also joining in on the fun? Are you really that desperate, Slayer's Heart? You even take in such a little piece of trash…"

By now, Slayer's Heart had already walked to the side of respawn point, standing with three League warriors. Upon hearing such a blatant clamor from Crackpot, his face changed! His expressionless face showed a trace of anger—after all, for him, Qin Ruo was a newly-joined team member. As a captain, there was no reason to not consider the feelings of a new member.

Cold-eyed, he turned around.

However, before he made a move, Qin Ruo had already started talking in Crackpot's direction.

"Do you want a fight?"

With a calm voice and demeanor, he spoke as though he was asking for directions from a stranger. It was so natural...

Crackpot was momentarily stunned, thinking that he had heard wrong; dozens of high-ranking players around were also dumbfounded.

Has this Tier 3 player lost his mind?

All of a sudden, silence reigned in the jungle.

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